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369533 tn?1207592062 went to see rhumo specialst and has diagnosed me with fibro/dercums dont think he realy knows need to go back in 6 months he whants to moniter my condition ,has anybody in the uk been succsesfull in claiming disability allowance for fibromyalgia,
Avatar f tn The pain is commonly located in the neck, shoulders, back, and hip and the tender points are located in the same regions. The tenderness is worse in the mornings and has been described as, burning, throbbing, aching, or stabbing. Since you have no muscle pain, Fibromyalgia can be ruled out straight away. Positive ANA suggests an autoimmune disease.
Avatar n tn A satellite myofascial point is a highly irritable spot in a muscle that becomes inactive because the muscle is in the region of another trigger pain. The pain of fibromyalgia is generalized, occurring above and below the waist and on both sides of the body. On the other hand, myofascial pain is more often described as occurring in a more limited area of the body, for example, only around the shoulder and neck, and on only one side of the body. Take care and regards !
Avatar f tn Hi Ashley. I've seen your post in a more recent thread, but I'm replying to your original post, so we don't hijack another member's thread. The lack of consistency in where the pain is felt, the random aspect of it and the absence of any diagnosis, indicates that there are no localized abnormalities/damage, however, you are definitely NOT crazy. I'm certain your pains are very real and they could be associated with fibromyalgia, which is a very complicated and difficult diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Can you ask your gyno for a referall since the anti-biotics didn't work? Keep going back to your doctor's until you get some decent answer!!! Good luck!!
Avatar n tn If you have already tried a slew of medications and the Savela is the diamond in the rough, then consider having a discussion with your doctor about a medication you can take before bedtime to counter the effects of the Savella so that you can get some sleep. Sleep deprivation often makes chronic pain worse. It is important to get a good night's sleep so that you body can recharge and heal itself so that it will function better the next day.
Avatar n tn keep in touch with your physician with any serious aches and pains you may have elsewhere or future problems that could be symptoms of this. Ok...the constipation that you experience could very well be playing a part in your back problem. The bloating and pressure alone might be causing the discomfort. It may be a good idea to add more fiber into your diet so that it will help with this area.
Monster A common description is, “It feels as if I always have the flu.” The pain may be confined to specific areas, often the neck or shoulders, early in the course of the disease. Multiple muscle groups may eventually become involved, with most patients experiencing pain in the neck, middle and lower back, arms and legs, and chest wall. These areas feel painful with even slight pressure and are called tender points (figure 1).
Avatar n tn Knowing someone in my family with fibromyalgia I know this is likely the cause but I don't feel well enough to get to the doctors... When do these symtoms ease... Will they ? Sorry for the long story. Thank you in advance.
Avatar m tn This is on advice from my Doc. It takes time to build up the right amount in the body. Symptoms will gradually subside. The sweet spot is between 50 and 70 mgl. The Doc tests us 2 times a year. For more info go to We like acupuncture and it did help a lot! We did regular acupuncture and allergy elimination acupuncture too. Both were great! Does he have any allergies? Severe allergies can cause the fatigue. Does he look like he has dark circles under his eyes?
Avatar f tn neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, hips, chest, breast bone (especially to the sides of it), left arm, abdomen Muscles are tender when I touch them, especially arms and thighs Hypoglycemia Weight Gain I've had heart tests, stomach tests, blood tests. Nothing shows up. I'm getting very frustrated and discouraged! Does this sound like it could be fibromyalgia? My only "tender spots" that react for me are my elbows, hips and inner knees (not as painful as hips and elbows).
Avatar f tn It hurts when I breath. What could be the cause of the extreme pain I'm in? Having slept on my right side last night, I now have extreme shoulder pain. I do have a memory foam mattress. I am on a lot of medication, as I also have Bipolar. I've increased the Lyrica to 250mg a day. I'm very frightened by this pain, under my left rib. Is it the Fibro, or is something else going on? Should I try to get a pain injection?? I'm in the UK and don't know what to do. I have a bad cough.
Avatar f tn Even if you do have Fibro, your back problems still need to be addressed, is the Doctor treating you? You sound like you really don't know if you have Fibro, I'll give you links to 2 really good sites that can help you understand what its all about and see if you might have it. We also have a Fibromyalgia Forum here.
Avatar m tn I went to GA to the Fibro and Fatigue Center and they are awsome. However, the drive there and back taked 8hrs then you add in the 4hrs you are there and it just wasn't worth it. I have seen Dr. St. Amand, Dr. Gatell (also in Atlanta). He is a quack. Now I am just back with my GP who manages the pain meds and anxiety. There just seems no where to go from here. I am so tired of doctors and treatments and different things to try. I am mentally and physically spent.
