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Avatar f tn I usually find in hypothyroidism information that it causes weight gain. I have always had the opposite problem of not being able to gain weight. Except for the past couple years my weight has been where it should be and stays pretty constant. Can you have hypothyroidism if you don't have a weight gain problem?
Avatar n tn Thyroid disease affects your metabolism, so slowing it down causes weight gain. I hope you start to feel well again.
Avatar f tn I have also been diagnosed with helicobater pylori caused by bacteria which causes an ulcer. This has been treated by antibiotics. Due to teh fibromyalgia I have also developed IBS which has been a problem since day one. My eating has changed as I have began eating all the "right" foods and I am eating small portions more often. Can anyone give me advice on weight gain do you think is is something more sinister?
1257808 tn?1322765815 Thyroid does have a huge affect on your metabolism rate and thus your weight. Too high and you can loose weight, too low and you'll gain weight. Thyroid is also associated with mood including depression and anxiety. Some people can get off of or have no need to take anti-depressants or anti anxiety medicine simply by getting their Thyroid levels balanced correctly. However there are other hormones in your body as well. They all have to be in proper balance and that can be tricky.
Avatar n tn I just read your comments about weight gain while taking Wellbutrin. I've been on it for a few years now for anxiety/panic problems. I take 200 mg once a day, which I'm told is a relatively low dose. My psych told me that people lose weight while on Wellbutrin. NOT ME! I've gained 50 pounds and I don't seem to be able to take it off even with diet and exercise. I started thinking it was just me. I'm sorry you've had the same experience but I'm glad to know I'm not alone.
Avatar n tn I, myself, have been suffering from extreme weight gain, and struggling to eat less and lose the weight. But, when I diet, or try to cut back on what I eat, I get bouts of nausia to the point that it makes me light headed, and feel the need to vomit, which has happened. I have had many symptoms of hypothyroidism for years, and did not know it. The doctor thinks it is very possible that that is very possible, and only now been diagnosed.
Avatar n tn I had a hyster in 05. Same situation as all of you. I have gained 23lbs after working at Weight Watchers and losing 52lbs in 03. I have started researching weight gain and hysterectomies just yesterday. I am a Christian, believer in JC.
Avatar n tn we all are having the same problems and the catch 22 of weight gain which leads to depession which leads to weight gain etcl Any experts out there with a natural solution to losing weight with no pills. I would love to hear from someone!!
Avatar n tn to lose weight (b/c I wanted to actually gain a few pounds) so the shock that I've lost 6% of my total body weight is now REALLY stressing me out causing that sore spot to hurt more. I'm a hypochondriac and have self diagnosed myself as having an undiagnosed tumor in that sore spot - LOL.
Avatar n tn I am concerned about weight gain from paxil because ive read alot of post fm others that claim paxil causes weight. Would love to hear some feedback. Thank You......
Avatar n tn It is difficult to attribute all your symptoms to one neurological disorder, although some disorders that could be evaluated for would be obstructuve sleep apnea (causes fatigue, more common after rapid weight gain), diabetes, celiac disease (blood tests available, gluten diet sensitivity), polymyalgia rheumatica (WSR blood test check for this) and even weight gain/being overweight.
554442 tn?1221238825 Fibromyalgia (FMS or Fibro for short) is a chronic condition which causes widespread pain and fatigue as well as a variety of other symptoms. The name Fibromyalgia comes from "fibro" meaning fibrous tissues (such as tendons and ligaments), "my" meaning muscles, and "algia" meaning pain. Fibro does not cause joint pain or swelling. The pain from Fibromyalgia is produced in the soft tissues of the body, including the muscles and tendons. http://www.mayoclinic.
541465 tn?1219431486 Female 47 on 30 mgs. Yes I gained weight. Most people I see start on this drug gain weight but there a few that don't. Weight can be managed with the usual diet and exercise.
Avatar f tn ( Im scared to be more depressed than i am... i mean there's so much side effects, the most commonly is weight gain :O can you imagine? I always had an eating disorder problem. I really don't know what to do right now!!!! No way you too feel like sometimes you're not leaving in the real world? Isn't a strange feeling? I always feel awkward in society :S OMG you must be in so much pain! Did you GP prescribe you something at least?? Do you know the causes?
Avatar n tn I consider myself to have a fairly high metabolism and I can maintain my weight quite easily. I know what causes me to gain weight and what I need to do to lose it. Now that I'm taking Wellbutrin it seems like I'm just gaining weight and there's no reason for it. I'm also having a crazy hard time losing it! I'm starting to put things together and think I may know why I'm gaining the weight.
