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975514 tn?1325001538 Hi Dusty, I do remember your previous posts and the fact that our state does not have PMP that prescribe narcotics nor "follow" chronic pain patients. You've asked a good question. Clonazepam is an addictive drug and when mixed with narcotics can heighten the addictive properties. That said I have been on diazepam for about 3 years. I take about 80-90 tablets a year.
Avatar m tn Could you please tell me what a low oxalate diet. I am in so much pain. Narcotics barely dull the pain. I'm willing to try anything.
Avatar f tn Doctors are supposed to have a special lisence in order to give strong narcotics to the same person on a regular basis. That is why I suggest a pain doc. They will give out pain meds more freely and on a monthly basis. That is what they do. And, you cannot go the pain doc without a referal from your family doctor... Its all a pain in the butt for us is what it is! LOL. My pain doc prescribes all of my FM medications. I go to a family doc to keep up with my bloodpressure meds.
358486 tn?1294779988 this leads to Fibromyalgia, but not in all the cases, of course. It is also noted that those who complain of more pain after the surgery, have more chance of developing fibromyalgia. One more reason thought to be implicated in post surgery fibromyalgia is ..... the neck is hyper-extended while doing the intubation and this constitutes a neck injury! Hope that helps.
Avatar m tn Are you seeing a Rheumatologist for your Fibromyalgia? I am seeing a Rheumatologist for my severe Fibromyalgia. It is always best to check with your Doctor. Keep me posted....Thanks!
Avatar f tn Does anyone who has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia know of the best medication to take to help relieve the discomfort associated with this disease?
Avatar n tn I read a medical text recently that said narcotics are not approved for the treatment of chronic pain. Is this true? I also had a fellow Fibromyalgia sufferer send me info on an "Intractable Pain Act" passed in California some years ago. This was established in part because of chronic pain patients commiting suicide after having doctors and hospitals reject their pleas for relief. (specifically via narcotic medicine) If this pain act exists, does it apply nationwide?
Avatar f tn I haven't gone the pain killer route yet (because the NL & my PCP don't believe my symptoms including severe headaches, neck & back pain are Chiari related) for anything but my nerve pain. I was on Lyrica 3 yrs ago for 6 months until I couldn't afford it any longer & neurotin was prescribed instead. I used neurotin for about 8 months with the results not being as good as the Lyrica.
Avatar n tn Hi. My fiance who has chronic pain due to fibromyalgia, herniated disk, and some other issues, is currently on 320 mgs of methadone per day and 7 vicoden per day (prescribed by pain doctor). She used to be on oxycontin before methadone, and oxy made her hyper/talkative (almost euphoric) and methadone makes her sedated/calm. She also would take more and more of oxy when she was on it, but has no desire to do so with methadone.
Avatar n tn I know you shouldn't take anything while you're pregnant especially in the first trimester! I have read where some doctors say it's OK to take narcotics while you're pregnant, even in the first trimester. I'm really concerned about how I was taking them. Doctors prescribe them 1 every 4 hours & I was taking 3-4 at a time. I found that under "legitimate drug use during pregnancy". You know like for dental work, ect. Some doctors even have said, "they're harmless".
Avatar n tn I know someone who has been on OxyContin for about 9 years for Fibromyalgia pain. This person gets about 90 OxyContin a month. I personally think that is outrageous. I really wish the FDA would get rid of this drug completely.
358486 tn?1294779988 Considering that this is the Pain Management Forum, I dont find that Brandy F should be limited to the Fibro forum. Pain is pain.
675329 tn?1297291978 However, there are many who find adequate relief from pain through narcotics. They can be dangerous and require respect for the medications and careful administration. I don't necessarily rule them out when used in conjunction with the other ideas and not just other drugs. I keep going back to read your post. It scares me every time. I see you ended with a question about weight gain. I'm sorry to go back to this, but it seems weight gain may be the least of your problems with treatment.
Avatar n tn This week the cool weather gave me an horrible bursitis pain in my hip and also increased the pain all around my body caused by fibromyalgia. Had to have cortisone shot in my hip..couldn't take the pain anymore and not a single pill was able to give me any relief. Hoping the cortisone shot starts working ASAP.
975514 tn?1325001538 I think I have been misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia. And I feel as though I am getting weaker and weaker lately. I need some opinions from the group because my doctor doesn't seem to want to help me. First, I have a strong family history of autoimmune disease including RA, Reactive Arthritis (my father), thyroid and diabetes. I have been diagnosed with DDD, degenerative facet disease, and facet osteoarthritis.
