Fibromyalgia and yeast infection

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Avatar f tn I think that I also maybe going through some kind of yeast infection where I have thicker coating on my tongue and itchiness especially the private parts. Can yeast infection cause fatigue and is there any treatment that may relieve CFS symptoms. I also notice that when I drink coffe more than usual the fatigue seems to exacerbate. Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn I've had a chronic yeast infection for several years. It is somewhat painful and I have a little bit of discharge. I've tried terconazole cream and Fluconazole pills. I am a virgin in every way and have never done anything with anyone. My gyno is at a loss with what to do. She said it is a yeast infection and at one point I had a secondary infection. She did a wet mount (?) each visit.. I think that's what it was called. I'm 23 years old. I bathe daily and I always use unscented products.
1839746 tn?1318550406 My immune system had been compromised at the time of infection by the fact I was infected by a tick or ticks hearty with Lyme, EBV,Mycoplasma, and Babesia which it suddenly had to battle all at once. I had stress issues and an Autoimmune illness on the sideline. Wait to hear from Nik before getting a massage. From what I know it can release toxins which is not a bad thing but can add to your discomfort.
Avatar f tn why Medicine purposefully ignores the facts and brain wash people who suffer? Fibromyalgia and all these syndromes with "unknowed causes" untill we get cancer are caused by the toxins released by Candida colonies invasion. A mutant yeast, causing systemic invasion, opportunistic fungus which feed himself with our cells, sticking on our organs sucking glucose wherever he finds it. Our immune system is trying to get rid of it untill he gives up.
553995 tn?1332022440 I'm only on pain meds now. From Lymes disease, I was on antibiotics for a year and developed systemic yeast infection which made everything worse. My BP went up, and my doc took it too casually. 196/102 is no joke. Five months later I found a doc that helped me. Wellbutrin is not working with the pain meds, so I feel sick with or without them. One good thing the yeast infection is clearing and I have some good days. NOW, life's big joke on me, I really can only laugh LOL.....
Avatar f tn Food additives including MSG (momosodium glutamine) and nitrates, 3. Sugar, fructose, and simple carbohydrates, 4. Caffeine, 5. Yeast and gluten, 6. Dairy, 7. Nightshade plants. Hope it helps.
Avatar m tn FM is an immune system disease, your body is attacking itself, if you had tonsillitis you would expect glands lymph nodes around your neck to be inflamed, sore and swollen it's your body fighting infection so in the same way with FM your lymph nodes are swollen from your body attacking itself
1047234 tn?1253547296 I have Fibromyalgia and am RH negative, as well!
1852058 tn?1320162300 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over 12 years ago. I had every Lyme and tick test there was through local labs and all were negative. I went to 2 Rheumatologists, 2 FM specialists who are speakers for The Fibromyalgia Association and professors at a highly accredited Univ., 2 General Practicioners and a Neurologist. All concurred that I have Fibromyalgia. After years of suffering and a test, early on for EBV testing positive we chalked my FM up to that.
Avatar n tn Anyone that has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia/CFS, MS, and many other diseases and conditions should be tested for Lyme disease, no mattter where you live in the country. There are tons of myths on this disease, first you don't have to have a bull's eye rash and second, the test your doctor will most likely give you is very unreliable. Please do some research on lyme disease and co-infections. youtube (under our skin) has some informative information as well as other sites.
Avatar n tn But I always seem to get irritation and eventually what i think is a yeast infection after sex with my husband. I told my Dr that I seem to get a yeast infection after sex and he did not suggest BV, he is a very thorough Dr so I would be surprised if he just overlooked something. I stay under a lot of stress and I, being 38, am already having menopause symptoms, hot flashes etc. I take Celexa for fibromyalgia symptoms. I do not take BC pills. Do these symptoms suggest yeast or BV?
Avatar n tn Can the sinus infection cause dizziness and fatigue? Due to the holiday weekend I haven't been able to call my doctor, but after 3 prior visits he's never suggested sinuses to be a cause.
136956 tn?1425609872 Well once again back to the doctors and nothing. I am so confused and frustrated. I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Endometriosis with estrogen Dominance and I am on the pill continuously and have been for 4 yrs. During that 4 yrs I was not having sex and getting no symptoms, so it cant be the pill. Has anyone every experienced this?
528396 tn?1217529613 Whenever i get a little cheap about it and scrimp on probiotics, i get yeast infections almost continually, and a bad stomach and the fatigue and muscle pain gets a whole lot worse without probiotics. So try it and see what happens. Look into diet, nutritional supplements and possibly homeopathy too... As for pain relief, well i find hardly anything works, Tramadol does take the edge off, but only works on alternate weeks my digestive system suffers..
Avatar f tn Another reason is that carbs feed fungal/yeast organisms and when there's a yeast overgrowth, fatigue and tiredessness, set in. The next stage is a candida infection, which may cause numerous unwanted symptoms. One more thing to rule out is low thyroid function. I find myself repeating this to many members, only because it is approaching epidemic levels and it continues to be undiagnosed, underdiagnosed or worse: Mis-diagnosed!