Avatar n tn I'll be 46 at the end of this month & just moved to a new state so I don't have the luxury of knowing any doctors. In the last 1-2 months I suddenly gained 40 + lbs & look pregnant. That seems to be where the weight all is. A urinalysis proved negative for pregnancy on Monday & with my 3 grown kids I did not gain this much weight &/or so fast. I just look pregnant & feel "full - heavy - tired & short of breath" most of the time.
Avatar n tn My nutritionist and MD told me that the drugs likely altered my metabolism, but no one can tell me how long it will take to correct that. Most frustrating, I've noticed that since I stopped taking both, my weight gain has accelerated. Any ideas as to how long I need to endure this or ideas for correcting my metabolism? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I agree with the Neurontin as a better choice- it's cheaper too. Lyricia made me gain weight, but everyone's different, so it may help you. As for treating flare ups- rest. That's the only thing that you can do. There is no pill that will take away the flare. You really have to track your symptoms and when you do have a flare, write down what you did, what you ate, or asy stresses, etc. That way you can do much to try to control the flare triggers.
Avatar f tn Lyrica, the first FDA-approved drug to treat fibromyalgia, has been associated with severe allergic reactions that can cause angioedema — swelling of the throat, head, and neck, resulting in airway compromise. Furthermore, Lyrica can promote weight gain, sleepiness, dry mouth, and brain fog. Finally all seizure medications, including Lyrica, can increase the risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors. When you look at the adverse effects of Lyrica, I think it should be used as a last resort.
1852058 tn?1320162300 If you took a test to see how much blood volume you had in your body, it would prob show 30% less than what you should have for you size/weight. Bartonella causes sore ankles, hot/burning sensations, headaches worse than migraines. Go to www IMMED org and look under autoimmune illnesses. They talk about infectious mycoplasmas which can be a coinfection as well. Search Columbia University /Lymes. They have an EXCELLENT site for very good info.
Avatar m tn is strep that causes folliculitis the same strep that causes strep throat?wow i am falling asleep from typing this i will try more later thanks as always .
Avatar f tn I also have Adenomyosis. Mine causes heavy periods, weight gain. Vitamin D deficiency can mess with your cycle. I'm recovering from it now. I had some of the symptoms you describe. I felt sick for years and was told it's just a virus. All testing was normal. I got much worse last Sept. I needed a blood transfusion for anemia and nobody was too concerned about the low Vitamin D. Now it's a struggle trying to recover from everything. I'm better then I was, but I still have symptoms.
689678 tn?1227301964 Not being able to work off those calories causes the weight gain; middle age also tends to be a factor in weight. You expressed lots of stress...are you an emotional eater? Some with anxiety will eat because it makes them feel better.
665881 tn?1248930597 (an * is added if fibromyalgia symptom too) fever, sweats, chills or flushing *weight loss or gain (fibro - weight loss) *fatigue unexplained hair loss swllen glands sore throat pelvic pain (women) menstrual irregulrity *breast pain *(chest pain - rib cage pain) *irritable badder *loss of libido *upset stomach *change in bowel function - constipation, diarrhea chest pain or rib soreness shortness of breath, cough *heart palpitations, pulse skips history of heart murmur or valve prolapse *joi
1047234 tn?1253547296 but I also take Lyrica,which has caused weight gain, but it helps a lot, and I take 4 Hydrocodone, of 10-325 a day plus I have a script of 1 Oxycodone a day, and I just take double on the days I need and none on the days I need it, but the MS Contin, which is time released does help, which I have had in the past, but because I changed dr.s started all over, with the lowest dose. Anyway, I think there has to be a virus, or bacteria, or some kind of autoimmune disorder that causes this.
Avatar f tn I have been on 100mg of Topamax since the end of April. I immediately experienced the loss of appetite. I seaked the advice of a naturopath to use it to my advantage because I had about 80 pounds to lose. I see him every Friday and since then, I have lost 43 pounds...:-) It has not been difficult. It seems like he weight is coming off on its own now. I don't crave anything. I'm hoping to reach my goal by January.
675329 tn?1297291978 i think they all have a possible side effect of weight gain! topamax actually i think is the only one tht causes weight loss but my pdoc won't prescribe it is not well known in ireland. if you are in US i think your pdoc would if you asked. i have bp with dysphoric mania which means that i have rapid cycling of moods sometimes every few mins in an hour!! also means that i have mania while despressed nad very few of the 'highs' or a very mild form of them. (although i have been known to be v.