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Avatar f tn I suggest you get a medical bracelet with your vital information engraved on it. Have you made any official complaint so far? "Do no harm", is part of the Hippocratic oath, however, in your case, it could be also a case of malpractice At any rate, Doxycycline for Fibromyalgia is only relevant when a pathogenic mycoplasma infection and/or a co-infection is present.
1451338 tn?1413478623 A good friend of mine just made me a beautiful purple bracelet! I posted this on my facebook. He's offering to make more! Dear family & friends~ Greetings! I hope that this letter finds you well! As many of you know, I was recently diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Malformation type 1. What on Earth is that, you ask? Well, it's hard to describe, but in a nutshell the back portion of my brain (the cerebellar tonsils) are lying too low in my head...
1656934 tn?1305326747 I've just started going to a clinic that specializes in CFS/Fibromyalgia and I just got some blood work back that has me worried. My morning serum (blood) cortisol was 5.5 ug/dL which he told me is way too low (normal is 6.2 - 19.4). Other than that, I had low vitamin D levels of 15.3 ng/mL (normal should be 32 - 100). He recommended taking a homeopatic adrenal gland support supplement and a vitamin D supplement and left it at that.
Avatar f tn I been taking Zoloft for a few months now but when I upped my dose I felt something kinda like what you explained. my mom has fibromyalgia and she thinks I have it too. sometimes I get pains in random spots all over my body and the day before I upped my dose I had that pain. the next day after upping I noticed it got worse to where it hurt all the way to the bone. I could hardly move my left hand.
624074 tn?1263877407 It is the same as Fibromyalgia...purple. I will locate the chart and let you see it.....I have a friend who has been making the jewelry for chiari and I can PM u a link if u r interested in seeing what her's look like.
Avatar n tn I take 1 dose a day - I used to split into 3 but it made no difference to me. I use alert bracelet - contact your local ENT area and ask if they have a preference. Yeah the docs often forget the syringe how are you supposed to get the medication! I hope you got the act-o-vial so it is easier in case of emergency as then you are upset - it is harder to act. I will send you some links about stress dosing - one that has advice from an MD.
585414 tn?1288944902 To be quite honest with you, I'm not certain how or when I would decide to tell anyone that I have Fibromyalgia and CFS. I am so newly diagnosed (less than a year) I still try to hide it at times. I know, you all are trying to figure out how I do that. I try but have not accomplished it yet. My family knows and so do my closest friends. I've had everal people in the doctor's office ask me what was wrong, and I told them.
1139109 tn?1457409935 We are eating lots of veggies and fruits in addition to mostly chicken for protein. Sleep has been an issue for years (according to the Dr.s I also have fibromyalgia). I do drink a LOT of water. Most of what I drink is filtered water. My Endo here has been monitoring my hormone levels closely and up through the last visit had been adjusting the hydrocortisone.
Avatar f tn I dunno, his suggestion that it's just chronic farigue syndrome or fibromyalgia (how can I even have fibro if I don't have constant pain all over my body, and just have at least 8 tender points...?) just doesn't seem to click entirely. And I want to go back with information, knowledge. Something that can help me get more answers. Any help would be very, very appreciated.
Avatar f tn I am still getting the hang of things. I never went into crisis for some strange reason despite having both AM and PM cortisol levels <1 and almost no ACTH. I was very ill but in a vague way that caused both my PCP and my rheumatologist to send me to psychiatry. Today I saw my doctor and I added 5mg cortef to my 10 mg compounded to fine tune. I also replaced my thyroid medication.
585414 tn?1288944902 Not too long ago a doctor prescribed Endep (which is a tricyclic antidepressant) for Fibromyalgia for my finacee and it caused her to be numb all over and she couldn't think or anything and the numbness was so bad that food was falling out of her mouth and we couldn't get hold of the doctor because he went on vacation right afterward. Lovely. So she just stopped taking it which we decided to do on our own without the doctor because you obviously can't function like that.
1570846 tn?1295833227 i wake up and the r bringing in a bed and already have a bracelet on me and said they were keeping me.. i flipped out said i couldn't stay no way that this came with my condition and the odd thing is they called and on call and asked and they said i was fine to go and not to hold me any longer. wooo i thought i was staying. but i guess two public blackouts are telling me they better get moving on this soon.
Avatar n tn I start out with just pain sometimes intense which is happening now,but can't get into the doc til the end of the month then I begin to vomit,have diarrhea and fever. I too have been told to wear a bracelet for it incase of a car accident because they said it doesn't take long before you can bleed out and die. I am so tired all the time all I want to do is sleep. I force myself to work because I have to.I feel everybody's pain it is frustrating to not know what it completely wrong with you.
428506 tn?1296560999 If you watch the videos, you will notice that the salesperson pulls the person's arm at an angle without the bracelet on. When the bracelet is worn, the salesperson pulls the arm straight down. This leaves an impression that the bracelet helps. These people are tricked into believing a piece of plastic is helping their body.
