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Avatar f tn I am now going to a Fibromyalgia clinic and have bladder problems. The well respected doctor I am going to has told me there is a definite link to bladder and gastro problems in relation to Fibro.
456333 tn?1206976813 Irritable bowel syndrome, gerd, overactive bladder, sicca or chronic dry eye syndrome, hypothyroidism, TMJ. I am on medicine for all. For months when I wake up at night I am really sore in my upper back/neck. Terrible headaches that start from the base of my skull. I thought it was all TMJ but now for the last 4 days I'm achey, when I'm lying in bed my feet and hands hurt.
988168 tn?1297405046 One of the neurologist I saw said that I had fibromyalgia symptoms and then dismissed me. I now have I guess you call them tremors in my body and I literally feel the nerves jumping in my body. My legs and feet hurt including I have pains in my butt! Literally! It feels like whatever it is is just traveling up and down my spinal cord causing problems. Now I feel the jerking and pain in my butt and and back it's really concerning me.
Avatar n tn in a different way than the radioligst do. He is a pelvic pain specialist and inserted sodium pottasium into the bladder and told my daug if it brings on the same type of pain pressure than thats how they diagnosos I.C. and said she had it.Her symptoms are a feeling like she has to urinate and even when she does she still feels like she has a full bladder. the pressure from not being able to relieave hurts. She is on pain med's to help until we can find a answer but if it is I.C.
1684282 tn?1582660848 I am becoming somewhat frustrated with the way a lot of my colleagues practice medicine. Disenchanted, angry would be the other words that could be used. We all get ostensibly that same training and all of us are supposedly in it to help our patients. So, how come have I been getting so many letters lately on my addiction forum from desperate people unable to quit taking the tramadol pills that their own kind doctors have so freely prescribed for them?
Avatar f tn I have constant grinding, popping, and cracking sounds in my joints all over my body, especially in my neck, very badly in my shoulders, my back, jaw, elbows, wrists, knees and hips. It does not usually hurt but my muscles and joints hurt and seem to be tense, weak and stiff. Can anxiety cause all of these CONSTANT symptoms? This problem is effecting my life and my relationships and I just want to feel normal and like my old self again.
Avatar n tn I have had this burning sensation for months, and it is the most irritating thing. I do not know what it is. I had a bladder infection in march and it cleared up for a little bit then it came back also with a burning sensation. Could it be the birth control im taking? or I think i could be allergic to certain foods. It just makes me upset because I want this to go away!
2109816 tn?1334149528 My question is can ms cause pain numbness n stabbing pains from the left side of my body starting from head to toe.Espeacially in my arm and hand.My left arm and hand and leg hurt and feel heavy.Also i have been suffering from overactive bladder for years but all of a sudden about 4 weeks ago is when all of this started with just the left side really bothering me n going to the bathroom when i begin to get up i have to sit right back down cause i feel that i still have to use the bathroom.
Avatar n tn Detrol (for overactive bladder) Plaquenil (for fibromyalgia/UTCD) Prozac (fibromyalgia/UTCT - undifferentiated connective tissue disease) Necon 1/35 (birth control) 2. Will the dermatologist be able to tell if my sun sensitivity/rashes are associated with my UCTD (and possible lupus) or if they are a separate entity totally unrelated?
1658667 tn?1310094982 Vertigo ( almost daily) Balance problems ( daily ) Numb feet ( both sides) Numb and weak leg ( right side) Swallowing problems ( mild) Lots of cognitive problems ( memory, decision making, recognition etc ) GERD ( daily ) Bladder and bowel leakage problems. TN ( happens about every 2 months) Tremor right hand Hiccups for no reason ( this just started in the last month ) Electric shocks in back and right leg Jerks in right leg and back Spasms in legs.
Avatar n tn Hi Welcome to the forum! Well chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia can be the possible diagnosis. Having said this I would still like to rule out other causes. Anemia, diabetes, electrolyte imbalance like that of sodium, potassium and calcium and an underactive thyroid all behave this way. These need to be ruled out first. Poor sleep patterns and sleep disorders are the other possibilities. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn Back pain is common in fibromyalgia and a rheumatologist would need to examin you to tell whether its back muscle or bladder related. I'm not sure what the burning sensation in the urethra is but its common for a 70 year old female to have atrophic vaginitis, a drying and thinning of the vaginal lining from estrogen withdrawl from menopause that can cause a vaginal burning sensation or dysuria. The back ache and burning is positional, only occuring when you are supine.
298579 tn?1192250448 It is possible that the endo is also on my bladder and intestines and I will get this check this week. Does anyone also have bladder pain, or the bladder feels a little swollen? I think it could also be related to food allergies. When I eat veggies and not bread, low carb diet, no refined sugar, it is dramatically better. My doc gave me buscopan, cramp pain pills - if it is possible to take them 30 minutes before that really does help as well.
