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Avatar f tn I know the autoimmune technologies LLC is doing FDA clinical trial on this in New Orleans, Lousiana, USA. I just want to know if they have done the FDA clinical trial and if the FDA has approved this diagnostic test for Fibromyalgia Patients? Please let me know if any of you guys know about this because I would like to ask my Physician to order a one of those test for me.
Avatar n tn Yes ! This is a lab test (spinal fluid) that is still in the research phase, but apparently diagnosing both CFS & fibromyalgia patients. I know it is very expensive, but I think I read on their website that Medicare is covering it. (not sure if you have Medicare... but thought I would mention). I just hope & pray that this test will be approved soon and insurance will cover it. We need this test to help validate these very real and sometimes disabling conditions.
Avatar m tn It is a disgrace to my opinion, to treat people like this, leaving them hanging in limbo, suffering and without any financial resources. Are you living in the USA? Medically, you are probably dealing with two distinct yet interlinked conditions. One for sure the nerve damage in your right leg.
1075109 tn?1281839291 So having listened to all of this it should come as no surprise that at 41, with a divorce in the works that I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia that keeps me awake for 36 hours at a time and then I get about 6 hours. Then we go for the 36 hours again. The pain has alot to do with it. It involves my neck, shoulder joints, elbows and hands. My hips and tailbone, my knees and ankles and the underside of my feet.
Avatar f tn My name is Donna and I am 51 years old, 12 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I trusted what I was told and over the years have taken nearly every kind of anti-depressant known, all with awful side effects, much worse than the pain I was feeling. As the years have passed I have become more and more convinced that I was mis- diagnosed. When giving my symptoms to Dr.
1488606 tn?1288196238 Some people don't have to quit working with fibromyalgia if you have a good pain management plan. You also need a lawyer who specializes in disability. Most of them don't charge you untill you win, and then social security sends them a percentage of your back pay. It takes a while, and you have to keep appealing, don't give up. It took me a year, but now I have a regular income and health insurance. Good luck.
434278 tn?1324709825 "PlatletGal, are you satified with the CFS diagnosis? Do you think you really have lupus instead?" I am very satisfied with the CFS diagnosis. I had CFS symptoms after having a severe case of mono when I was only 18. It took many years for physicians to diagnose me. I remember reading about CFS and thinking, "this is me !". There is now a test to diagnose CFS. The test is still in the research phase.... for more info, google "Red Labs USA".
Avatar n tn my Free T3 is low and gets lower all the time. I had some cortisol tests done in USA whilst on holiday there, but back home in Australia they just laughed and called them 'backyard labs' Hard to get any doctor to believe we need help! Let me know how you are going. I've added you as a friend.
988168 tn?1297405046 Waldinger has also been the first to show the efficacy of TENS treatment for ReGS, PSAS or PGAD. IMPORTANT!! Some internet sites, particularly in the USA, state that PGAD is a newly described disorder that is not yet fully understood or defined and is difficult to treat. This is unfortunate as it gives the impression that PGAD still is a rather mysterious disorder. But it is not. These websites are not up-dated with recent research. The studies of Prof.
136956 tn?1425609872 but I do know that lab I mentioned earlier, Red Labs USA, does have a test for fibromyalgia. Good their name and you'll find their website. Unfortunately, they can't do a test on blood. They need spinal fluid from the patient and also, insurance won't cover this test. However, that should change.. hopefully real soon. I know the lab is working on getting their patent.
741515 tn?1262540739 Look at people with cancer, a lot of them go to the USA for treatment and also in the UK. A pleasure to meet you supermomma531, your name speaks for itself.
1800611 tn?1315856590 Very low cancer rates in Arizona as well! Lowest I believe in the USA. ( Skin cancer rates are higher, however, the parts of the body affected by cancer are predominantly the ones NOT exposed to the sun!
Avatar f tn Luckily my GP sent me to a reumatologist who was involved with FM/CFS research in USA, and he diagnosed me recently. Looking back, I´ve had FMS since 2000, and as you say, I´ve had many physical problems that my doctor dealt with seperately, which I can see now fits FMS. Heart and stomach problems, dizziness and `Fibro fog´ just to mention some. CFS started 1½ years ago after a bad flu, and from that point my pain and muscle problems accelerated.
434278 tn?1324709825 THIS INFORMATION IS INTENDED FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY "Tender Point" testing --- link: & Rheumatoid Factor --- 21.5% of fibromyalgia patients' have a positive rheumatoid factor. --- source: T3 REVERSE -- "The mix of treatments needed varies from patient to patient. There are some abnormalities that are common.
