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773755 tn?1328123377 we néed a new, more accurate, name for cfs and for fibro, to better reflect the epidemiology/ treatment/ pathology of these diseases this will simply 1. be more accurate 2. bring about better perception by health carers and therefore better approaches in treatment and handling 3. help patients be more comfy with a less vague disease title [syndrome just means 'we dunno'] 4. allow the rest of the well public to understand a bit more and then perceive sufferers more realistically and helpfully.
217229 tn?1192766004 right now -- not flying off the island just yet) - doesn't have a lot of knowledge about HCV, Fibromyalgia or Interferon TX --- connections. In trying to explain to him that I believe that the current pain I'm in is Fibro and I think that the TX I took may be the culprit --- I get a glassy eyed "sure hon" look. Here, take these pills --- call me in a week if you still feel uncomfortable. And he quotes that flu like symptoms and the other "MILD" symptoms should now be gone.
340668 tn?1274743396 Is the prevalence rising?
483733 tn?1326802046 This also applies to cases of tinnitus and fibromyalgia. During a lecture, I said, 'If you are using ASPARTAME (Nutra Sweet, Equal, Spoonful, etc) and you suffer from fibromyalgia symptoms, spasms, shooting, pains, numbness in your legs, Cramps, Vertigo, Dizziness, Headaches, Tinnitus, Joint pain, Unexplainable depression, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, blurred vision, or memory loss you probably have ASPARTAME poisoning!
Avatar f tn I have a friend whom I grew up with in Connecticut that works in epidemiology at Cornell and he suggested that I be tested for Lyme disease. With all of the research that I have completed, MS and Lupus are often mentioned. If anyone has any other ideas or knows of any Drs in south Florida that will actually help me, I would appreciate it! I would do anything to have my life back.
1815939 tn?1377995399 Some conditions have an established association with the virus with a proven pathophysiological and epidemiology, such as cryoglobulinaemia. Others have consistently been found to be seen in patients with HCV, but the underlying cause of these conditions is not clearly understood. These include porphyria cutanea tarda.
Avatar f tn it is funny because I got the same basic talk from a doctor years ago when labeled with Fibromyalgia before anyone really knew about that illness. It was a label for people that they didn't know what was going on with. I drove doctors crazy because my blood work was always abnormal, so they couldn't tell me it was in my head yet I went through über painful tests to prove I didn't have Lyme. It didnt work.
Avatar m tn I needed you when I had this! LOL They guessed...fibromyalgia, lyme disease, it wasn't until the rash showed up that I was finally diagnosed. I mean I could barely walk into the outpatient hospital. Also, I gave it to my sister! She had the benefit of me so was quickly diagnosed. So it is contagious. It is funny you mention a murmur because I never had one either but developed one. Did have an Echo and nothing obvious showed up but continue to have the murmur...
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Avatar n tn The study was conducted in a rural Egyptian community (an area where medical practices are such that epidemiology and exposure are almost impossible to trace). I woud have to see these results duplicated somewhere that had been using modern medical practices for the last thirty years to take the conclusions seriously.
Avatar m tn Empiric parenteral antibiotic treatment of patients with fibromyalgia and fatigue and a positive serologic result for Lyme disease. A cost-effectiveness analysis. Annals of Internal Medicine 119:503-509, 1993. Mulhall JP, Bergmann LS. Ciprofloxacin-induced acute psychosis. Urology 46:102-103, 1995. McSweegan E. Why people go fishing for drugs. Washington Post. August 27, 2002, pp. H02. Borg R and others.
388544 tn?1231986094 I was diagnosed with polyarthritis and fibromyalgia about 3 years ago. About a year ago, I went to get into car to go to work, had a sharp pain in my head, and all the way to work felt disoriented. I stumbled out of the car, tried to talk to someone, but could not talk; in total lasted about 20 min. About three months ago, I fell in the laundry room in the am, was not making sense, slept for about an hour, and then got up. I did not remember getting up at all that morning.
Avatar n tn Lyme is not a new disease, but is a recently rampant disease, partly due (so I have read) to the spread of ever more people and towns into what were formerly farms and orchards and wilderness. It's a lesson in epidemiology. Just as the deer (which are vectors of Lyme) are getting flushed out of the woods, so are the insects that carry Lyme. I personally have a friend who has had diagnosed Lyme for some 30 years.
Avatar n tn Profile: Female Age 51 Dx with Fibromyalgia in March 2005 (Symptomatic with fatigue, pain, sleep disurbance, lowered cognitive functioning since November 2004) Was out of work last year for 12 weeks due to above symptoms and am currently out again since Oct 6 for 12 weeks - symptoms above have increased plus nausea, lack of appetite and weight loss (40 lbs) since May. Learned of Hep C Infection after donating blood in August, 2006.
Avatar m tn It seems much more likely to me that clusters of people with 'chronic fatigue' type symptoms or metabolic syndrome are more easily explained by our increasingly polluted environment or a shared cr@ppy diet than an infection that doesn't fit any known pattern of epidemiology. As for occult infection causing post-tx physical complaints similar to some people's pre-treatment symptoms, what about those of us who were asymptomatic pre-tx and only developed these problems after treatment?
Avatar m tn Don't worry about the long messages. I don't know if you have fibromyalgia because that is more on the soft tissue than the boney areas. It sounds like you are keeping your diet healthy. Try to eat well and exercise. If you have any more questions or thoughts let me know.
Avatar m tn These docs then trail off into diagnoses like anxiety, psychological problems, and the ever-handy 'fibromyalgia' -- which is a officially a syndrome (a collection of symptoms without a known cause) and not a disease. Never do these docs seem to consider that maybe Lyme is more vicious and more prevalent than the CDC says.
499534 tn?1328707778 For people who have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or fibromyalgia. This is the preferred test to diagnose thyroid problems (except physicians seem to not know much about this test and/or reluctant to order it). Also, this is how Dr. Holtorf treats thyroid problems in his CFS and fibro patients: T3 REVERSE -- "The mix of treatments needed varies from patient to patient. There are some abnormalities that are common.
3229560 tn?1347041110 I think there still is not 100% known about these viruses but also fibromyalgia can cause chronic fatigue and other things. I don't know if they are turning a blind eye or not but it seems they do that to me with my chronic back pain as well. It seems as though any chronic problem is swept under the rug. Most cases of mono are when people are children and they are very mild like a cold. So you don't have classic sympotms like you get when you are a teenager or older adult.
Avatar n tn Since my pain has gotten worse the last 2 years I have been diag. with fibromyalgia and rum. arthritis. The pain is 24/7. Good luck!!! I wish you the best. Keep posting with updates.
Avatar n tn I've spent 14 months with the crazy flu response to exercise, oodles of bloodwork, a diagnosis of fibromyalgia (which i think is an excuse for 'I can't figure it out') and I am willing to try ANYTHING that sounds half way reasonable. I'm headed out for probiotics as soon as I get myself dressed. Thanks for a new option.