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Avatar n tn I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I've tried all of the meds they are currently prescribing for this. Has anyone tried alternative treatment for this? If so, did it work for you?
Avatar m tn I have been told for 3 years I have Fibromyalgia along with osteoarthritis in many areas; osteoporosis (I have lost 2 and l/2 inches in 3 years; fracture mode; every medicine I had been put on has been problems and I have been taken off all for Fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and arthritis. Now, my right eye is getting fuzzy, not every day, but more days all the time. My doctor has said although I need back surgery, be careful doing that because it will possibly make your fibromyalgia worse.
710094 tn?1229312306 Also try to avoid wheat completely for few days and see it helps (wheat gluten allergy) , Take lots of rest , I am taking cymbalta and it has helped me with pain and brain function . Never loose hope , we are in this together , you will feel better soon . I was reading reviews of a product called IMMUNE26 made from egg powder . It boosts your immune system and has helped many with chronic fatigue and fibro pain . Do a google search . Please try the product .
Avatar f tn I was recently told by someone that works with fibromyalgia patients that a gluten free diet could lessen my symptoms. Just trying to figure out what has or not has gluten has been confusing and a bit discouraging. But I am willing to try it if it works. Has anyone tried it? What were your results?
Avatar m tn HI...I am working with a Dr on MedHelp for an exercise program for us!! As soon as I know it is doable I will let u all in on it... Now as for a diet, I have a few u know if u have a thyroid issue? were u checked lately for an autoimmune issue?How about Ehlers-Danlos? Do u ever have issues with IBS? Sorry for the questions, but they will help in answering ur question.
Avatar f tn My name is Donna and I am 51 years old, 12 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I trusted what I was told and over the years have taken nearly every kind of anti-depressant known, all with awful side effects, much worse than the pain I was feeling. As the years have passed I have become more and more convinced that I was mis- diagnosed. When giving my symptoms to Dr.
1830047 tn?1321671393 The diet for migraine is different than fibromyalgia so I walk the fence and follow a modified diet that is organic and healthy. Hard to get exercise. I have no friends. My husband divorced me when I got sick and could not make money anymore. Try to keep a up attitude as much as possible. Researching Stanford Study for Fibromyalgia and Migraines.
Avatar f tn I'm also curious if there is a link between tooth decay and fibromyalgia. I take excellent care of my teeth and haven't had cavities prior to the fibromyalgia.
Avatar n tn I followed the protocol in KT's book and began my diet on the third day but Dr. Simmeon's protocol says to gorge for 3 days and then begin the diet. I don't know why there is a day difference in the protocols. Also I noticed that DR. Simmeon says to eat white fish but in KT's book he is specific about the white fish being halibut, Chilean sea bass, flounder or sole. Is anyone following just Dr. Simmeon's protocol and if so are you eating other white fish like orange roughy or tilapia?
470168 tn?1237474845 I am diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and my son with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. I am noticing he is getting some muscle/joint pain, only lasting 24 hours, but it is similar to how my conditions started. Does anyone else have a dual diagnosis or have both within the family?
Avatar n tn I have numerous symptoms and I was wondering if they all stem from being diagnosed 13 years ago with Fibromyalgia? One of my chief complaints is I get what I could describe as electrical shocks that start in my head and kind-of shoot through my body. They are very painful and seem to disappear with continued use of Lexapro (my dr. prescribed this for my fibro). However, I have other problems as well. I have severe allergies, in which my dr. has prescribed Zyrtec and Flonase.
Avatar f tn I have had Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Immunodysfunction for 20 years. For me a 60 to 80 mg of Depo-Medrol (steroid) does help. (up to 2 times per year and only when I am REALLY bad.) I've heard that Lyrica is very good for fibro. patients but I personally cannot take it as I get the bad side affects. He also had me do a SLEEP STUDY 2 months ago. I have mild sleep apnea & now use a C-Pap at night which I love.
Avatar n tn I never went to the doctor with it, as I thought it was fairly minor and was just an allergy. (This symptom has actually settled down now and I only get occasional flare ups.) However, my eyes are also very dry - especially when I open them in the morning - I get a slight ripping sensation as if the lids are stuck to my eyeball - which is probably exactly what is happening.
1852058 tn?1320162300 You most certainly are NOT alone, so please never feel that way. And you absolutely have NOTHING to be ashamed of. I, too, have fibro (along with several other health issues, including other chronic pain issues) - so I do definitely understand how you're feeling.
Avatar n tn I am sensitive to both and have cured both my muscle problems and gastro problems on a low sal/sulphtie diet. If I stray off the diet then my symptoms return. It is a very restrictive diet so not for the faint hearted.. but to me it is worth the lack of food to be pain free and free of gastro problems. I was diagnosed by a hospital allergist I am not self diagnosed.. these conditions exist!
