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Avatar f tn i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 2years ago, after endless opps for investigation and removal of lumps ect...
Avatar f tn Let me discuss your fibromyalgia, if you indulge me. Fibromyalgia has significant pain associated with it, however opiates are not a first line treatment for it, not should it be last. There are a slew of medications that should have been tried years ago and there are many new ones that have came out since that have proved very helpful for fibromyalgia.
Avatar m tn had bone spur on shoulder, tendonitis bursitis,arthritis it would pop and lock up, went to chiro for ultra sound and tens treatments, it helped but i had bone spur removed got frozen shoulder, using tens and u/s it helps me. so this may help you? i shop here /blog/fibromyalgia-relief-the-natural-way /fibromyalgia/features/diagnosing-fibromyalgia-common-misdiagnoses bobredmills.
Avatar f tn Because many of us also have chronic pain and carry the Dx of fibromyalgia, its use might be of interest to us. Wikipedia has more info.
Avatar f tn About 10 years ago my primary physician prescribed tramadol to me for chronic pain of osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. 50 mg 4 times s day as needed for pain. Three years later he changed it to 100 mg 4times a day as needed for pain. I have taken it every day along with my thyroid and bp drugs. I have never in ten year exceeded this dosage. I tried to stop taking it several times and was floored by the severity of the withdrawal.
Avatar f tn I'm "probably" AS and do have uveitis/scleritis flares and positive RF; and maybe/maybe not RA with symptoms flaring then waning, and also maybe/maybe not but probably Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. None of it is in the extreme, thank goodness, just adds up to an odd package.
730180 tn?1249543941 Have finally made public the blog I started about my wifes struggle with MSK. The address is Click the blog link and you will see whats there. Still very much a work in progress and will be changing direction in the future so please be gentle with me.
1853014 tn?1340038575 I think this is the blog you are talking about. It is excellent. You can see there are many, many pages of valuable information. Plus it is written very well and has some humor too. http://hep-free.
4489852 tn?1375753951 This is not a question, but I wanted to post my blog on here for other people to read if they wanted to. I had a hard time finding a chiari blog that was kept up to date and was current, so I wanted to start one not only so that i could have record of everything, but also so that other people could read my story and see that they are not alone in this fight. This is the blog I started in April.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know a good website so I can write a blog about me and my ms
Avatar f tn I am 25 years old and am being treated for osteoarthritis (fingers, knees, elbows and toes) and mild fibromyalgia. A friend of mine told me about the hypermobility type of EDS. I do have loose ankles that like to give out on me, flat feet, easy bruising, scoliosis, irritable bowel syndrome and hyper mobility in my toes, elbows, fingers and thumbs (they extend farther than they should). However, my skin is not elastic or velvet like. Could this be EDS even without the skin abnormalities?
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Business woman2 Concerned over pain
11055444 tn?1414944590 this sux
1336585 tn?1275709112 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a year and a half ago but have had chronic pain for about 6 years. The pain is constant and only with medication can i even function on a daily basis. Some days, the meds only help a little and the achiness is so intense all i want to do is lay down and sleep. With 4 young kids, that's not always an option. The worst part about it is that no one understands the pain i'm in except for those that have this conditon.
1311475 tn?1274198780 this is probably something else the doctor will say I don't have, like high blood pressure, withdrawal symtoms. This is why I don't like doctors. oh nevermind it's probably constipation. Take a laxative and call me in the morning. WTF!
Avatar f tn Fibromyalgia started when withdrawal symptoms of steroids began on 4/14/08.
1568087 tn?1296360186 Pain body-wide all day fatigue really bad in morning and at night.
1568087 tn?1296360186 Pain very bad all over today. Fatigue in morning and at night.
1550149 tn?1340000730 Description An in-depth report on the causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of fibromyalgia. Causes Fibromyalgia is sometimes categorized as primary or secondary. In primary fibromyalgia (also called idiopathic fibromyalgia) the causes are not known, and in secondary fibromyalgia the causes can be identified. Primary fibromyalgia is the more common form.
587071 tn?1218542387 Every thing came out okay but I still have the lumps.My family doctor thinks fibromyalgia is all in my head and its not a real disease.How ever the rumatodaligist thought the other way.Since I had know swelling of my joints they ruled out arthrities. Even though I dont think I have fibromyalgia it could be that I do.I just have a feeling that there is more going on with me.Some days I'm so scared because my body hurts so bad and I cant do any thing for it.
Avatar n tn hello i just bumped into this site & i hope to receive some very much needed information here. i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few months ago and i've been monitoring some of my symptoms but would like to see if anyone else has the same problems. every month when it's that time of the month is when everything gets the worse for me. my eyes are dryer, skin, mouth everything. migranes flare up, numbness in the face & i have trouble sleeping.
Business man1 I 30 year plus dealing with Fibromyalgia
4666823 tn?1358084510 Very sore all over. Fingers so sore/weak can barely type this. Neck & Back pain. Emotionally upset.
4666823 tn?1358084510 Sore, achy all over.