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Avatar n tn My body has recently reminded how beneficial to the brain is aerobic activity. Ever heard of runner's high? It is more like a boost of oxygen to the brain and every nook and cranny in the brain. It is hard to do any exercise when things are hurting BEFORE you even start, it helps if you get a buddy. That way you feel a stronger motivation to push on. That first step or two is crucial, because if you give in and say 'it hurts too much', you lost the battle.
Avatar f tn I have like only 4 of the 18 trigger points. MRI last week confirmed bulging disc in C6-7. Rheumatologist Dr. gave me Lortab and Soma. I also do heat, ice, jacuzzi and have a massage therapist come to my home, as much holistic approaches as possible.
Avatar f tn Non-weighbearing exercises are great. Swimming and water aerobics, bike riding, yoga, pilates are wonderful. Walking pretty good. The elliptical machine is good. Many gyms have low-impact classes. The "Silver Sneakers" programs are great for seniors, but anybody can join in. They utilize a chair for balance and making it easy on joints.
Avatar n tn My symptoms also include headaches and pressure on top of my head and in my jaw, lack of concentration and ringing in the ears. However, my husband has primarily the tingling in the hands and feet. We are detoxing and the symptoms are improving. At first we thought it was just mercury poisoning from eating fish. However, consider that metals like lead, aluminum etc. could be a part as well.
Avatar m tn It now seems that insomnia may precede depression in some cases. Research found that sleep therapy resulted in improvements in depressed patients.
Avatar n tn I don't have any symptoms yet, except for my period being early once in a while. I am 44 years old, and have gone, in 2 weeks, from having 44 year old skin to skin of a 60 year old. Could someone please help? I'm very distressed.
Avatar f tn i am 24 and losing strenth in my legs every day down to fibromyalgia and i was hoping someone here went through the same thing and would let me know how to get it back. Is there any pilates dvd's that would help or any other type of dvd?
Avatar n tn Please try not to let them put any more stints in him. Especially if they do not think he has heart problems. Fibromyalgia is under diagnosed in men. My father is a WW II Vet, lost his leg in Italy. He has all the symptoms. I believe he developed later in life. Wearing an artificial leg for almost 50 years took a lot out of his body. Then came the sensitivity to pain, just touching him he is sore. Never complains but he has it.
Avatar m tn My mother is 43 and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 6 years ago. She had begun taking steroids in the beginning but then she stopped. She then went on an ayurvedic (ancient Indian methods) medicines. These did help and she has been fine. But recently the pain has begun to come back. She says that its durable and she can get through it. But here is my question. Would exercise help the pain? My mother says that when she exercises the pain ends up getting worse.
Avatar m tn B6 and B12, which come naturally from a diet high in meats and fish. Researchers looked at data on some 3,500 seniors in Chicago, and found that depression risk dropped by 2 percent for every 10-milligram increase in vitamin B6 and 10-microgram increase in B12. The researchers behind this new study say the benefits came from supplements Most people simply don't get large enough amounts of these nutrients from food to make a difference.
Avatar m tn i am 62 years old and in pain always.. when i was 50 i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and a rhematologist said i have arthritis is not just bones hurting me but muscles or tendons or whatever else it is.. i can barely walk.. my feet, knees, hands, arms and all the muscles connected to my bones hurt.. i get terrible charley horses or cramps in odd places but mostly my feet..
1915883 tn?1322377286 Your body also is no longer able to filter out toxins very well and so you should be eating plenty of foods that are high in anti-oxidants. As the toxins build up in your body daily exercise is helpful and stretching. The muscles will begin to ache and when you do exercise the blood flow to the muscles increases and helps remove the toxins that is causing the ache. Please consult your doctor before beginning any type of exercise.
1348686 tn?1310657843 cataracts in seniors. Researchers looked at data on 19,000 seniors taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), and 190,000 people the same age who were not. And they found that, on the whole, the meds boosted cataract risk by 15 percent, according to the study published the journal Ophthalmology. the increased risk means 22,000 seniors will get cataracts thanks solely to their antidepressant use.
975514 tn?1325001538 I have osteoarthritis really bad in my lower spine and in my shoulder, plus DDD and fibromyalgia. I also have nerve damage in my lumbar spine where all of my arthritis is which has caused my left foot to be numb. I am really new to reading these labs and I am easily panicked lately. First, there must be a difference between the actual ANA test and an ANA screening.
Avatar m tn It now seems that insomnia may precede depression in some cases. Research found that sleep therapy resulted in improvements in depressed patients.
Avatar n tn I am wanting to go back to school (I have 2 bachelor's degrees) and get a masters in teaching grades 5-8. Thing is, the insurance company that covers teachers in South Carolina is Blue Cross/Blue Shield. They have a lovely thing called a "pre-existing condition" clause which, as I understand it, says anything I have (ie., type 1 diabetes, also bipolar-ish) won't be covered by them for a year after I get their policy. Meanwhile, I will have to pay these people ~$250 or more a month.
