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Avatar f tn There can be varied symptoms in fibromyalgia. Every person may not have the same symptoms. There is pain and stiffness throughout the body. Fibromyalgia may occur alone or in conjunction with rheumatic disorders such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. Lack of sleep can be a precursor of these tremors. Tremor is not one of the essential symptoms of fibromyalgia.
Avatar f tn I have TMJ or TMD and had to have 3 jaw surgeries. The TMJ caused my fibromyalgia symptoms in my neck shoulders and lower back. I have had it for a long time. I also get myfacial pain. And 24 7 chronic tension headaches.I have chronic fatigue and literally drag my feet. What bothers me the most I will be standing and my legs will slightly tremor or shake. I am fatigued. I shake all the time when standing sometime when I am sitting, though it will eventually settle down when I am sitting.
Avatar n tn I too suffer from inner tremors. They are most noticeable when I awake from sleep in the mornings and also any time I awake during the night. The condition is best described as a vibration over my entire body but is not visable and cannot be felt externally. It goes away when I become active and is only noticeable when I am at rest. I first experienced it years ago and then it disappeared.
Avatar n tn You need to consult a physician for adequate assessment and relevant therapy. The defining symptoms of fibromyalgia are chronic, widespread pain, heightened pain in response to touch, tingling skin, prolonged muscle spasms, weak limbs, muscle twitching etc. other systemic problems are functional bowel disturbances, sleep disturbances, palpitations, etc. brain fog, short term and long term memory loss, depression etc are also seen. consult a neurologist as soon as possible. Hope this helps.
1807837 tn?1336102363 hi I am having slow moving tremors in my arms,legs and jaw.Muscles are weak with feet dragging.Arms and legs feel sensitive with pain.My jaw is stiff and biteing down.They found carpal tunnel as well,but they are sending me to a neurologist soon in fear that there is something else.Please help if you think you might know what this could be.
Avatar m tn I have been having hand tremors - on and off for a few weeks. I also get a tremor/vibration in my upper arms (mostly right but also left) when my arm is in a specific position. What could this be? I am also getting muscle twitches all over my body - one twitch in the leg, two twitches in my back,... Does an EMG tell the difference between something like ALS, fybromyalgia, BFS,...? I do suffer from anxiety and I'm currently on Zoloft. I am a 34 year old female.
Avatar n tn Hi, Usually patients with essential tremors have a positive family history of tremors and these tremors can be controlled to a large extent by beta blockers. It is important to rule out other possibilities also like fibromyalgia, panic attacks, and peripheral neuropathy. The chances of panic attacks are more if you have been suffering from undue anxiety lately. I would suggest you to seek a second opinion on this. Keep us posted.
Avatar f tn always have had multiple side effects. Things like heart palpitation's, anziety and vision troubles. I can take xanax and Soma with no problems. My question is "could it be the Armour Thyroid that I take that causes the trouble?" I also have a movement disorder labeled as tremors/non-epileptic seizures which also gets worse with antidepressants. The neurotin and gabapentin which should help cause me to stumble and get blurred vision.
Avatar f tn Last one felt past jaw joint and in teeth. Usually more mastoid and not TMJ like. Last one started this summer and continued even post Toradol. Finally somewhat better after phenergan and Dilaudid IV. About six months before last big lesion, eye doctor noted that eyes were funny in that the discs were not pale or cupped, but the retinal vessels were swollen such as is seen in nerve deterioration.
Avatar f tn It sounds like you are getting a little bit of the run around here. You really need to see a Rheumatologist who is friendly to Fibromyalgia. I looked at your profile and didn't notice where you live. Are you in the states or outside? Below is a really good website to find a doctor or provider who knows how to treat and diagnose FM and CFS. Depending on where you live, I may have one more site for you.
Avatar f tn Yes, the last symptoms are those that can be associated fibromyalgia and cfs. I also have had a balance disorder for over 40 yrs. and experience tremors as well. Hope you feel better soon.
Avatar m tn I have been diagnosed with post viral syndrome which is from what I understand like chronic fatigue and fibromayalgia had a baby. I don't even know why I am posting this....maybe for a "hey....welcome to the club!" I dunno I have been relentlessly pursuing a diagnosis for a year with countless doctors and specialists.....I have been called crazy and asked to "just chill" and delusional was my favourite.
Avatar f tn I was only 15 at that time and everyone kept asking and commenting about the tremors till I felt too embarrased to go to school.Drs tried treating the tremors by putting the rest of my body to rest with valium and Barbitutes but it isn't effective. When I agreed to give up on the treatment and just live with it, my dr was happy and the tremors slowly went away without med. I guess that's the benefit of ADEM. It's monphasic and normally leave little to to residual effects.
Avatar f tn Wellness Chiropractor - this is metals toxicity Chinese Doctor - the virus is still in your body I am currently on MANY vitamins, Propranolol for the tremors and tachycardia, amitryptaline for depression & nerve issues, and Gabapentin for the nerves. Nothing has eradicated the vibrations in my limbs, although some days are better than others. And some days I have just had enough and wonder where to go from here. Thank you for listening.
Avatar n tn I now get some muscle pain througout body, twitches everywhere, tremors, head pain and feelings that one side of my face is going numb at times and then twiches or just plain hurts at other times, ear pain in right ear and throat tightness at times (have seen an ent doctor who cant find anything). I still get terrible burning pain and sometimes I find it hard to concentrate on what im doing.
