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Avatar f tn No diet pills--I just started by super hardcore diet/exercise plan today.
Avatar f tn if anyone knows ways to get me motivated and/or an exercise plan that I could start off at and gradually increase please tell me. can anyone help!?
768251 tn?1256734583 I would also suggest you to start physical exercise and to follow proper diet plan. Follow up with a neurologist as the burning feet symptom can be nerve related. Burning feet may be caused by allergy to socks and footwear, vitamin B12 deficiency, diabetic neuropathy, alcohol abuse, smoking, thyroid problems etc. Also recollect if you had any injury, fall which might have started this. Take care!
Avatar f tn plan: sort sleep pattern out. improve diet. ignore moods.
Rhino Today I'm starting a diet and exercise plan for a healthier me.
Avatar f tn I'm planning my diet plan and exercise schedule. I hope this will work for me.
1568604 tn?1405433845 I plan on exercising after rehearsal tonight. I have to both diet AND exercise for results. Beach body in February, here I come!
1550882 tn?1295726059 Has anyone here used Suboxone for pain of Fibromyalgia? I was diagnosed in 2000. Even saw 3 specialist to confirm my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. I became addicted after 2 years. I went from Lortab to Oxycontin. To stay on top of the pain, I was on alot of Oxycontin and that scared me! I moved to Alaska and the change in weather did help alot. But that was short lived. I was lucky to find a very compassionate doctor! We put together a good plan that has for the most part worked very well.
Avatar n tn I did not start diet pills today. Plan to tomorrow. I tried hard to stick to diet and did pretty good. Cleaned car for exercise.
Avatar f tn Oct. 10, 2008 I'm starting my diet tomorrow. I plan on using the slimfast diet products at first and after about 5 lbs. I'm changing to the Flat Belly Diet as it worked really well for me before. I also plan to start walking on my elliptical trainer everday and doing stretches. Then will slowly add yoga and pilates. Great plan I hope I can stick to it!
Avatar n tn When I was your age I was 40 pound overweight and I did it by diet and exercise but it took 2 years. Nothing quick is going to work you have to learn how to eat and figure out what your body needs to lose the weight.
Avatar m tn i m 27 years....weight 73kilo...height 5.5 inch.... how i cure myself fibromyalgia without medicine....? it may happened after using 6 months antidepressant and live without work.......please please help....
4861077 tn?1360156139 I don't know what type of pain clinic you are being referred to. If it is the one I am thinking of, they are pretty good. Unfortunately, they don't have a magic wand to stop all the pains, but they teach you relaxation, gentle exercise, diet, communication, and lots more. The one I was referred to ran for a 12 weeks with weekly sessions. If you are still at work, your hand problems may be due to repetition.
1651820 tn?1333853684 started our diet this week, figure if i cant get preg for some reason- then ill diet instead. So DH and i are doing the 321 slimfast plan, walking, and the perfect sit up routine for the next 6 weeks. then vacation times coming soon, so ill look amazing- feel great- and then with me looking irresistable and being healthy maybe we'll get lucky on our relaxing vacation time!
Avatar f tn Does any1 have a healty diet plan and exercise plan 4 me im 12 weeks pregnant and a bit overweight. I dont want to add unnecessary extra weight.
1548904 tn?1294107767 Current Challenges: Time constraints with having a young family. Vitamin D deficiency Vitamin B12 deficiency (expected when diet does not include animal products) Borderline high LDL (129) Goals: Increase efforts for cardio exercise. Exercise plan was going well before family got ill in December 2010. Decrease amount of cheese consumed to help lower LDL. Increase HDL & related components through exercise plan. Help my wife improve her health through diet, exercise, and meal planning.
Avatar m tn HI...I am working with a Dr on MedHelp for an exercise program for us!! As soon as I know it is doable I will let u all in on it... Now as for a diet, I have a few u know if u have a thyroid issue? were u checked lately for an autoimmune issue?How about Ehlers-Danlos? Do u ever have issues with IBS? Sorry for the questions, but they will help in answering ur question.
Avatar f tn m afraid my new diet plan is not helping. I now eat alot of fruits and veggie and only have one serving of meat a day (usually a chicken cutlet the size of my palm). I run almost every alternate day and cycle occasionally. The average distance I run each time is between 5km to 7km; sometimes 8km on a good day. I usually complete my 5km runs in 40-45 minutes. Do you think I need to increase my meat intake to build more muscles so I can burn off more fat?? Thank You.
11661206 tn?1420240260 It is Monday, January 5, 2015. Today I start my diet and exercise regime for the new year. I plan to eat much better, to exercise regularly and to monitor my own moods and interactions with my wife, family and friends more closely. I plan to continue this regime for the entire year.
Avatar f tn definitely need to diet plan & get to the store. Lots of changes ahead. no time today, gotta get out to exercise.
Avatar f tn I walked a few minutes past the Burke-Gilman intersection in the morning and two school, up the Montake stairs, and up the 54th street hill and up the 55th st hill in the evening. I'm not sure how long all of that took, I estimated it was about 3 miles total--not sure though. I want to do the hill route--throwing in going up 25th and 28th St hills as well. At this point, the hills are really hard for me. But, I'm noticing a difference in my ability to walk more quickly already.
Avatar f tn Be careful to eat balanced diet. Avoid taking sugars and fat in your diet. Losing weight is a slow process and issued not expect body changes before 2 to 3 months. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Determined to start diet and exercise( gym from tomorrow ) diet plan vegetarian and alkalizing during the week as much as possible with a bit of alcahol and maybe carbs at weekend.
Avatar f tn I hv just joined ny diet diary. I am 5 foot 7 and weigh 62 kh and diet plan has suggested I consume 1300 calories to reach weight 57kg I 3 months. Can u pls advise what exercuse I should do and how drequent should I do that to be fit n also reach my goal? Im a fulltime working mom so limited time for myself. Strange the my diet diary ahs not recommended any exercise like the other apps. Please advuse and thank you.
Avatar f tn ve also recently started seeing a nutritionist and had food intolerance tests done, am taking Schussler Tissue Salts and incorporated the Anti-Inflammation Diet Plan into my menu planning. All this is detailed on my blog Ultimately, if you are really suffering with AS there are different levels of treatments from NSAIDs up to immuni-suppresants.