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Avatar n tn A satellite myofascial point is a highly irritable spot in a muscle that becomes inactive because the muscle is in the region of another trigger pain. The pain of fibromyalgia is generalized, occurring above and below the waist and on both sides of the body. On the other hand, myofascial pain is more often described as occurring in a more limited area of the body, for example, only around the shoulder and neck, and on only one side of the body. Take care and regards !
Avatar n tn I have Fibromyalgia and also have been experiencing noticable tender lumps on my ribs w/ extreme acid reflux/indegestion burning pain, severe abdominal/back/leg pain and now severe migranes. I'm not sure if this is just how this illness goes or if we are a couple of the really unlucky ones. I've had almost every test out there and there's one thing I can recommend, get a thoracic MRI- they will require x-rays first however.
Avatar f tn I like you had all the tests, MRIs never showed the excruiating shoulder blade pain I was living with or the bone crushing lower back pain, i have the gamut of symptoms sciatic pain, the joint stiffness, the lack of sleep, skin sensitivity, headaches, leg weakness. Let my story be a tale of caution to you as you navigate finding out what is causing your pain.
Avatar f tn My doctors has referred me to a rheumotolgist and suspects this could be my diagnosis. One thing that boggles his mind is that my leg pain is not present on a good day until I am lying down for more than 30 minutes then horrible aching begins. My sed rate is also high but RA and Lupus test came back negative. Doew this sound like arthritus or fibromyalgia?
Avatar n tn I have recently started taking 150 mg of Lyrica for nerve pain and Fibromyalgia. I can hardly believe it, but it is very helpful in relieving my nerve pain. The only problem is that my brain is effected by it. It has become very difficult to express myself verbally. I find myself searching for simple words. Is there something I can take along with Lyrica to help my foggy mind?
1550149 tn?1340004330 Some experts believe that fibromyalgia does not lead to poor sleeping patterns, but that sleep disturbances come first, precipitating many cases of fibromyalgia pain. In one study, healthy volunteers reported fibromyalgia-like pain after they had been subjected to disrupted deep sleep. Disturbed sleep appears to trigger factors in the immune system that cause inflammation, pain, fatigue, and a decreased pain threshold.
4861077 tn?1360159739 I take lots of medication and am still in pain please help. I take adcal d3 twice a day I take naproxen two tablets twice a day I take flouxotine two tablets a day I take co dydramol two tablets four times a day and I take amitriptline tablets two a day are these right for this diagnosis as I am still in a lot of pain. Thanks for any advice much appreciate it.
Avatar m tn Hi i have fibromyalgia and also rls.I take requip for restless leg syndrome but nothing helps im so tired of the pain i dont sleep.I had a sleep study and all they found was the rls doesnt explain the reason why idont sleep.
Avatar f tn Here in the states fibromyalgia is treated with lyrica, cymbalta and a few other drugs that help with pain and help sleeping. In addition many of us take other pain meds. The care is supposed to be just for the person. What may work for me may not work for you. I think you need to see a rheumy dr. He treats people with pain in the joints and such. I also have a spine condition I've had since birth . I was told I would always have pain in my lower back. I went to a chriopractor.
Avatar n tn my husband and i have suffered for years with lower back pain or leg and hip pain. I invested in an inversion table. It's AWESOME !!! No more back pain...try it i promise it will help all ....
Avatar f tn I am yet to take any sessions and totally confused. Pain is still the same and life is getting hell. Please help me and guide me.
Avatar f tn I've been getting hip and leg pain in bed, too. I have transverse myelitis with a couple of cervical lesions, plus a herniated disc in my thoracic, but not dx with MS as of yet. I had been sleeping on one of those big wedge pillows, and removing it seemed to help my hips. Last night, I couldn't get comfortable on either side, so I removed my second pillow and tried just one. It helped a tiny bit.
Avatar n tn The pain is just something you have to learn to deal with. My pain tolerance has definitely changed since the diagnosis. The meds don't take the pain away but they do take the edge off.
358486 tn?1294779988 I wake every morning at 4am in pain and there is not a second in my day that I am not in pain, even with meds. The meds do help take the edge off of the pain so that you can focus on tasks at hand and not be entirely occupied by the pain. You still feel the pain, it doesnt ever go away completely, it just makes your quality of life better. Research has shown that only 4% of patients using pain meds get addicted to them.
Avatar f tn I am yet to take any sessions and totally confused. Pain is still the same and life is getting hell. Please help me and guide me.
886141 tn?1240971296 I have chronic leg pain. It feels better when I walk or I just don't notice it as much. If I'm sitting or laying down it is hard for me to stand on my legs when I get up the pain is so bad. After I take a few steps it gets better. It is also hard for me to go up and down stairs. When I'm sitting or lying down there is a constant throbbing pain. It does feel better if I lay on the floor on my stomach with a heater blowing on me.