544292 tn?1268886268 So I dug up some more info that I wanna share ... in case you are dying of curiousity. Or need more info like I do. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http***;read=3179 not just for breakfast anymore Posted By: mkny Date: Friday, 21 October 2005, at 3:53 a.m.
Avatar n tn I then started to experience intermitant sensations of what I can only describe as light numbness and pins and needles in both my hands and feet, but primarily on my left sided extremeties.I would also occassionaly get these sensations on a small area of my left thigh.These sensations regularly come and go, but last seconds rather than minutes/hours.
Avatar m tn I got sick of it so I went to the doctor who checked my ears and said that it did look sore in there and perhaps I had an infection so they prescribed a low dose of amoxicillin. I took about 1/3 of the dose and stopped because the symptoms went away. I didnt like the side effects (bad stomach) so I stopped taking it since the vibrating had stopped. The vibrating came back though after a few days, and it became a constant sense of vibrating.
Avatar f tn Hi there. I am a 33 year old female, 5'3", 110 lbs, and I have fibromyalgia and a clinical diagnosis of Lyme Disease (no positive blood test). I've had a lot of symptoms for over five years, one of which is a problem with frequent urination and feeling the urge to go immediately after voiding (I mean immediately, before I even leave the bathroom). On a good day I will be able to hold it so that I only go once every 1.
Avatar f tn Pin prickling sensations arms, hands, fingers, sometimes neck and chin; muscular pains; overactive bladder w/some loss of bladder control; inability to control loose bowels; weak arms; weak legs and having to use cane to walk; intermittent vertigo of a neurological nature (ENT ruled out inner ear condition); numbness along chin line; depression; buzzing sensation of head; lehermitte's sign; butterfly rash across nose along with rash on side of face; diminished cognitive skills; memory problems
Avatar n tn fractured pelvis,fractured L/leg,broke both legs and both arms,at times can't control bladder or bowels and had seven major surgeries and holding on 3 but some doctors are scared to do surgery on me,hey but that can wait and also facial migrain and severe numbness.
Avatar n tn I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
136956 tn?1425609872 I went to doctor after doctor only to be diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, restless legs syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, TMJ, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain, cluster migraines, complicated migraines, neuropathic pain syndrome, overactive bladder, depression, anxiety and I developed an eating disorder (Bulimia).
Avatar n tn The following articles present reviews and summaries on fibromyalgia and bladder dysfunctions. They were not initially intended, and were not written in layman's terms, but they are readable with some effort, and can be found in any good university library: Fibromyalgia syndrome: a review. Am Fam Physician 1996 Apr;53(5):1698-712 (ISSN: 0002-838X) Fibromyalgia: a rehabilitation approach. A review.
Avatar n tn I have been to about 30 doctors- including ENT's allergists, neurologists, chiropracters, opthamologists. psychologists, dentists and everything else u can think of. All CT scans, MRI of brain and blood work keep coming back clean and ok. Nothing I try seems to work. There was a period of time about 3 and a half years ago that the symptoms lifted for about 4 months and then it returned full force.
Avatar n tn 482-97 3.Waldinger MD, Venema PL, van Gils APG, Schweitzer DH. New insights into Restless Genital Syndrome: static mechanical hyperesthesia and neuropathy of the Nervus Dorsalis Clitoridis. J Sex Medicine 2009; 6: 2778-87 4.Waldinger MD, de Lint GJ, Venema PL, van Gils APG, Schweitzer DH. Successful Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation in two women with Restless Genital Syndrome: The role of A?- and C-nerve fibers. J Sex Medicine 2009; 6: e-pub 5.
Avatar n tn Now it is so bad I take narcolepsy meds to stay awake during the day - sleeping pills at night - anti depressants - Irritable bowel meds - overactive bladder and migraine meds - and asthma meds. I still feel like total **** - so tired and in pain all the time - my ears and throat kill me most days - and my hair is falling out. I recently gained 10 lbs quickly.
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Avatar n tn Yes I do have back and leg pain and frequent sweats and extreme fatigue.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with subacute combined degeneration of spinal cord due to B12 (1999) last shot was two weeks ago; fibromyalgia, migraines, overactive bladder, mild atrophy in optic nerves and PTSD. I have noticed over last year symptoms getting worse. MRI in 2/02 which showed: "Foci of altered signal in left periventicular deep in white matter and a punctate focus in left paramedian region of the mid-pons. Nonspecific in appearance but most likely are of chronic ischemic origin.
Avatar f tn For instance like in your leg. My leg tends to feel stiff and my heart sometimes beats fast. Also is having an ultrasound on your thyroid better than having a blood test?
Avatar f tn He did tests for the peripheral nerves in my left arm and leg and said they were healthy. He diagnosed me with CFS and fibromyalgia. He said that these diseases can cause sensations of numbness and tingling in the arm and leg. He said that I was also probably having panic attacks and that could make the sensations worse. (the numbness was so severe at one point, I could hit my foot against something and it wouldn't even hurt.