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Girl Does anyone here have fibromyalgia and if so, what have you do to calm a fibro flare? I haven't had a flare this bad in at least 10 years. I am taking hydrocodone rx'd by my physician and but it's taking a while to get to that point of being under control. I've been on venlafaxine for nearly 2 years and perhaps it's time to change medication. Would just appreciate any info you can give. Happy New Years!
Avatar f tn numbing/tingling on arms/legs/feet/hands/fingers/thighs burning feet muscle pain on thighs and arms like I worked out all day sensative to touch on body neck/shoulder pain all joints pain-knees/toes/fingers/elbows/shoulder joint fatique- like I need to just sleep, so tired insomnia restless legs like pins and needles sharp/shooting/stabbing deep bone pain on legs These are just some off the top of my head Hope you have none of them.
Avatar m tn Sorry to say that FM is not curable. But you can get it under control with the right meds. You must find a doc that is well informed on this problem. I have had a flare up since Oct.07 & am still in pain daily. But I have learned how to do what I can & don't over due things or you will end up paying for it for a few days or weeks after. Do not push yourself to get things done as you will suffer for it in the end.
358486 tn?1294779988 I had my gallbladder removed in Feb of 2006 but the pain was still there. I finally got sober in April of 2006 but the muscle pain stayed with me! The sleep problems have stayed with me as well. I have unspecific muscle pain all over my body at this point. Some days it is in the upper region, some days it is my lower limbs only, some days its BOTH. I feel like I am just about to come down with the flu about 80% of the time. Tired, achy, sore, fatigued.
Avatar f tn Have they checked you vit D level? Symptoms of vit D deficiency are: calf muscle & feet pain cramps in feet & legs muscle weakness waddling walk bone pain & weakness fatigue insomnia tingling in extremities diarrhea depression heart palpitations confusion/unorganized I know when the symptoms are flaring, I have to be careful NOT to push myself. Even when I've got a million things on my "to do" list. So the plan would be to exercise when your symptoms are not so bad.
Avatar f tn I like you had all the tests, MRIs never showed the excruiating shoulder blade pain I was living with or the bone crushing lower back pain, i have the gamut of symptoms sciatic pain, the joint stiffness, the lack of sleep, skin sensitivity, headaches, leg weakness. Let my story be a tale of caution to you as you navigate finding out what is causing your pain.
358486 tn?1294779988 this leads to Fibromyalgia, but not in all the cases, of course. It is also noted that those who complain of more pain after the surgery, have more chance of developing fibromyalgia. One more reason thought to be implicated in post surgery fibromyalgia is ..... the neck is hyper-extended while doing the intubation and this constitutes a neck injury! Hope that helps.
Avatar f tn Sleep is essential especially for fibromyalgia or any type of pain. If you can get 6 hours minimum you can better deal with the pain. Have you ever had a sleep study? I requested one and I have sleep apnea. I also take trazadone. It is an older sleep medication that is taken at bedtime. You and your doctor can decide if taking something would help. To me your top list would be your headaches, not sleeping and pain.
Avatar m tn Any physical or emotional trauma can cause a flare up of fibromyalgia symptoms. It is best to seek a second opinion and have a discussion on the possible alternatives, especially conservative treatments if possible. In fibromyalgia medicines should always be used along with exercise and behavior therapy. Consult an experienced doctor. I sincerely hope it helps. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar n tn i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few months ago and i've been monitoring some of my symptoms but would like to see if anyone else has the same problems. every month when it's that time of the month is when everything gets the worse for me. my eyes are dryer, skin, mouth everything. migranes flare up, numbness in the face & i have trouble sleeping. it starts right before my period maybe about a week or a week and a half before and ends maybe a few days after the last day of my period.
Avatar m tn I have started taking a lot of vitamins, including several types of Magnesium, in the hope that they will stop some of the pain flare ups that have been hitting me for over 12 years now (never got treatment for Lyme's). However, I am finding that narcotics are they only way I can have any quality of life, they allow me to clean the house and do the basic things necessary to live, like wash clothes, etc. This disease has disabled me, having done a number on my brain and physically.
Avatar n tn Emotional and physical triggers can cause a flare in fibromyalgia symptoms. A flare is usually accompanied by constant pain and lethargy. You might find difficulty to sit, stand or lie for even some time. the triggers known are strong emotions like depression and anger or stress, too much exercise, beginning of an illness, cold,damp weather or extreme heat, any stress on body. That noisy neighbor could affect your health indirectly by causing anger or stress in you. Hope this helps. Take care.
Avatar f tn Getting in and out of the car and doing the stairs really kill me. And the fibromyalgia seems to be in a flare-up as well. Seems like a moderate flare-up. All my trigger points are acting up and I've been fatigued, but I can't really get great sleep. (Which for me is really important.) I do take Ambien, though I've sort of laid off it a bit, just because I don't want to be dependent on that as well as the other meds I take.
Avatar f tn I also take morphine sulfate instant relief (30 mg) x2 for break through pain and flare-ups. I have had two episodes of severe withdrawal (forgot to take or other reasons) and had to go to the emergency room and receive 2 doses of dilaudid till my morphine kicked in again. I am not an addict but obviously my body is dependent on the morphine. I want to get off the morphine so bad!
