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996946 tn?1503252712 Is it possible for fibromyalgia to "settle" in your knees? Over the last 10-15 yrs I first had severe elbow pain, thought it was from carrying my purse and heavy shopping bags, then my pain gradually moved to my feet "ie." plantar fasciatis, had cortisone injections in feet and before that in elbows. Could the pain, dull ache, in any position be caused by sciatic nerve pressure or arthritis or fibromyalgia? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I will go see a cardologist for that next week, in the mean time was put on prednisone to help bring down the inflammation. The MRI and CT Scan did not show this, my doctor told me when she felt underneath the right side of the chin, (where it is tender and swollen) it feels hard around my artery. I would not let this go for very long, go get checked.
358486 tn?1294779988 I started having extreme pain in my right side and usually one to two weeks out of the month - my knees (more over, the BACK of my knees) would just ache and burn something awful. I was still drinking pretty heavily at the time so again - I thought it was something else. I had my gallbladder removed in Feb of 2006 but the pain was still there. I finally got sober in April of 2006 but the muscle pain stayed with me! The sleep problems have stayed with me as well.
Avatar n tn Knowing someone in my family with fibromyalgia I know this is likely the cause but I don't feel well enough to get to the doctors... When do these symtoms ease... Will they ? Sorry for the long story. Thank you in advance.
Avatar f tn I have Raynauds phenomomen, so my hands get very painful when they get cold and because of the rheumatiod arthritis my joints in my hands get red and hot. You know all the doctors always want to put people on antidepressants for Fibro but I've yet to hear that they work at relieving the pain. I know several people like yourself is on something but they still have pain and the numbing and tingling. Have you been offically diagnosed.
Avatar f tn PVCs Tachycardia (hospitalized for 4 days) Diarrhea which has an IBS pattern (only in the morning) Gas Heartburn Acid Reflux Abdominal Pain Headaches Vision changes (spots that look like a camera flash went off as well as eyes tiring quickly while reading and getting blurry) Extreme menstrual cramps Sinusitis Dizziness and balance problems Sleep disturbances, Waking up every few hours Extreme fatigue (some days worse than others.
Avatar n tn It is making the pain level unbearable I am unable to walk two days after the treatment. Getting steroids in both knees this week for my arthritis. I am at the end of my rope.
Avatar n tn For the last year and a half I have been having a lot of issues with the fibromyalgia. Back in August of 07 I started stumping, loosing my balance and falling. Back in October I fell and broke my right leg. My question is loosing your balace, falling, etc. part of the fibromyalgia.
1033336 tn?1252509731 Following then onwards, I have experince pain trobbing at the back, in between the joint of knees, in between the hip joint, upper and lower both of the legs, at the joints of the arms, in between fingers, at the palm of hands and feet. Am i suffering from fibromyalgia? Do i need to do a full body check-up for diagnosis?
Avatar f tn I had so much pain that I could hardly crawl in the door yesterday. The pain was everywhere upper back, legs, hips, upper arms and neck. It seems like this condition happens when I have not much pain and try to get everything I need to do in a couple days and then the next day I cannot move. On a good day if I sit for more than 20-30 minutes I stiffen up and takes a while to move again at all. My knees joints are very painful.
769745 tn?1345750012 In particular, fibromyalgia sufferers are apt to feel neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pack and pain in the waist, ribs, buttocks, and knees. A common example of one such symptom is pungent or strong-smelling urine. The patient may feel embarrassed to even bring up the topic with her physician. Genitourinary symptoms involve the private parts and it is never easy to discuss these details, even with medical professionals.
Avatar n tn I have RLS, neuropathy, fibromyalga, some disc problems and a little arthritis but I have managed very well. In the last three months I have become increasingly fatigued, have swollen legs and knees. I have severe aching all over my body but particularly my legs. My legs just "don't work". .What is wrong/ Could I be having a reaction to some drug--requip maybe?
Avatar n tn The feeling of coldness has not left me since - but only in the knees! My doctor has never heard of it in 30 years in the profession and I have recently had blood tests because I have a thyroid condition but he says there is nothing unusual there. I too am awaiting another doctor's appointment to get a referral to a specialist of some sort but don't know what kind of specialist to see! Can you please tell me how your symptoms started, so I can compare?
Avatar f tn Can fibromyalgia cause stinging legs or other areas of the body? I have it in my legs on and off thru the day Excercise does seem to help!
Avatar f tn The spots don't hurt unless they're pressed on, then they feel like bruises (but nothing is there) My tinder points don't match the Fibromyalgia points, and I have about10 times the number of spots that are on the picture. Also from knees down almost ALL of the muscles hurt to touch, not just spots) There's no rash or fever that I'm aware of. This has been going on for years. Any thoughts????
