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Avatar n tn Although there is no cure for fibromyalgia, home treatment can relieve some of the symptoms. Fibromyalgia pain is muscle pain and the most important therapy for muscle pain is regular, gentle and low-impact exercise. It keeps muscles conditioned and healthy and decreases the amount of discomfort. It is very important to try low-stress exercises such as walking, swimming, water aerobics, and biking rather than straining exercises such as weight training. Heavy exercises worsen the symptoms.
Avatar f tn feeling generally ill today.sem to be in pain from head to toe.arthritis is affecting me more -ie pain in left knee as well as,hips and left elbow in addition to already painful r elbow. nose is swollen(bone)| and have bruising around eyes and today some headaches.face is swollen around eyes and forehead. have had lumpy tender abdomen for ages yet scans are all clear. abdomen is also a solid mass as well as lumpy and tender.
Avatar n tn I am in Physical Therapy for my spinal stenosis and hip and butt pain. It is making the pain level unbearable I am unable to walk two days after the treatment. Getting steroids in both knees this week for my arthritis. I am at the end of my rope.
Avatar f tn Many individuals with other liver diseases do not suffer the pain seen in hepatitis C. And there is a high prevalence of fibromyalgia in hepatitis C patients; this is important for clinicians to appreciate, as the recognition of fibromyalgia in patient with hepatitis C will prevent assumptions of pain being due to liver disease—and perhaps allow for a more focused and correct treatment approach.
Avatar n tn This week the cool weather gave me an horrible bursitis pain in my hip and also increased the pain all around my body caused by fibromyalgia. Had to have cortisone shot in my hip..couldn't take the pain anymore and not a single pill was able to give me any relief. Hoping the cortisone shot starts working ASAP.
209591 tn?1267418314 Hi, I am a 25 year old female that was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in August along with many other things...I have been staying so tired, some days sleeping more than 15 hours....Just getting out of bed sometimes is almost impossible...For you all what has been the most helpful treatment (exercise, therapy or medication) for your fatigue? All of my medicines cause fatigue and so do all 8 to 10 diagnoses I currently have...Thanks so much for your help.
Avatar f tn Getting a proper delta sleep has improved my muscular pain-not that I don't have the pain anymore but it is not as exruciatingly painful now. Its great to hear you have a new doctor who seems to be giving you all the right messages. I have a great relationship with my rheumatologist ever since she said to me "Look at me Mary, look at me straight into my eyes. I WANT TO TELL YOU-I KNOW YOU ARE IN PAIN!" We haven't looked back since then-almost ten years ago.
1522259 tn?1291214939 I've read that doctors say that taking opioids for the pain have not really been proven to help with fibromyalgia pain, but for me they do wonders. Not only do they relieve my pain substantially, they give me a boost of energy I have never had.
Avatar n tn I have the worst case of hep c and fibromyalgia possible, every time I take a pain pill it burns out my liver, they took out my gallbladder and every medication burns my liver I am in true hell, I think of suicide hourly and have a plan if i can not get help have not been out of severe pain in 6 months since the gallbladder came out.I can not go to the bathroom either without enemas daily all i get atr toxins doctors want me to take more pills, mt ggt raised 6 times normal after the operation.
Avatar n tn Lower neck, shoulder and upper back pains most of the time. Can you please advice any home remedy to reduce body pain and increase energy levels?
163305 tn?1333672171 thus, those with widespread pain were diagnosed with fibromyalgia - fibro, meaning fiber/muscle and myalgia meaning pain... Most symptoms of fibromyalgia are alleviated with adequate dosages of thyroid hormones, even when thyroid hormone levels are within the so-called "normal" ranges...
Avatar m tn My body feels as if it is held tight -I feel that I was beaten in my entire body, the annoying pain is constant and debilitating -There are some days when the pain subsides, and other days when it comes back in force -My body tremors and I get internal disturbance, esp.
Avatar n tn I have also had Fibromyalgia (bad) for about five years or more. I virtually always have had pain, sometimes so bad I did not know how I would get by...until 3 weeks after going on the Levoxal. I woke up one mornong and felt like someone shut the noise off...I have not had pain for about 2 weeks. Could this be related?
1830047 tn?1321671393 I have atypical migraines which attack the same area as the fibromyalgia...intestines. I get nausea, bone pain in my core area and intestional distress with a slight headache. Feels like the flu. I take topomax for the migraines morning and night which helps. I am so light sensitive that I have to stay home most of the time and have blackout shades. The diet for migraine is different than fibromyalgia so I walk the fence and follow a modified diet that is organic and healthy.