Avatar f tn I think if a child has an allergy or intolerance that it is going to cause them to show increased behaviours basically because they don't feel well, have headaches etc etc. By removing the substance from the diet there can be a reduction in some children in some behaviours. But allergy or intolerance do not cause autism and you cannot recover from autism. By supporting the child for their difficulties eg.
Avatar f tn The first page I found when I was looking for this was here: That said, there really is more, like you said. explains that gluten intolerance is the cause of multiple issues and not just Celiac. Fibromyalgia is one of the many things that gluten intolerance causes. I strongly suggest going to the site.
11072290 tn?1415066835 Although there is no cure for a lot of arthritic problems, they do run short classes (hopefully in your area too) to teach you about exercise, diet and lots of other useful techniques to help cope with your pain and teach you about pacing yourself during the day and not doing too much so as not t aggravate your condition. You may also find gentle forms of exercise and relaxation techniques beneficial with regard to your fibromyalgia symptoms.
Avatar f tn Someone else told me their son changed within a week of being on this diet, but when he was allergy tested, he had allergies to it. So, seriously, get your child allergy tested before removing foods from their diet. Wheat is a good source or whole grains. Removing this from a child's diet removes their intake of fiber, generally. Milk is a good source of protein. And many times autistic children also have food aversions, whether due to taste or texture, so that limits their diet already.
Avatar f tn I find it really diffucult to get my diet organized, plus I have very high colesterol as well and basically I need to change my diet very fast. When I got checked it last Aug it was 7.2 and my GP wanted to put me on pill which I refused. Now I dont have any other choice just to really cut everything from my diet because everything makes me sick. Any suggestion what to eat so I feel good and enjoy the food?
Avatar f tn But from what I've shared, do you think I have full blown Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance, gluten allergy, wheat intolerance, or wheat allergy? All, I have read, are very different. I just want to be healthy! I am rather tired of this mess! I just want to be healthy.
136956 tn?1425609872 Its sad that we have come to that, but i do believe that if everyone ate better and I mean pretty much changing your whoel diet than we would have alot more healthy people. I was once like that i never ate well and i do believe that food is the healer to diseases.
131817 tn?1209532911 I posted the other day about taking way too much Neurontin (prescribed for Fibromyalgia and seisures) and feeling like I was jumping out of my sking, the doc said to stop for a day and start over on ONE instead of the THREE pills I was taking afer three days. At that time the pain from joint, muscle was not bad, just the anxiety, diahrea, stumbling, dizzness, NO eating, vomitting, weakness etc. I stopped that day and was ecstatic that I found the cause. That night the pain returned.
975514 tn?1325001538 section_id=27670#sec_27670 I urge you to introduce yourself below and tell us a little about what brought you to the Fibromyalgia/CFS Forum. Again, welcome to MedHelp and the Fibromyalgia/CFS forum!
217229 tn?1192766004 right now -- not flying off the island just yet) - doesn't have a lot of knowledge about HCV, Fibromyalgia or Interferon TX --- connections. In trying to explain to him that I believe that the current pain I'm in is Fibro and I think that the TX I took may be the culprit --- I get a glassy eyed "sure hon" look. Here, take these pills --- call me in a week if you still feel uncomfortable. And he quotes that flu like symptoms and the other "MILD" symptoms should now be gone.
280418 tn?1306329510 i remember our ped GI telling me that the gluten free diet might help me with my fibromyalgia---which i am assuming i sprobably lyme disease. however, i have never gone totally gluten free. i just thought i'd let you know that gluten free really isn't that hard to do. it can be inconvenient at times, but we have been able to reproduce almost everything we ate before diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am a new member to this site and am jumping around a bit from MS, Fibromyalgia, Lupus to here as I have no clear Dx yet. I have recently been diagnosed with an allergy to wheat and gluten and came across research stating that a Gluten-free diet may slow down the progression of ALS. I don't have the energy to get into specifics right now - but thought I'd share this information. It is fairly new info. and a lot of physicians probably don't know much about it.
768251 tn?1256738183 I am overweight and have fibromyalgia, tendonosis (Right tendon) and when I walk for more than 20 minutes, the botom of my feet burn really bad. After I rest for about an hour they are fine. I am about to go back to work and will be on my feet for 12 hours/day and need help. Ive tried different shoes and socks. I am not diabetic, I don't have athletes foot. Could it be the fibromyalgia?
Avatar n tn What types of things have you tried? We basically follow a GFCF diet at home due to fibromyalgia and ASDs in our family. We got a mill to make our own rice flour. We also use masa. Milk wise, we use rice milk and soy milk. We have come up with recipes for cookies, pancakes, spaghetti sauce, chili, banana bread, etc. We also do tacos with corn tortillas and sometimes have 'beanie tacos' (that my kids really like) where we put refried beans, onions, and sauce on the corn tortillas.