1033336 tn?1252509731 She had breast cancer in 2004 and she in 2007 had the cancer come back she endend up having 10 tumors in the brain 3 large tumors in the back of her brain hitting the optic nerves so she had poor vision as a result the doctor gave her 6months to live and after a few months of radiation she stopped because she could not afford anymore payments to go anymore the cancer spread to every organ in her body bones too and lungs and spleen too she died and yes who wouldn't feel pain from loosing your
Avatar f tn im on Gabapentin Ca 300mg which is also called Nupentin 300 it helps but they said swimming, Tai Chi. helps more. stay warm in winter but you have to stay cool in summer as the weather can makes your body worse.
1399618 tn?1286469531 He is on meds' for his back issues' oxy's and endocet however this doesn't seem to touch the pain area in his joints other than his back. He has had severe weight gain, tingling in fingers', hands etc. Often complains of headache. The pain killers' hes' on just dont' work on all of these points I have listed. He could sleep 24/7 if you let him. He will sit at the pc and fall asleep. Could it be that some nerve is again relevant to his pain or are these actual signs' of fibromyalgia.
Avatar f tn has ran all the blood tests in the world and nothing, I had a perfect MRI a year ago and just recently went back to the neuro and went through a total physical evaluation and had a normal EMG. I'm not sure what's going on. So far I have been put on anxiety meds. Thank you all in advance for reading this long post and for your comments.
Avatar n tn Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia is based on the presence of tender points. These tender spots are particularly located in the neck, back, shoulders and hips. There are 18 points on body for tenderness in patients of this condition. Diagnosis criteria is that pain at 11 of the points may indicate fibromyalgia. The tenderness in these points is worse in the mornings and has been described as flu-like, burning, throbbing, aching, or stabbing.
Avatar n tn I first noticed a few tender lumps on my right rib after having an ultrasound 9 months ago. (I thought the tech was rough but over time the pain gets better then comes back.) I have many more squishy tender lumps now.(I did notice that in both of my thighs they also had small bumps but now its more like a hard, tender rope.) I have wicked acid reflux and I take 40 mg of protonix everyday. In june rib and extreme breastbone pain forced me to a surgeon.
Avatar n tn I had that a month ago, I woke up screaming in the middle of the night, I felt like something was closing in on me, like I was buried alive...I woke up with my heart racing and screaming. Scared the dickens out of my husband! lol These are night terrors. They may be due to stress, of course if you have fibro, you're under a lot of constant stress! Pamee, just to ease your mind, why don't you have a heart check up? I did - it really eased my mind knowing I don't have heart disease.
Avatar n tn For the last year and a half I have been having a lot of issues with the fibromyalgia. Back in August of 07 I started stumping, loosing my balance and falling. Back in October I fell and broke my right leg. My question is loosing your balace, falling, etc. part of the fibromyalgia.
358486 tn?1294779988 this leads to Fibromyalgia, but not in all the cases, of course. It is also noted that those who complain of more pain after the surgery, have more chance of developing fibromyalgia. One more reason thought to be implicated in post surgery fibromyalgia is ..... the neck is hyper-extended while doing the intubation and this constitutes a neck injury! Hope that helps.
Avatar f tn My thyroid was off a few months ago also but is fine now. But the D test came back low. In the mean time I couldn't take it and went to the rhemy whom I just saw in Janurary. I have seen him 3 times in 8 years with joint pain and fatigue and a possitive ANA and rhemotod factors and so forth. He said D wouldn't cause the pain i'm in and pressed on a few spots and announced that I had fibro. I am hoping when I bring my D levels up I feel better.
Avatar f tn As time has passed and I have done my own research ( as if I am a medical person ) I feel like my symptoms are more in the arena of Fibromyalgia. My body hurts constantly and I am losing concentration and seem to be in a "fog" at times. My menstral cycle has stopped, it has been over 1 year since I have had a cycle. I am 44 years old! I am becoming more and more anxious and I am starting to feel depressed. I am an extremely happy person what is happening?
Avatar f tn I would like to know if this condition can come on suddenly or if it takes time to develope. For the past 5 days, I have very very bad pain in the back of my left sholder and down my arm the front of my sholder. The pain feels like i have a knife inlodged in my sholder. Went to the emergency room for test in on my heart and they found nothing. They gave me moriphine 5 times and did not help. finnaly they tried an anti anxiety med and that helped the pain for about 6 hours.
Avatar f tn Hi, Treatment options for fibromyalgia includes pain killer drugs,tricyclic antidepressents,physiotherapy,counselling and meditation.Amitryptiline in 10 to 25 mg per day is significantly effective,side effect like sedation some time may be troublesome.Take a physiotherapist's session for exercises.
Avatar f tn I can barely move and in so much burning pain in the morning.
1184051 tn?1264438908 They all came back negative. Alot of doctors don't take fibromyalgia serious, but then on the plus side alot of them do. I have been lucky enough to find a doctor who takes fibromyalgia completely serious. I live in Kentucky, and I see a doctor in North Carolinia. With the correct treatment, you can feel better. - I hope everything works out. Good luck.