Avatar f tn I rec'd one in Sept. in my shoulder and one in Oct. for cervical area, this time the relief was very short lived and debating what next? I am a widow and live alone in my home of 20+ years. Thanks again for your assessment.
Avatar n tn I had a neurosurgeon friend look at the EMG results and he said no signs of ALS. Since that time in the past 8 weeks I have very bad pain in my neck, shoulders, and arms. I have some pain in my collarbone. My low back and hips hurt too. My legs ache, primarily in my knees, on and off but this has been the case for most of my life. I also have RLS on and off since the birth of my first child.
709619 tn?1230165075 The pain is worse and spots on my back are aggravated in the mornings. The pain is crawling up my legs and knees and hips. I'm pretty miserable. I don't have insurance so I thought I could find some help here. Anyone have suggestions? this seems very long. Today is especially bad. I'm using a rolling walker to get around.
4861077 tn?1360159739 If you are going thru bad morning pain, that could be an indicator--cortisol should be highest in the morning. And hormones can play into this. For example progesterone is the precursor to cortisol. I hav been thru all of this. Take one thing at a time, maybe read symptom lists for hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. That helps when it's gone too far. In some places the endocrinologists you really want don't take insurance. Someday maybe they will all know better.
975514 tn?1325001538 I had a shoulder spur that was removed through surgery as well and I suffer from tendinitis in my shoulder and arm. In the past I have had tendinitis in my knees. I also seem to have something going on with my kidneys, but that hasn't been figured out yet either. I was diagnosed with TMJ, BUT my teeth grew in incorrectly and one of my wisdom teeth was missing on one side and the other tooth on the other side grew in with double the roots. It was almost as if the bones grew asymmetrical.
Avatar n tn This is my first time on this site. I was just recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia last spring. In the fall, I was at the gym (we all know how important exercise is), and I went on the elipticle trainer, thinking it would be much better than walking on the treadmill...wrong!!! (at least for me) Both of my hips started hurting significantly. I started with a new doctor last week to treat my fibromyalgia, and he immediately diagnosed my hip pain as bursitis.
551343 tn?1506834118 I have since started to have pain in my back, in my knees, in my hands, in my feet, in my hips, and my wrist tendons are really inflamed and swollen. Numbness now in both hands and sometimes in my toes, and more recently numbness in my face. I also have many other neruo symptoms, which is what's prompted the testing, but I just wanted to share my input on the Pain. Living in pain day in and out is terrible, no matter what disease you may or may not have.
1770280 tn?1314588560 All that to say, either I've 'out grown' the FMS or I am so used to it that I'm unaware how much I hurt. I have arthritis in my neck, back, hip and knees and bone-on-bone in my knees ... so I may have FMS pain which is secondary to the rest of my aches. I still get around, do my stretching exercises, walk my dog, kayak and generally make a nuisance out of myself online ... Twitter mostly about politics and FaceBook with family and close friends.
Avatar f tn I also wonder if I have a pinched nerve in my neck that could explain the numbness in my arm. But the muscle pain in inner arms and behind knees still concerns me. Any ideas?
1852058 tn?1320162300 The Western blot is useless if the bacteria is in the tissues, not the bloodstream. PLUS, the immune system is so overwhelmed, it dosent know what antibodies to make since the surface proteins are changing so often. Listen to my advice, I'm not a Dr but I have been through what you have and am getting better. Also, get a HHV6 IFA test for antibodies and a CD57. HHV6 virus reactivates when you are immunosuppressed and causes MS like symptoms.
Avatar f tn I get muscle knots in the back of my leg along with knee pain had it for about 2 months.When I walk my knee feels like it is frozen and when I try to bend it it hurts also the muscle knot at the back of my knee feels like the back of my leg is being stretched. Was working out alot at the gym. I dread getting up in the morning because I know I am going to be stiff and sore can hardly walk first thing in the morning.
Avatar m tn I have fibromyalgia and I get horrible pains in my legs (radiates up and down from my knee most of the time) and other places... however I have never found that anti-inflammatory or pain medication to relieve these symptoms. Because there is no physical reason for fibromyalgia pain to occur (no inflammation, weird blood tests, visible damage, etc.) that is often why it is so hard to diagnose and why pain meds and etc. normally do not work on people with this disorder.
Avatar n tn would a pinch nerve in the upper back ,neck erea cause the feeling of off balance and discomfort in my quads ?
769745 tn?1345750012 Tender points tend to be located at areas in the body where muscles and tendons join together. In particular, fibromyalgia sufferers are apt to feel neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pack and pain in the waist, ribs, buttocks, and knees. A common example of one such symptom is pungent or strong-smelling urine. The patient may feel embarrassed to even bring up the topic with her physician.