1550149 tn?1340004330 last forever has gone the way of the rotary phone too. Arthritis, tendonitis and fibromyalgia are not death sentences. They're merely Latin terms, combined with fancy medical English phraseologies, for pains doctors don't understand and conditions for which they have no effective treatment.
Avatar n tn In 2007 I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, hashimoto's, IBS, and dormant ebstein-barr and HHV-6. I still struggle with symptoms, random infections, and overall have a difficult time leading a normal life. I have recently read that the standard tests for Lymes are often not sensitive enough to discover the disease, and wonder if I am not really suffering from chronic Lyme.
Avatar n tn Doctors really don't know the correlation between auto immune disorders and fibromyalgia, but it's quite common for fibro sufferers to also have auto immune disorders such as lupus. Once they can really pinpoint the "cause" of fibro, they may also be able to tell what this correlation is.
Avatar m tn Hello~You say you have been to many doctors, have you tried a Naturopath? They really dig deep into an issue and can sometimes come up with solutions that main-stream medicine hasn't even thought of. Some reasons for your symptoms come to my mind such as Fibromyalgia, food/chemical allergies, environmental allergies, vitamin, mineral deficiencies, the yeast infection called "Candida", and even nerve impingement and misaligned vertebrae.
Avatar n tn I've not been 100% well in the last 4 months and seem to just get infection after infection going up and down all the time. As soon as I start to feel a bit better I go down with another one. The cough has never subsided. I have been tested for glandular fever amongst other things, having had two blood tests which all appeared normal apart from a slight elevation in white cells. I have had a chest x-ray which came back clear.
280418 tn?1306329510 Literally everyday we'd sit for hours and pick ticks of them. They were on Frontline as well and still had this infestation. It was horrible. I don't know what the prevalence of lyme is in Spain, but the ticks were very abundant. This all blows my mind.
Avatar n tn Just constant fatigue and feeling ill. I'm already disabled by Fibromyalgia, and while these symptoms are fairly similar, the intensity is far worse and constant and gone on far longer than fibro/chronic fatigue symptoms do. I know that he has herpes symplex 2, and though it wasn't during an outbreak, I know I could still get it. that's not THAT much of a concern to me as much as HIV or whatever else is making me feel so damn sick all the time.
Avatar f tn Then we are open to repeatedly getting sick with other dibilitating illnesses such as RA, Thyroid disease and receptive to other pathogens and Fibromyalgia/CFS. So its, pathogen, immune system, FM/CFS, muscle toxicity, neurological dysfunction, myriad of symptoms. For myself, I have a holiday and my immune system goes kablooee (medical term lol) and I am not only run down but feverish, fluish, tired, achy for at least a month. My neurological system is haywire.
Avatar n tn Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Hypothyroidism Depression Nuerotransmitter Problems Adrenal Fatigue Severe Food and Inhailant Allergies ---- All of which became a problem weeks after the birth of my son. Other than that and prior to the the pregnancy I was healthier than an ox! So if you guys are interested in putting it all out there..
242516 tn?1368227505 A virus hijacks your own body's healthy cells and uses it to reproduce and spread. A bacteria is its own living cell and multiplies and spreads on its own and is easier to destroy in that process. Speaking of outbreaks, influenza is finally reaching Palo Alto right around now.
Avatar dr m tn Everything is fine until they go into deep sleep, when all the muscles (including the throat and tongue muscles) relax, and the tongue falls back and obstructs breathing. At this point, one of three things can happen: 1. You can wake up immediately to light sleep or completely awake, wondering why they are suddenly awake, 2. You can stop breathing for 1-9 seconds and then wake up to light sleep or completely awake, choking, coughing or gasping for air, with your heart pounding, or 3.
Avatar n tn Other than my liver being a little fatty, everything was normal. He gave me a pill for a yeast infection, though there was no sign of one. It did seem to ease the pain. This was two weeks ago. Today I began riding my lawn tractor and after about thirty minutes of cutting the grass, the pain and urgency to urinate came back. I rushed to the bathroom only to drizzle but with extreme pain all the way up the middle of my torso. Just like before.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have had multiple problems with bladder infections. I also have Sjogrens syndrome. But I have had a mixture of bacteria and lately many symptoms without the bacteria. What I am trying now for the bladder is an internal estrogen cream. I had a hysto in '06 (a bad decision was made to remove my ovaries) and the lack of estrogen has been known to cause "bladder infection type" symptoms. This cream is really helping.
Avatar f tn (the good bacteria that keeps yeast overgrowth in check) in your gut depleted (corrected by eating yoghurt with active cultures or by acidophilus capsules) and can lead to chronic yeast infections that interfere with normal gut functions and create poor absorption of vitamins and minerals which creates things like fibromyalgia.
Avatar f tn Eat daily high fiber breads and cereals (oatmeal) and ΒΌ cup or less of nuts (walnuts, peanuts, cashew). To help with the yeast infection, try eating 1-2 containers of yogurt a day. If it still does not go away, you need to see your MD about it. Thank you for your question.