Avatar f tn They treated with antidepressants, told me I was depressed, said maybe it was fibromyalgia, or a ‘pain syndrome’. Then we got an unexpected break: I was bit by a brown recluse (fiddleback spider). I broke out in a systemic rash. PA gave a shot of steroids. For almost a week, I felt pretty good. I moved to the Houston/Galveston area, and the PA I'm seeing here gave me a steroid shot for inflammation, and the same thing happened. About five days without pain and w/more energy.
2214462 tn?1339431583 You would need regular refills - as well as an emergency kit (IM needle, solu-cortef acto-vial, etc) and a medic alert bracelet or the like - this is a serious illness with life-threatening implications so your doctor does not have the skills you need. Get copies of your records and find a good doctor.
460948 tn?1232305722 Hi, I also suffer from fibromyalgia and my dr. recently prescribed me Neurontin. Have you tried that? It is not an opiod.
Avatar f tn I'm not exaggerating when I say that the sores that dang "bracelet" is causing seem to me to be cruel and unusual punishment (the cruel, that is). A dog owner who put a collar on his dog that caused sores, if the sores came to the attention of animal control and the collar caused the sores, I bet you the dog owner would be required to remove the collar. How can the state ignore the physical pain you're suffering daily, due to their neglect?
Avatar f tn But I suffered from severe depression for decades before that as well as fibromyalgia. So I can really sympathize with your disability. And so sorry to hear about your family situation. I wonder if your mother has some dementia or has poor judgment listening to the wrong people. Feel free to discuss it any more if you would like more support about it. I feel so badly for you. And here you are reaching out in such a caring way to someone else.
Avatar n tn No IV and out in less than 30 seconds. I would also suggest a Medic Alert bracelet to anyone with NCS. I have passed out in public places before without friends or family around. It really helps others to stay calm when they can call and know what's going on. I do have one question - has anyone heard of NCS and pregnancy. I'd like to start a family, but I have never heard of anyone with NCS having a baby.
Avatar n tn A lot of your symptoms sound like fibromyalgia. Why would you have a vitamen B12 deficiency if you eat normally and take a multivitamen?
867787 tn?1318939830 the dx of migraine has already been tried on me. The newest brain fart (for lack of a better word) is fibromyalgia....ugh again.!! This is the 2nd time they tied to diagnose me with fibro! I pointed out that while I do have tender spots , they are from the neverending spasms & most people get sore after having spasms! My sister inaw has Fibro & she can walk & doesn't mess in her pants nor does she have brain lesions.
Avatar n tn I also wanted to spoil my wife and buy something very expensive for her, a tennis bracelet or a rolex as well. (she grew up in poverty) I finally found a jeweler that had the one I wanted. I walked in, cash in my pocket. I couldn't get service. It was a very "high end" store. They were too busy to help me, since I didn't "look" like I belonged in there(I was 23, dressed in surf trunks and a tank top, as was my wife). I waited about ten minutes and then asked for help.
798555 tn?1292791151 Joints became tender stiff and sore and also ached. The worse of it was the sharp shooting pains that stabbed me though out my body. (Fibromyalgia) I felt like 200 lbs were on my shoulders when walking.. Heartburn, blurred vision, sweating, hotness at times. Hands and feet felt froze at times. Skin turned red like a sunburn. Stomach knotted and hurt/cramped felt nauseated. The worse part.. It's been 3 months and some symptoms are still lingering because now I've gone hyper.
Avatar n tn Immune Dysfunction Syndrome) and Fibromyalgia (FM). I am also very sensitive to chemicals. But if it's a chemical thing, I don't know why it would be so sudden. (I've lived in this apartment for over 3 years now. It does smell like chemicals, but I don't know why it would suddenly effect me like this.
499534 tn?1328707778 I have a magnetic necklace that I bought a while back and stopped using because I always felt like i was detoxing from it....hmmmm...I know that the necklace was made with the strong magnets. I even have a bracelet come to think of....
Avatar n tn The only thing I can add to the discussion is that I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I don't know if that is significant, but for some of you that have other random, unexplained symptoms, you might check into that diagnosis. Good luck!
Avatar f tn About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia - to accompany my GERD, IBS, hypothyroidism, overactive bladder, asthma, etc. A couple of years ago I asked a friend (who is also a neurologist) if there couldn't be something causing all these problems. He said "it sounds like you have autonomic neuroapathy also called dysautonomia." He referred me to a specialist here in Birmingham, AL (a medical Mecca in the southeast U.S.
Avatar n tn I am able to remain calm throughout his temper I have no idea how I just sat there making sure he was not hurting himself and he hit me tried to break my bracelet and basically used me to release his anger. My husband and I have just about at our wits end with this behaviour we also have 2 older girls who we never had this problem with they just had normal tempers I have tried to look at his diet and the things I have cut out do not seem to be affecting him.