Avatar f tn Participants completed a single-blind, crossover trial with the following time line: baseline (2 weeks), placebo (2 weeks), drug (8 weeks), and washout (2 weeks). PATIENTS: Ten women meeting criteria for fibromyalgia and not taking an opioid medication. INTERVENTIONS: Naltrexone, in addition to antagonizing opioid receptors on neurons, also inhibits microglia activity in the central nervous system. At low doses (4.
1001981 tn?1293982081 I did find an equally good product, made in the USA, called Mineralife Magnesium Oil. It is just as good, in fact they even post the lab analysis online. Its cheaper and as I say, made in America. It can be found here: I am not sure if links are allowed here, so if not just google Mineralife Magnesium Oil.
Avatar f tn 7 centimeters below the foramen magnum. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2001. I have had problems with balance, coordination, ringing in ears, migraine and strange pressure headaches (sometimes in my jaw) starting inmy neck, virtigo, blurred vision, numb tingling feeling in fingers and occasionally blacking out or fainting plus nausea and vomitting. I am 45 and recently found out that I was asphyxiated at birth and the Dr. told my father that I may have problems later.
Avatar n tn painful armpit, white coating, oral thrush, sore throat, severe fatigue, and not going away. Another, at this time I live in the USA with cold climate from very warm climate where I originally come from. The symptom’s severity varies with temperature changes, lower the temperature, sever the symptoms.
Avatar f tn Now I have herniation in thoracic and lumbar with spinal stenosis and fibromyalgia. This neck surgery was the second in several years. You could also go to neurosurgeon that does backs. Most definitely go see a surgeon whether for surgery or pain management. I currently see a rehab dr for pain management. Drs have all said once you get a problem area in back it eventually causes problems in rest of back cause back is like a chain. If you weaken one link eventually they will all weaken.
Avatar f tn hi i wish i could but i live in england,i see you live in the usa,if you need help finding links or anyone to talk to then i can definitely help you in any way i can.
Avatar n tn Seems that USA today says its phantom and all in our head. I don't buy it, my pain is real.
1741471 tn?1407162630 The disease afflicts 5.4 million in the USA, and the number is forecast to spike to 16 million in 2050 as Baby Boomers age. “Walking and movements require a perfect and simultaneous integration of multiple areas of the brain,” says Rodolfo Savica, author of a study at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. Studies show that changes in the way a person walks can be an early warning sign of cognitive decline.
Avatar n tn I have had the same fluttery sensations but it's not just in my abdonmen but also my sides and in my kidneys. I wish i could get it checked because i to along with many women am driveng myself nuts wondering that P word. I know condoms are not 100% safe, but i have normal periods. I pray that i am not pregnant. even though i would be a very nurturing mother and would never think about adoption or abortion I am not ready to be a mother.
Avatar f tn I'm thinking that insurance may not cover the testing at this pont. VIP lab in Reno, NV (formerly Red Labs, USA) has several test kits for, or related to, this virus. One is a PCR test for the XMRV virus itself. For more information, google, "VIP Labs" for their website. I'm not sure when we the treatment options will be available... but I hope very soon ! This is the new research institute that made the discovery:
604185 tn?1233964457 I went for my bld work and I ovulated too! She said progesterone is at 48.9??????? Maybe you guys in the USA measure differently the us in Canada!!!! Last month my progesterone wad 84.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone , my is MARIA LISA and i live in Hope Mills, NC (USA) I was diagnosed with FIBROMYALGIA along with osteoarthritis , degenerative bone & disk disease, carpal tunnel , type II diabetes. I have had cortisone shots, pain medicines, naproxen, cymbalta , sulandac, Vicodin, Tylenol products, Tens unit, ice/heat therapy, biofreese cream, voltaren gel , I have lived with the Illness for too long effecting my well being .
Avatar f tn Most of the major fast food chains in the USA even offer caloric values for their meals. So, I understand your situation, but try not to let it be an obstacle. There are inexpensive, HEALTHY choices available. As you know your diet will affect your blood sugars, thus affecting your energy, thus affecting your activity.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed many years ago with fibromyalgia. I have never had the pains in my rib muscles till after I had children but I'm not sure if that just weakened my muscles or if it is just the fibromyalgia getting worse. The bottom line is, I have read a million and one things that it could be and ways to treat it but the only thing that works for me is stretching through it. I might try cutting back my caffiene and drinking more milk.
Avatar n tn I take Parke Davis Thyroid (called Armour in the USA) 375mgs (6.25 grains). I think your Hyzaar is an Angiotensin II Receptor Antagonist, and not an ACE inhibitor - though I might be wrong. AII's are supposed to be better for renal function - and a lot of other things according to what I've read. (I've been researching the different hypertension meds in preparation for my dr's appt). Hope this helps - take good care ...