3795221 tn?1348163075 Listen this fibromyalgia stuff is so-o-o-o out there in the world of we know it exists and we know it needs to be treated, but I'm not going to be the one to treat you. They all know a thing or two, but not one pain mgmnt specialist, rheumatologist or even general practitioner will treat long for fear of the DEA. So while your recovery and past prescription history is commendable it won't matter because they are the ones being watched at your expense.
Avatar f tn Hi all- I am a 27 year old female suffering from a very severe case of fibromyalgia. It has left me bed ridden for weeks at a time and when the flare ups are bad nothing works. I have prescriptions for morphine and oxycodone but on bad days they don't touch the pain. I can't do massages because the fibro pressure points are too painful to be touched.
551343 tn?1506834118 Hello my name is fibromyalgia The bringer of fatigue, depression and neuralgia Yes i'm the one that's ruining your life Because i have now taken over your wife Do you hear her crying out in vain Begging for someone, anyone to take away the pain Always moaning at you in that whiney tone Ranting and raving at you even on the phone Have you noticed that she doesn't seem all there That the plughole is full of her lovely long hair That her fingers swell and stiffen when she peels the spuds she's forg
Avatar m tn Had anyone seen a rheumatoid specialist for this condition? Are they offering any treatments for it, other than the standard antidepressant treatment? Those treatments don't work for me, and there is no need to waste the money seeing a specialist for an antidepressant treatment that a family doctor could give me. My symptoms of chronic fatigue seemed to start with Epstein Barr, now I have the joint/nerve pain.
709619 tn?1230165075 Do people with fibromyalgia experience attacks similar to MS that last for a week or so and then subside with more mild symptoms, or is it a chronic condition? And are the painful areas always sensitive to touch? I've been dealing with something that feels neurological in nature and I'm working with my neurologist on eliminating certain conditions. I have thus far eliminated two conditions that resemble the symptoms I've been dealing with i.e., ALS and B12 deficiency.
4437322 tn?1354574957 Is there such a thing as severe fibromyalgia. Does it get worse over time for some fibro sufferers?
Avatar n tn This week the cool weather gave me an horrible bursitis pain in my hip and also increased the pain all around my body caused by fibromyalgia. Had to have cortisone shot in my hip..couldn't take the pain anymore and not a single pill was able to give me any relief. Hoping the cortisone shot starts working ASAP.
209591 tn?1267418314 Hi, I am a 25 year old female that was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in August along with many other things...I have been staying so tired, some days sleeping more than 15 hours....Just getting out of bed sometimes is almost impossible...For you all what has been the most helpful treatment (exercise, therapy or medication) for your fatigue? All of my medicines cause fatigue and so do all 8 to 10 diagnoses I currently have...Thanks so much for your help.
434278 tn?1324709825 My body lays down extra fascial tissue which creates more pain. I think for fibromyalgia there are certain pain points that must be tender in order to be diagnosed. Otherwise I would think they feel very similar.
560272 tn?1311353893 I hope I haven't given the impression my pain only last for a few days! I'm in pain daily, but my "flare ups" only last for about a week (thank goodness). And I've been having these symptoms for 10 years, but GP's always just say I have "anxiety/depression", none of them have ever mentioned Fibromyalgia! Amazing! And all my tests always come back within normal range, so they always pass it off as anxiety/depression and hand me Prozac.
Avatar f tn At this point, I am told I have mild myositis, autonomic neuropathy and fibromyalgia. At the beginning of my journey (4 years ago), I had a very bad episode that we now know was a stroke. I was only 41 at the time. Anyways, the doctor feels I may have had a touch of vasculitis at that time that attacked a blood vessel causing a blockage, thus resulting in the stroke. So having explained that, I had an EMG two weeks ago. The day after and continuing until now, my symptoms got much worse.
Avatar f tn He never mentioned Fibromyalgia to me. In fact, nobody has. So on my own I have scoured the internet and searched inner ear pain and fibro. I saw people have experienced this and I felt hopeful that I am not alone in this. I also at times feel like I get a flare up and feel like I have sores ( you cant see them) in my mouth, primarily right sided at the moment. Or a feeling of something caught in my throat. I feel like I am losing my mind and my life over this.
Avatar f tn I also have severe shoulder pain, worse in my left than in my right, and fibromyalgia. The pain is from the fibromyalgia. If it continues to bother you, I would ask your doctor to check it to rule out injury. Don't rely on diagnosis on here, as many people do not understand fibromyalgia and all of the associated symptoms.
Avatar f tn As I enter my 19 year of having CD, I'm in yet another flare-up. The pain, nausea, cramping you name's there. I don't want another surgery. I don't have much small bowel left and it worries me a great deal. I don't want to be fed IV but I may not have a choice. I have all the issues associated with small bowel syndrome. I'm really kind of surprised that I'm not hooked to an IV. Not only do I suffer with CD, I have fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathy and arthritis.
975514 tn?1325001538 A Fibromyalgia FLARE is a period of time when your Fibro symptoms are increased or out of control. It could last for less than an hour, or for months on end. Flares happen if you are not on correct treatment, if you don't have your treatment adjusted at the moment, or you encounter something that throws your treatment off. ***Remember, ALWAYS consult with your doctor about your particular symptoms. This post is meant only as a resource- not as a diagnostic tool!