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Avatar n tn i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few months ago and i've been monitoring some of my symptoms but would like to see if anyone else has the same problems. every month when it's that time of the month is when everything gets the worse for me. my eyes are dryer, skin, mouth everything. migranes flare up, numbness in the face & i have trouble sleeping. it starts right before my period maybe about a week or a week and a half before and ends maybe a few days after the last day of my period.
Avatar f tn Many individuals with other liver diseases do not suffer the pain seen in hepatitis C. And there is a high prevalence of fibromyalgia in hepatitis C patients; this is important for clinicians to appreciate, as the recognition of fibromyalgia in patient with hepatitis C will prevent assumptions of pain being due to liver disease—and perhaps allow for a more focused and correct treatment approach.
Avatar f tn Ischemia: Cause of Fibromyalgia Pain? Saturday April 18, 2009 Did you know that some fibromyalgia (FMS) pain may be caused by low blood flow to our muscles? The medical name for that is ischemia (ih-SKEE-mee-ah). We've had some limited evidence of ischemia in FMS for a few years, and it's an area that researchers are pursuing.
1943833 tn?1349280189 I have wondered often over the last few years if I have Fibromyalgia, but have never asked a doctor about it because I don't seem to have the tender points. I'm wondering how many of these symptoms are "common" for fibromyalgia. Or maybe CFS? -occasional severe sensitivity to noise. I can be sitting in a room, with people around me and noises I would normally not mind (kids playing, etc) will "hurt". I don't really have a headache, and it's not an actual pain.
209591 tn?1267418314 Maybe I just go through the flare ups with nothing and exist in the world when I am not in a flare. How am I to start Grad school in two weeks when I feel like a zombie much of the time...
4686261 tn?1358138792 Take some precautions while you are going through menopause. • First and foremost take menopause in a natural way. There is nothing to feel scared of. • Do not stress yourself. • Take adequate rest. Sleep for 8 hours. • Drink more water. This will keep the body temperature normal and you will have less hot flash. • In case of excessive bleeding for a long time, the uterus may be removed.
558118 tn?1216815716 // All of these websites are basically the same but have different symptoms and the reasons for the disease is similar. Arm your brains w/ info about fibromyalgia w/ the first as being more informative.
Avatar n tn Can't say whether the fibro could be influencing your vaginal pain, but that is a very common symptom for women who are in perimenopause or full menopause. Estrogen would be your answer. The studies are continuing for women with estrogen instead of the Prempro which had an entirely different form of estrogen together with progesterone every day that caused all the hubbub about estrogen.
Avatar f tn 9/2011 Hers2 negative DCIS Grade 1 Stage 1 (4cm) Lumpectomy Presently undergoing radiation therapy Day 10 of 30 then to follow with 5 yr oral course tamifoxen Hx 56 yr with hysterectomy r/t placenta acreata in 77. Have ovaries intact not told in menopause or verified with recent lab test. Annual labs WNL Severe chronic dry eye, moderate dry mouth and dry itchy skin.
Avatar n tn blood pressure problems (could be coincidental) rising above normal and flushing (not menopause flushes....just flushed in the face when blood pressure rises and feel really unwell.. 5. stabbing pains in body 6. stinging sensations in back 7. had hypoglyceamia - but that seems to have disappeared strangely enough would apprecaite some advice....
Avatar f tn Hi Anna,i can relate, i live in oz, i was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 20 yrs ago but it was quiet mild then as time as gone on it has worsened, i also suffer with GORD, IBS,Osteoarthritis,Osteoporosis in my neck n left shoulder and lower back,chronic pain and chronic fatigue, i am alergic to Rye,yeast,wheat, and Codiene ,so gluten free diet too.
Avatar f tn I am much like you in that I am most often in those same rooms. I am still adjusting to the idea that I can no longer do many of the things I loved to do and that my life has changed dramatically because of my illness. It is isolating and definitely can cause one to be depressed. You aren't alone. I was also a Type A and i'm finding that most who have fibro were also. You mention that your doctor is concerned about the Imitrex....have you been taking 'large' doses of it?
Avatar f tn I wonder if I should go off the Lyrica? I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 40 years ago. I have lumps in all the adipose tissue on my body. They are extremely painful and I have bands of them everywhere. My hips and lower back hurt so bad I can't walk more than a few steps. Some of the lumps are so big that you can see them like on the back of my neck. If you press on me anywhere you can feel them.I think that I have Dercum's but my rheumatologist said he has never seen a case of Dercum's.
Avatar n tn My mother died of a brain hemmorhage at age 48 and there is MS in her aunts and cousins. I am 57 and was in menopause when all these symptoms started. My younger brother also has leg problems and has to wear an AFO splint. Two neuros suspected he may have Charcot Marie Tooth but the blood results were inconclusive. There is a history of leg problems in my father's side of the family.
Avatar n tn She also has a website where you can find information on Fibromyalgia. She is extremely suspicious of a huge connection between Fibromyalgia and decreasing (or is the case in a surgical menopause) ovarian hormones. She is particularly informative regarding the use of Estradiol, a very important bioidentical hormone. I have had the symptoms of which you speak, and I feared I was heading towards Fibromyalgia myself this summer. I am 55 and had my total hysterectomy in 2000.