Avatar n tn If narcotics help your pain, no need to feel guilty about taking them as long as you take them as prescribed.
554442 tn?1221238825 Fibro does not cause joint pain or swelling. The pain from Fibromyalgia is produced in the soft tissues of the body, including the muscles and tendons. Question: Why Don't NSAIDs Work for Fibromyalgia Pain? Why don't pain relievers like Motrin, Advil and Aleve work against the pain of fibromyalgia? Answer: It's a common misconception that fibromyalgia is an inflammatory or rheumatological condition, but it is not.
Avatar f tn These narcotics have a hold on me. My dr has offered to put me on Methadone or Oxysontin for pain so I don't have to take so many short acting meds. I am thinking about taking him up on the Methadone to help me get off the Hydros and percs and it will also control my pain. I am afraid I will abuse the Methadone and end up killing myself. I don't want to be tied to these pills anymore.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have severe back and neck pain. I had back sugery 4 months ago with severe pain in the surgical area again. I also have severe neck pain and stiffness. I have a severe burning pain in my shoulders and neck along with numbness. I am not getting any answers from the doctors, and I have also been suffering with severe daily headaches.MRI of brain said normal.
Avatar f tn Anyone know of any medications used to treat fibromyalgia that is safe to take while nursing? I have had a hard time looking these up on the net since your basics like lyrica and savella and cymbalta are not recommended. Not sure what to do. Dr wanted me to start savella and told me it was ok to take but my primary doctor who is also my babys doctor told me that it wasn't recommended.
Avatar n tn How do I safely discontinue oxycontin use without causing myself to have another flareup of fibromyalgia? I believe my condition is now to the point where I can relieve the pain with non-narcotic pain relievers but I'm afraid that coming off of opiates after having been on them continuously for 8 years now will just cause me to go into another flareup. How will I know the difference between a fibromyalgia flareup and the pain and fatigue of withdrawal?
894326 tn?1279787685 You need to have pain in 11 of 18 areas of the body called trigger points. The pain is deep muscular and joint pain in these trigger points. I, myself don't know if I have 11 trigger points, therefore I have not been officially diagnosed. But I've suffered with the pain for a long time and now I'm so much better. I suggest you see a Rheumatologist. I don't know what kind of doc gave you all those diagnoses. Was it a Rheumatologist?
Avatar m tn My body feels as if it is held tight -I feel that I was beaten in my entire body, the annoying pain is constant and debilitating -There are some days when the pain subsides, and other days when it comes back in force -My body tremors and I get internal disturbance, esp.
Avatar f tn My neurologist explained to me that the narcotic pain meds actually create more pain receptors in your brain and create more pain which is why you end up needing more and more of the medicine to control the pain. I can't say that I am out of pain.........but I am better than I was when I was taking a lot of opiates. You are's just something we have to manage...........I wish you good luck in your battle and every blessing..........
2010625 tn?1329375656 I have been in pain for a month now, my psychiatrist put me on Gabapentin, and it does help some, but doesn't help with all of the pain all of the time. I am not diagnosed with Fibromyalgia yet, mostly because my medical doctor wanted me to go to a specialist, but can't right now due to lack of insurance. If it is not Fibromyalgia I am guessing it must be something like it....some kind of pain disorder anyways.....
1069644 tn?1276932463 I have talked to people in this forum who work and take oxycontin or wear a fetanyl pain patch. I take oxycontin 40mg daily for the pain and percocet for break through pain. Everyone is so different so talk to your doctor,I don't know if you want to get in to taking narcotics but if you are in a lot of pain and it's not managed it can take over your life. So have this discussion with your doctor.
659608 tn?1318292966 I also take muscle relaxant for pain when pain gets excruciating. Otherwise, I tolerate it as much as I could. Tread your day gently.
Avatar f tn 6 months ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and put on Tramadol ER 200 and 50mg prn for breakthrough. I was also put on Lyrica, which I stopped taking, Concerta, which works very well at a low dose, and Cymbalta 60mg that I take everyday. I stopped taking the Tramadol 2 days ago and feel horrible. I have a script waiting at the pharmacy. Do I go pick it up and taper off or keep going since I'm already this far in? Help me please.
Avatar n tn I checked online and it says that LYRICA is indicated to treat Diabetic Nerve Pain, Pain after Shingles, and Fibromyalgia. I would be honest with your doctor and let him/her know the LYRICA is not helping and you would like to try something else. With most PM doctors you have to try all the non-narcotics and anti-inflammatory drugs before they give you anything else. I would try and be open minded and try everything they offer. Good luck.