2212714 tn?1342262344 My lab results indicate RA positive. Because my sed rate was normal in that same testing I was told by he nurse that I do not have RA. Is the diagnosis of no RA that cut and dry? I am neg for Lupus and Sjogoirns. I ask because frequently my sed rate is elevated. I have OA, DJD, DDD at all levels, Diverticulosis and a slight mitral murmur and trouble getting well rested. Asthma/nasal congestion at night,(med helps) Tire easily and wish for longer lasting energy. Age 71. Thank you!
2035635 tn?1332520375 I was also told that there was nothing they could do to treat it and it would progress into decompenstated cirrhosis. At that time, a liver transplant would be needed. I am having a lot of abdominal pain, bloating in the abdomen and an enlarged spleen. Is it true that there is no treatment for compensated cirrhosis and if so, how long do I need to wait before I can put my name on a transplant list. I am 40 yrs old with 4 kids and a wife and do not want to wait until it is too late.
Avatar f tn Here is California we have a free advocacy group HICAP that helps seniors and the disabled. HICAP, the Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program, was established by the California Department of Aging in 1984. The program is designed to provide Medicare beneficiaries and persons 60 years of age and older with assistance in dealing with Medicare, HMOs, long-term care insurance, and other health insurance issues. Maybe their is something similar in your state?
Avatar m tn All I remember is the pain in my back (Degenerative Disc Disease) Fibromyalgia 18/18 pts. and every arthritis, osteoporosis, there is. I went to the Claresholm Addiction and Mental Health for help. Even though the stay can be 3-6 months, I left when I was down to 200mgs. I had every intention of being free of this drug within a month. It is now 5 months later and I am now just over 100 hrs. drug free. It is the hardest thing | have ever done and I have a past that most can't even imagine.
Avatar n tn I want to ditto everything Silvermoon said and add that you probably need to be taking a multi-vitamin for seniors (no iron in them). Also B-complex wouldn't hurt. If for any reason you or anyone else starts to notice you getting forgetful, or spacy, or if you notice a yellow tinge in the inside of your bottom eyelid when you pull down on it, address these to your Dr. immediately. Those things don't usually happen w/ little or moderate liver damage, but there are no written rules.
Avatar f tn I am 70, been ill since I was 24, managed to cope, but now have cancer, leukemia rare type causing neuropathy in feet, spine surgery due to L3,4,5 and spurs both sides, fibromyalgia , 25 years or more, my nerves that feel burn like fire as they die. In my feet, losing ability to do daily functions as meds are denied me or don't work together, major depression and now psoriasis all over. Beside don't work due to meds taken for depression!
849762 tn?1288188348 "Everyone who is in a high risk group should be vaccinated." Not everyone. Many fibromyalgia and CFS patients relapse after getting vaccinations. I can't even tolerate allergy shots ! The fibro/CFS experts are aware of this dilemma and so sometimes they advise their patients not to get the flu vaccinations.
Avatar m tn By way of contrast, until end of 2010 I used to compete in cycle endurance events. I came 3rd in the UK's longest mountain bike race (7 day event through mountains) and completed in an 8 day race across Germany through the Bavarian mountains. I also used to love cross country running and would train with a triathlon club at their swimming sessions. Until last year I had a body that was pretty much up to any sporting challenge, including some pretty extreme endurance sports.
Avatar n tn I believe Florafiber is an herb that is helpful in keeping the intestinal tract healthy. In Our bodies we have normal "flora" which is, I guess I could say good bacteria, I think it aids in the protection of this intestinal flora,and proper digestion, and then of course we all know that fiber is important and found in a healthy diet that consists of fruits, grains and vegetables. I think also that florafiber is an agent that cleans the intestinal tract.
1840891 tn?1431551393 Funny thing, on my first tx in 2003 my GI was adamant about taking Tylanol. No acetaminophen. Today, my same GI says ok for the tylanol. He is more relaxed, more experienced. Maybe the warning is standard like acetaminophen was in the day? Got to say the nasty.......What about the roid tx?
Avatar f tn neuro tried to blaim it on fibro (which I don't believe in) and alzheimers and then recantd the alzheimers. Twice in 3 yrs I showed up in his office with fully dilated pupils and letter from eye dr who also saw shadow on outer optic nerve, which disappeared after 2 yrs and he threw letters across desk and said I don't care what your eye dr says.....I would think those would be documented episodes. 2 days elapsed between eye dr and seeing the neuro.sigh. any suggestions.....
Avatar f tn I posted again in the doctor forum because I wasn't sure I was in the right place. But thanks to your answer I know I am! In the back of my mind I am worried about a lung problem. My Mother passed away at 52 from lung cancer that spread to a brain tumor. I will start reading about OSA.....Being so new to this my web searches has not resulted in much information. Especially about muscle pains with low oxygen.... Right now I don't even know what OSA is!
Avatar n tn Take B-complex and a daily vitamin that is for seniors. No iron in those. Once you have been clear from the virus for 5 years, you can get life insurance and I'm assuming health insurance. If you have insurance now, do everything you can to keep it. I'm not sure about more than 1 genotypes. Hopefully someone will come on that can answer that 1. Hope I helped.
Avatar n tn If you find yourself in a similar situation, please seek professional help coming off of this drug, I have heard that there are programs to assist seniors and others in discontinuing this drug use. Only prayer, belief, faith, and the grace of God brought me through this without medical help.