1413564 tn?1281826591 If you have any prescriptions, they told me I could take my ultram (I have Fibromyalgia) with the benadryl and nausea med (Have it for side effects of FIbromyalgia) and it works like a charm. Weirdest thing too, because I have had migraines for 15 years and this worked pretty fast and didn't make me totally out of it. It was kinda cool.
Avatar n tn As a result I am in a surgical menopause and have gained thirty pounds since this began. I do get a lot of bone and joint pain from the meds I am taking (arimidex) but I need to lose this weight and try to get back as close to my "pre-cancer" body as I can. I am very upset about all these changes. I know that my priority is survival but it still does not change the fact that I am upset about this new look of added weight.
Avatar n tn Barb- I have MS and occasionally check this forum. Ted is correct when he says that these sensory symptoms (tingling, numbness, burning/crawling sensations) are common with MS. However, they are also common with many, many other conditions and diseases. And from my understanding, Neurontin is primarily for nerve pain as opposed to paresthesias (the tingling, crawling sensations) and I've never had a neurologist suggest it, though I know a number of MS patients use it.
Avatar n tn Perhaps you have had a change in hormonal balance regarding the pimples. It's not uncommon to have changes in your period as you get older, however, because you have very heavy days, you should definitely get not only your complete blood count taken, but ask the doctor to do a complete iron count as well, including T.I.B.C. and ferritin. You can atill be anemic and not have it show up in just a complete blood count.
Avatar n tn I never knew menopause was so horrible AND I MEAN HORRIBLE. If someone had told me when I was in my 20s that... oh yeah and guess what when you hit your 50s your gonna wish you were dead rather than feel like you hit a wall physically (figuratively speaking) EVERYDAY. This is hell srsly. I never knew I would hit meno age and feel this poorly. I have been googling fibromyalgia for gods sakes to see if that's it???? I have been taking aspirins like they are candy 2 in the a.m.
Avatar n tn My doc says my levels are in the normal range, I turned 50 this year,but I haven't felt well for months. Achy joints, swollen and numb fingers and feet, weight gain, constipation,dry skin and eyes, depression and no sex drive, just to name a few symptoms. If this is normal, I would hate to be sick! A year ago, my tsh level was 1.35, and we upped my levothyroid, so that now my level in December was 3.63.
Avatar n tn So good luck to you, most people will never guess that you've had the surgical menopause unless you tell them, and you will in some ways be better off. Like you won't go through actual menopause unless you go completely without taking anything. Also, in my case, I would have had to deal with endometriosis worsening besides.
Avatar n tn About 1-2% of women go through menopause before age 40. I have patients in their teens in menopause. A blood test called FSH, if elevated, will make that diagnosis. But there are other things that can cause your symptoms, ranging from thyroid problems, to adrenal problems, to emotional problems. All of them can be very real and can also be treated. See your doctor soon. Talk about these issues. It should be possible to help you find the answer and to get some relief. Machelle M.
Avatar n tn im 30 and been told i am in menopause, and i am in total aww i had my tube tied 3 years ago and then in may of 2006 had mirena put in due to heavy periods and it did nothing to lessen them, so in jan of 2009 it was taken out since it was in there for no reason. Well it is now oct of 2009 and still I have had no period and a few weeks ago my doc did some test etc.
Avatar f tn For a friend not on-line: In looking through info on menopause and HRT for her, I found a mention of HRT and liver problems. My friend was in a Hep C test using intensive interferon over 7 years ago with total success. She has been symptom free and her numbers are within normal limits. Obviously, she will check with her internist when she goes in to discuss HRT, but that could be up to two weeks. Some reassurance now would be helpful. I think she should be fine for HRT. What do any of you think.
Avatar f tn Could we assume that these spikes in my fibro pain might cease at menopause? (I am 51) I am untreated right now, due to lack of medical insurance.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering pain in my lower back, Knees, upser arms and shoulders for over four months, ESR has been consistently elevated but have negative RF, Thyroid and normal ANA, Have been referred to rheumatology, but wondering if now this will help? what is worng with me? I'm getting so fed up of being in Pain and taking NSAIDS every day, also my stomach is unsettled quite a lot.
Avatar f tn I am a 48 yr old female in desperate need of some answers. The following is a summary of what I've been experiencing. I am near the end of my rope with all of this and no closer to an answer. On April 27th of this year I began flushing in face and neck, my heartrate increased to 135, I had a pulsating/burning pain in the upper right quadrant just below ribs that radiated around to the back and into my right hip and palpitations. I was unable to eat anything without abdominal pain and burning.
Avatar f tn 2 to 61ng/mL in 11 weeks. You need daily supplements for recovery. Many things deplete them in your body. You need D3 for the rest of your life. Magnesium is a must to take with D3. It balances the calcium in your body. If you do need iron...take it 2-3 hours before or after the magnesium. They hinder each other's absorption. Also...make sure to get potassium in you when taking magnesium. AND lots of water. You have to stay hydrated.
773755 tn?1328123377 t have a cold or anything I do have fibromyalgia, my doctor told me is a virus that in 10 days it will be okay. But I don't see any changes. I don't have a fever or mucus or anything. I do feel frustrated.