Avatar f tn I have leg pain intermittently, I thought it was restless leg syndrom or peripheral neuropathy, not sure, but the only thing I can take is paracetamol as other pain killers are toxic to the liver and taking this helps.
365931 tn?1198073762 By 12 pm I have pain shooting down my leg. By 2 am I am in a lot of pain. That would be 8 out of 10 on the pain scale. Then by 3 if I make it that far I am in very severe pain right into my toes and across the bottom of my foot. I sometimes cant make it through my shift and have to leave early. I come home and have to go on morphine tablets because I am now on a 12 out of 10 on the pain scale. I find morphine nor oxy cocete does not even touch the pain at all.
Avatar m tn widespread pain, disturbed sleep, and exhaustion from head to toe shortness of breath, numbness and tingling sensations, muscle weakness I get pain in my neck, like muscle stiffness and that comes and goes leg cramping, fatigue, trembling nausea I also had weakness in the left arm, pain and numbness as well I was suffering from migraines and one had caused an anxiety attack Fatigue, muscle weakness, trembling muscles, some muscle spasms, cramping in my right calf, tingling in hands feet and
Avatar n tn My muscle cramping has disappeared as has the leg pain. Granted I have sciatica that nothing touches but the leg pain I was experiencing was not associated with my chronic pain. So if you have not had a battery of lab tests to check the levels I mentioned I would encourage you to request them. Your pain may be related to the Fibro progression but in my opinion it wouldn't hurt to cover all your bases. I assume with your diagnosis you are being monitored and treated by a rheumatologist.
Avatar m tn where one can find many ways to help deal better with fibromyalgia. Most of the recommendations are mainly natural and complementary to any medical treatments. Just do a search here on this page, either on the top left side (magnifying glass icon) or search box on the top right. Hope this helps. Cheers!
Avatar f tn Ischemia: Cause of Fibromyalgia Pain? Saturday April 18, 2009 Did you know that some fibromyalgia (FMS) pain may be caused by low blood flow to our muscles? The medical name for that is ischemia (ih-SKEE-mee-ah). We've had some limited evidence of ischemia in FMS for a few years, and it's an area that researchers are pursuing.
975514 tn?1325001538 she completely neglected the pain I came to her abt in the first place which was more back/leg ....soon as they hear pain and sleep issues together a light goes on in their heads and awwww must be FM. forgive my ranting...I get so disgusted with doctors sometimes its a raw subject with me! there are many very good ones out there with very good reps, but there are a few who were in the bottom percentile of the class too. Oh got carried away there..
209591 tn?1267418314 But when I can exercise does help the pain. Nothing I have done seems to help the fatigue. I went to church this morning, then took a "nap" for 4 1/2 hrs. You just have to learn to pace yourself. My dr told me to vacuum one room at a time, not the whole house. One load of laundry, not spend all day washing & folding clothes. You get the idea.It's a crappy disease, but it can be mannaged.
Avatar f tn Getting a proper delta sleep has improved my muscular pain-not that I don't have the pain anymore but it is not as exruciatingly painful now. Its great to hear you have a new doctor who seems to be giving you all the right messages. I have a great relationship with my rheumatologist ever since she said to me "Look at me Mary, look at me straight into my eyes. I WANT TO TELL YOU-I KNOW YOU ARE IN PAIN!" We haven't looked back since then-almost ten years ago.
Avatar f tn Fibromyalgia is widespread pain throuout the entire body,it actually hurts to be touched.Maybe a possible pinched nerve or sciatica?
Avatar n tn I take the Mag Malate as this version of magnesium helps Fibro pain, although Fibro pain is neuropathic pain, so it should help with your nerve irritation. 7. Sleep with a pillow between the knees helps keep the back aligned 8. Vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D is crucial and if you live in the Northern hemisphere, most people are deficient. In Canada, over half of all Canadians don't get enough Vitamin D.
Avatar f tn During that 40 days of fun I ended up in the ER 5 times in so much pain I was unable to function and on 2 occasions I lost the ability to talk and the use of one leg. I ended up in my doctors office 4 times being sent to an infusion center for medication infusions. I was sent for a CT scan which showed mastoiditis which was treated with antibiotics. The pain was still there.
Avatar n tn In the last 2 years I have had constant aching pain in my legs and feet and this pain affects my sleep and daily life. The pain is constant often worsening at night and when I awaken in the mornings. I have had a complete MRI of my spine with no major problems identified. I have given up smoking 6mnths ago. What could be the cause? I am at my wits end as the GP is no help in diagnosing the problem. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
Avatar n tn I have been taking it for nerve pain caused by slipped discs. I have a high tolerance for pain and drugs. I am taking 600mg per day (the max allowed), and still have discomfort, but it defenitely takes the edge off. Only side effect I've noticed is slight lite-headness.