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Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have taken different medicines and nothing seems to help. Some help me sleep but that's it. The worse thing to me is the fatigue, I feel like I'm exhausted every day all day !! I also recently have something new happening, My legs will start itching then a bruise will appear on my top thigh, not a normal looking bruise but like little purple and black dots. I have 3 now in about the past 3 months.
4861077 tn?1360159739 If you work and have a repetitive job, your hand and wrist problems may be because of that. Your doctor will be able to check out your hands and determine whether nerve conduction tests would be appropriate to find out if there is any carpal tunnel problems. Do wear support wrist straps to help to rest your hand and wrist and wear these when you go to bed to hep support the hand and wrist.
Avatar f tn They can eliminate all the other rheumatoid and autoimmune disorders and confirm a fibromyalgia diagnosis. They will also be able to prescribe meds that will effectively treat your symptoms. Don't give up until you find the combo that works right for you. I've had fibro my whole life and have had to fight to get any relief. Hot baths and heating pads are my best friends.
Avatar f tn My sed rate is also high but RA and Lupus test came back negative. Doew this sound like arthritus or fibromyalgia? Any comments would be greatly appreciated This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1231071'>fibromyalgia with inflamation</a>.
489725 tn?1280056153 My first suggestion is to go see a doctor ask him to check you over. Alot of people with fibro also have ibs but it does not always go hand in hand. I have a friend who has suffered for years with ibs but she doesn't have fibro. I have had fibro for 24 years and have suffered on and off.I was misdiagnosed with lupus,hepatitis,rheumatoid arthritis, & just arthritis. I finally had enough with this last flare & made my doc send me to a specialist.
4437322 tn?1354574957 with being active, part-time low stress job and working out regularly.... made me feel very good most of the time. So good that I enrolled in school again... but after a year of grueling schedule... ended up with the worst and longest "flare" ever. ( the past 4 months.. and I'm still 'digging' out. It's hard to force yourself to do things.. but for me... it's what made me feel better. ( I was surprised at how much energy I had and less pain ( distraction maybe?
358486 tn?1294779988 It's a fibro drug. Fibromyalgia usually is debilitating fatigue and pain either in muscles and/or joints. I think it can also be pain in tissues, though not sure if that is official. It also can have other symptoms. Problem with fibro, is that a lot of the symptoms overlap with other autoimmune diseases so doctors have to be sure to rule out other diseases before diagnosis fibromyalgia. My aunt thought for years she had fibromyalgia.
Avatar f tn all test are also just borderline and iffy...i may have to leave my job. anyone know of the succes rate of fibros getting SSi.......
573297 tn?1304712740 Thanks...yes and it is a good thing I got the fibromyalgia diagnosis before...can you imagine the reverse? My GP believes me for pdoc says he isn't sure it is fibromyalgia or the pain that bipolars get....because just because I was diagnosed as one before the other.....he believes I have had the bipolar since I was a teen.....he makes me wonder about myself. But you are right!!!!!
Avatar f tn I'm just worried and don't want my job to think I'm just being lazy or whining but I have an extremely high pain tolerance and sometimes these cramps bring tears to my eyes they're so bad. And I feel like maybe I'm just imagining it because I'm only 6 weeks along and most women don't have problems like this, it's just a baby. I'm not worried about myself, I can handle the pain but I don't want the baby to get hurt. And I'm not sure a high level of pain constantly is good for the baby.
Avatar n tn Go today, Sweetie, you have a right to be helped and to hold on to your self-esteem. You're not well, go and get it sorted by someone who believes you and will find a diagnosis.You sound like a good, caring mum. Don't take any more rubbish. You ARE worth it.
Avatar m tn In talking to other residents so many were experiencing the same issues. Your situation is very serious and does not sound right. Especially given the age of each of you that got so ill. It might be worth talking to an attorney. Your employer may move you but most likely will cover up if there is a problem. So pursuing this further is the best thing so that nobody else suffers if it is in fact the building making you all so sick. I'm very sorry.
Avatar n tn I have heard that the doctor there is amazing and he can treat Fibromyalgia . I understand your pain. I feel like I am all alone. Here is my email address. You can email me if you would like.
Avatar f tn Just wondering who on the board might have diagnoses of both MS and fibromyalgia. What are your most common symptoms of both? And a question for the medical experts here: does having one of the above disorders predispose you to having the other?
Avatar f tn I will pray that you two either make it over the hump and move on, or you two go your separate ways and start new lives. I just hope you are happy. Take care you two.
563582 tn?1217745983 I notice that since I have been diagnosed with herpes my other pain (we don't know what it is yet but fibromyalgia and lupus are on the table right now) really started to increase. And it's not just the pain normally associated with herpes ( pian down the backs of the legs and swolen glands), it is all of my symptoms seemed to have increased since then.