1069644 tn?1276932463 The difference in me this year compared to last year is frightening. I had pain all the time last year but managed to still work and function through it all. I am now at the point where I don't know how I can make it through another 8 hour shift. I have missed so much work this year and when I do work I come home and immediately have the heating pad and ice pack out for the rest of the night. The pain is everywhere...(neck and shoulders are the worst).
Avatar f tn How can you tell the difference between an exacerbation of Fibromyalgia vs MS pain? I went to the Rheumatologist because my fingers hurt. Some of my knuckles swell and I have some disfiguration. The Rheumatologist is well aware of my MS diagnosis. His quick response to my finger swelling and disfiguration was that it was a Fibromyalgia exacerbation. Also, how can one tell if the muscle spasms are related to MS vs Fibromyalgia? I am so confused.
Avatar m tn Hi loops5, I'm sorry to hear you are now one of us. I was an RN when I had a car accident which started my FMS and that was 30 years ago. They called it fibrositis back then. I now also have CFS and CMP. So, in my long experience with this, I wanted to throw out a few things you may not have heard. There is sometimes a co-existing condition with FMS called Chronic Myofascia Pain (CMP). Fascia is a sort of connecting tissue that holds everything in your body in place.
Avatar n tn I have alreasy gone thru treatment with interfuron for a year no help,now I have cronic fatigue plus all the pain of fibro,and the sides of hep c. Is there anyone out there I can talk to that understands what I am going thru? I can't get my husband to understand just because you can't see it it doesn't mean I don't hurt like hell. My life seems to have been put into a suspended form of torture.
Avatar f tn Was told years ago that I have fibromyalgia. Can fibromyalgia or any other muscle, tendon, nerve issue cause these symptoms. Even though I'm told my heart is not an issue, I still am concerned and frightened when these pains occur. Any information on what it could be or what else I could do to find out the cause would be so appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Even just walking down the street can seem like a feat at times. • Muscle and joint pain. My muscles and joints are soar all the time. It feels as though I have arthritis although I have been tested for it and do not have it. My neck is probably my largest complaint as it is so soar that I have a constant headache. If I do anything even slightly physical I will be even more sick and soar the following day.
Avatar f tn I'm 31 and after 6 long years of chronic problems unexplained I have finally been diagnoised with Fibromyalgia and Lymphdema. Sorry about spelling. Anyway I was wondering if anyone out there has had either one and if so what kind of treatment may have work for you. They say both conditions are chronic and there is no known cure for either.
Avatar f tn Were you ever on antidepressants or any medication that would effect dopamine, serotonin or norepinephrine levels, prior to being dx'd with Fibromyalgia? If so, what was your age and approximately how long did you stay on the medication. Thank you for your response to this poll. Have a nice day.
Avatar f tn can someone with some knowledge and experience please tell me what seems to be the best treatments out there when it comes to dealing with fibromyalgia? i am still trying to gather information on which is better lyrica or neurontin, and i am also told they are the same med? any truth to this? any advice on how to deal with flare ups would be just great also, at this point i am up for anything new that may help...
Avatar m tn With your other pain, you could try to get some pain killers, except that any pain killer taken more than 2 times a week promote rebound migraines which are even worse. None of my pain killers have ever helped my fibromyalgia at all. Let me know more about you so that I might be able to help you more. I wish you the best.
Avatar f tn to be honest i tried going without the darvocet and i managed a month without before i finally realized i couldn't take the pain anymore.i do understand the not wanting to take any pain medications and that is everyones right not to take them.Have you talked to your doctor about other options,like Lyrica or Ultram?
402205 tn?1230484605 I'm still taking my normal prescriptions that help with pain, fatigue and RLS as well as additional supplements. I have both CFS and Fibromyalgia. From the initial diagnosis it appears I have a problem with yeast and low thyroid. I'm a little scared because they told me it would get a little worse while my body detoxifies before it gets better but I guess it's a small price to pay. Any info that anyone could give me and any experiences that you've had that may help me, I'd love to hear.
Avatar n tn Do you have pain anywhere else, like in your hips or legs or feet? With fibromyalgia, the pain is everywhere. Also, sometimes doctors will inject cortisone to help the inflammation, but some don't because cortisone can eventually cause damage to the tissue if it's used to too much. It's instant relief, though. I had a shot for bursitis in the hips and it lasted a month without pain.