409410 tn?1251076312 It's usually around 74 degrees in my place. The tremors or shivers occur mainly over the left side of the chest area and left side of the body with a little bit on the right side but not much. Always tired, even during the day.(sleep apnea) I had a complete heart work up with echo, ultra sound and stress test about a year ago and nothing was wrong. After I get up and get going I don't seem to have the problem the rest of the day. I was wondering if it could be neurological.
1698289 tn?1306810557 About 5 weeks ago I started to experience tremors mostly in my hands and head but sometimes my torso, seems that my vision is getting worse and a rapid pulse of a 100 - 150 without stressful exercise. I'm already overweight and I am in remission for Lymphoma cancer. Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn I also have a very bad back herniated disc slipped discs bone spurs that also can cause it.. Of course anxiety doesn't help. I'm in my 50s and I can barely walk and get up in the morning from the stiffness and pain and I get those shakes a lot almost every day just wanted you to know you're not alone.
Avatar f tn Hi! Limbolander back for more advice : ) You all have been great and thanks for all the listening you do and the advice you give. Although he is quite suppportive, I think my husband is probably a little tired of hearing about every new thing that presents itself. Most of all, everything, but the fatigue and pain, has really just been annoying so I try not to harp on it. That being said, here I go: : ) VISUAL DISTURBANCES?
Avatar f tn I think that nasty virus you had was the trigger (and/or possible cause) for your symptoms. There are many people with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and Fibromyalgia who experience tremors and/or even seizures ! So what are your other symptoms ? As far as advice... you may want to consider googling "Co Cure's Good Doctor List" and finding a physician in your area who frequently diagnoses and treats CFS.
Avatar n tn I have a difficult time exercising as a unfortunately very ill and cannot get my body to do anything. I twitch all over and have severe back pain, to the point that I am on Oxycodon, which scares me to death. If anyone has any ideas that may help my syptoms please let me know.
Avatar m tn My body feels as if it is held tight -I feel that I was beaten in my entire body, the annoying pain is constant and debilitating -There are some days when the pain subsides, and other days when it comes back in force -My body tremors and I get internal disturbance, esp.
Avatar f tn Major confusion Virtually no short term memory burning/electric pain down back and in left arm and leg (I've don't the 240 shuffle before and it's pretty darn close) on/off tremors (some mild some body wracking) numbness in the face (mostly just the nose and upper lip) horrible fatigue in the afternoon I fall asleep no matter what (not the drained feeling I used to be) chest tight pain that makes it nearly unable to breath major constipation/bladder issues in addition to the pain, headaches,
272434 tn?1228610809 I was truly convinced that I had MS, due to brain lesions, left sided weakness (left arm doesn't swing, foot drags a lot) tremors and many other things. I was dx'd with Fibromyalgia this past october 2008. For a while I have been getting burning sensations in different parts of body like foot, thigh and hands well I couldn't take it anymore and called my rhuemo and he directed me once again to go see a neuro because those symptoms are neurological.
2010625 tn?1329375656 Pain in the back of my head all the way down to the end of my spine, stiffness in my whole body upon waking and stiffness if I sit longer than 10 minutes, dizziness, nausea, weakness in my legs, numbness and tingling in my arms and legs, shakiness, tremors, painful urination (without infection), painful periods and PMS, Insomnia(I had not slept in 8 days before being admitted and I was psychotic from sleep deprivation. I only had a few hours sleep while on that psych ward.
Avatar n tn I mean I experience the tremors for about two nights and go away) with no major disruptions in my sleep patters. Last week, however, I experienced another episode which does not seem to be going away. The first two nights I simply could not go back to sleep at all. My body wanted to go back to sleep, but, as I mentioned above, everytime I fell sleep the tremors woke me up. I'm on my 9th day and there seems to be no sign of letting up.
Avatar f tn I also am having horrible internal tremors that actually awaken me at night. These tremors kind of scare me and feel like they are in my heart or stomach. I have an appointment with a kidney specialist (I had to fight with my family doctor to even get this appt as he thinks I am nuts!) but not until August. I feel awful and am trying my best to keep on trucking but the pain is really wearing me out. My blood pressure will not stay stable either.
787406 tn?1339206783 Then 4 days later I woke up with weak arms and action tremors in my right arm (when trying to raise my lower arm up my hand shakes and my upper arm feels weak, when doing the close your eyes and touch your nose, my hand shakes bad trying to get to my nose. I went to my neuro, he ran a B-12 and sed rate which was normal, i had already had them run. I am on B-12 shots every month and my sed rate was run 4 weeks ago it was normal for a change.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed 6 months ago with fibromyalgia. Being an MRI tech I had been worried that my symptoms were related to MS since I had seen that fairly often. My neurologist was not convinced that the fibro was causing all of my symptoms and sent me for an MRI. When I had one done 4yrs ago one or two "white spots" showed up but were contributed to chronic migraines ( had them since I was 16-IBS also, 47now). The new MRI showed 30+ lesions including one in the brainstem.
Avatar f tn I do however have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, bipolar disorder (NOS), depression, anxiety, and GERD. I recently figured out I have Fibromyalgia too, since my mood is finally "normal" with being on Lamictal, but all the pain is still there. I'm betting your kid doesn't just have one thing, but a few different things occurring together (co morbid). If the doctors can't help you, you need to start doing your own research. That' the only way I ever figured what was wrong with me.