1100837 tn?1267672275 Hello Leila006, It is not uncommon to have overlapping conditions such as RA and Fibromyalgia. I have Osteoarthritis of the spine, nerve damage and Fibromyalgia, which is different than what you are suffering from, but I have known a lot of people who have had both problems together. I am just guessing from what you have written, that the Lyrica has made you very drowsy...right?
Avatar f tn I know how it feels to be hurting physically, and to have so many things going on with your body that you can't keep up with them. It's frustrating and depressing, and just plain sad! I'll speak a little bit to the fibromyalgia issue. I've had it for 30 years. I don't have the kind of lumps you are describing, and it sounds like some of the other posts are helping you with information about that.
10059661 tn?1407568770 Thought you might appreciate the info in this link. It is an interview with a good thyroid doctor. I think you will really like to know that, "If you remember it was a long time before the medical profession admitted that there were two new diseases to appear in the world that were not there before. Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia were non-existent before 1980. This is seven years after the 1973 consensus meeting. So where did these two new diseases come from?
209591 tn?1267418314 I drive 8 hrs a day for my job, and every bump in the road hurts.but, gotta eat. By the weekend, all I do is work and sit, and then sometimes the weekend is a dead loss, just to gear up for the next wek. But we have to have hope that something will be found to help us. Wishing you both a pain-free New Year. Prayers and hugs.
1943833 tn?1349280189 Sometimes doctors need to be focused in on what your problem is and your post above might help. As far as the tender points go I have never noticed anything different about my tender points than any other part of my body. I have pain all over, and it shifts sometimes to my hands or feet, but basically I hurt everywhere. So don't get discouraged if you don't feel any tender points. I'm not even sure they still use that as the criteria.
Avatar f tn He is trying self-medicating 1000mg of naproxen sodium/day to see if that helps at all with the pain to try to get some quality of life back. Could this be fibromyalgia and if so what treatment could he try, to deal with it? Any ideas?
Avatar n tn WOW I read your complaints and I see and feel your pain.I sleep with pellowa all around me for the same reason.they are just finding out I have bursitis along with my fibro.I did not know about people with fibro have great chance on having sound like me.I am having pt now for shoulder but after treatment I feel like a truck hit me and all I want to do is sleep.but its hard to sleep when I hurt.nights and when weather chanhges I have hard times.
2207073 tn?1338935516 There are many safer options available to you. And your whole life ahead of you to enjoy, by making some key decisions, to help you improve your health. Being proactive and knowledgeable is very important in health matters. After all it is YOUR life that gets impacted, often with serious consequences when things are overlooked by the medical system, with time constraints, deadlines, overworked Doctors and staff ... Well you get the picture.
Avatar f tn I feel with your feeling of loss, and that you miss your job, but as you say, I´m sure you`ll discover other valuable sides of life, and that soon you´ll see there´s much more to life that we just didn´t see before :) If I manage to do a bit of cleaning in the house one day, I try to remember to feel good about having done that, I miss my job too, but now I try to find other values. Started painting pictures again! Didnt have time for that whilst working.
806806 tn?1239516614 You definitely need to have your microadenoma excised! That is likely the cause of all of your CFS symptoms. I have CFS and my doctor and I were actually hoping that my MRI would come back positive for microadenoma on the pituitary! Reason being, it’s a relatively easy surgery - they go up through the nose. It’s actually fairly common, and fairly routine.
341042 tn?1244780027 I sought the advice of many physicians, including a Rhuematologist and no one was able to help or diagnose my issue until I was finally diagnosed with Hepatitis C. I am not implying you have Hep C and knowing your young age, my best guess is that this is not your problem. Generally, symptoms of Hep C sufferers do not present themselves until one is in their 30's - 40's.
Avatar m tn You may want to have the doctors look into this if you do. If your pain persists I think you should mention the notion of Fibromyalgia and ask to be referred to a Rheumatologist.
611067 tn?1458595083 I know we discussed a hysterectomy last February and she also told me my bladder is prolapsing and they want to do the hysterectomy at the same time as the bladder tacting. Anyway, that's my history right now - and on top of that the fibromyalgia. I just don't know what to do. I force myself to work everyday and try to stay positive but right now I just want to cry. I'm so tired of hurting all the time.
Avatar m tn Depression and anxiety will play a HUGE role in your pain. Does your pain increase when the weather changes? How is your diet? Vit D and stretch excersizes could help. I have been dealing with my pain since 1993 and it is NOT fun, I know how you feel. How is your sleeping? Mine SUKS. I would suggest going to doc and having blood work done. Have them test your SED rate and do an antibody screening. Ask for an RA screening too.