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Avatar f tn I read on another FM group that someone was on Topamax which you can also check there. I asked my Dr. and went on it and Voila' migraines have been gone now for 5 years. I have heard other success stories with TOPAMAX. Fentanyl, is that the pain patch? I have heard many good things about that, if I have the name right. I hope I have helped you with your question. If you have any more questions put your cursor on my name and click send message. I will answer any you may have.
1830047 tn?1321671393 NoLights, thank you for sharing your info. I never knew this about migraine. I always thought of them as only head related. I had for a while had tightening in my diaphragm for days with pain. At the end it would kind of explode upward and cause me to be in a fugue state, coherent but not able to communicate. Could that be migraine? It was always post stress. Buffy, any time I see a post I can relate to, it's you LOl. I take Topamax also. I have had migraines since puberty.
735919 tn?1236448149 I am 30yrs old and i am taking Cymbalta for my Fibromyalgia pain but i have to stop it do to my insurance. It works REALLY well for my pain. I wanted to know if anyone is taking Lyrica for their pain and if it works.
Avatar m tn Following a good organic diet for borth migraine and fibromyalgia helps and avoiding stress. I have blackout shades in my home and NO FLOURESCENT BULBS!!! Warm baths are great. I've been watching some research at Stanford and hoping for success there. It's non narcotic and inexpensive. You can catch a youtube film about it by looking up stanford fibromyalgia. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I suffer from fibromyalgia and neurophy daily. When the pain is severe I can hardly stand it. Are there any new approaches to this condition. I am taking vicoden, cymbalta, pamelor and neurotyn?
Avatar n tn i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few months ago and i've been monitoring some of my symptoms but would like to see if anyone else has the same problems. every month when it's that time of the month is when everything gets the worse for me. my eyes are dryer, skin, mouth everything. migranes flare up, numbness in the face & i have trouble sleeping. it starts right before my period maybe about a week or a week and a half before and ends maybe a few days after the last day of my period.
1550149 tn?1340004330 In primary fibromyalgia (also called idiopathic fibromyalgia) the causes are not known, and in secondary fibromyalgia the causes can be identified. Primary fibromyalgia is the more common form. Many experts believe that fibromyalgia is not a disease but rather a chronic pain condition brought on by a constellation of dysfunctional biologic responses to stress. Such individuals are thought to be more susceptible to stress because of traumatic personal histories, genetic factors, or both.
Avatar n tn Hi - I have to agree with above postings - I also have been diagnosed with complicated migraines and, just recently, fibromyalgia. 10 months ago, I supposedly had a migraine aura that lasted 3 months - had all kinds of hideous symptoms like weak limbs, tingling, numbness, double vision, vertigo, clusiness etc etc. Naturally thought it was MS, but no - clear MRI.
Avatar f tn in childhood dislocated pinky pain went up arm and caused twitching and never went away, also happened after multiple sprains in left side in ankle now all joints hurt on left side, migraines mainly left side that turns from pain to numb pain with eye fluttering. wrist and ankle on the L side get painful way past a ten and then start to turn cold along with pins and needles...also I ache in the rest of my joints and have a radiating pain in the small of my back.
Avatar f tn I had an MRI which showed a few white spots but no other real symptoms so I was told these could be from the migraines. About 2 years ago my husband and I started walking every day to lose weight and get our health under control. (he was diagnosed with HTN) At first I felt energized and started losing weight and inches. Slowly over the course of time I began to not be able to keep up with him due to my legs aching very badly and at times I would quit or not go at all.
Avatar m tn widespread pain, disturbed sleep, and exhaustion from head to toe shortness of breath, numbness and tingling sensations, muscle weakness I get pain in my neck, like muscle stiffness and that comes and goes leg cramping, fatigue, trembling nausea I also had weakness in the left arm, pain and numbness as well I was suffering from migraines and one had caused an anxiety attack Fatigue, muscle weakness, trembling muscles, some muscle spasms, cramping in my right calf, tingling in hands feet and
209591 tn?1267418314 But its off-label uses include the treatment of peripheral neuropathy, trigeminal neuralgia, cluster headaches, migraines, and reducing neuropathic pain.
3191241 tn?1345035981 High Glutathione levels are associated with good health and longevity, while low Glutathione levels are linked to health challenges and diseases such as Cancer, MS, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Atherosclerosis, Pregnancy Complications, Cataracts, Asthma, Autism, Bronchitis, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Migraines, Osteoporosis, Pain, Poor Vision, PMS, Psoriasis, Wrinkles, Low Sex Drive, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, etc.
Avatar n tn I do know someone who has suffered with fibro and with migraines and although I have not bought, nor do I sell this product, a work friend has suffered, and I've seen the difference--she swears by Isogenix. It's a product that flushes toxins from the body. I haven't tried it, as I've said, but I'm about this close--to trying it. My work associate hasn't had the migraines or pain associated with her fibromyalgia in nearly a year--since she started Isogenix. Gogle it and see for yourself...
Avatar f tn It is important that you provide your aunt with the support and understanding that she needs right now. Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition. Is she being managed well? Psychological and pain management support are necessary.
Avatar f tn Many of the symptoms you've described do sound a lot like fibromyalgia. Many fibro patients also suffer with IBS, TMJ (jaw pain) and headaches. I'm glad to hear that you have a doctor's appointment set up. I suggest you make a list of your symptoms, what you've tried to relieve them, what has worked, what hasn't worked, anything that makes it better or worse, what time of day seems the worst (if applicable), etc.
Avatar m tn I switched to Topamax because it didn't cause weight gain and my insurance finally covered it and I was very curious about it. Topamax has helped me with my migraines and is more energizing than Lyrica, although my doctor has told me that many people get tired on it. I am confused by this because I found myself experiencing a lot of insomnia in the beginning when I first started it.
975514 tn?1325001538 I think I have been misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia. And I feel as though I am getting weaker and weaker lately. I need some opinions from the group because my doctor doesn't seem to want to help me. First, I have a strong family history of autoimmune disease including RA, Reactive Arthritis (my father), thyroid and diabetes. I have been diagnosed with DDD, degenerative facet disease, and facet osteoarthritis.
10059661 tn?1407568770 Thought you might appreciate the info in this link. It is an interview with a good thyroid doctor. I think you will really like to know that, "If you remember it was a long time before the medical profession admitted that there were two new diseases to appear in the world that were not there before. Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia were non-existent before 1980. This is seven years after the 1973 consensus meeting. So where did these two new diseases come from?
Avatar f tn Myofascial pain syndrome is another form of chronic pain that can affect the entire body, particularly the face and jaw. Myofascial pain can add to the already annoying symptoms of fibromyalgia, and can contribute to disability and a poor quality of life if not diagnosed properly. I have had fibro for years and most likely also have MPS as well although not diagnosed. I rarely go to a doctor. Many now say that fibromyalgia is a nerve disorder.
1413564 tn?1281826591 If you have any prescriptions, they told me I could take my ultram (I have Fibromyalgia) with the benadryl and nausea med (Have it for side effects of FIbromyalgia) and it works like a charm. Weirdest thing too, because I have had migraines for 15 years and this worked pretty fast and didn't make me totally out of it. It was kinda cool.
Avatar n tn About a month and a half ago I woke up one morning and sat up in my bed and the room started spinning. and I had a migraine. I got up and walked around and still was very dizzy, and still had the migraine. Everyday since then I have had migraines. I get dizzy throughout the day and I've tried getting up out of bed slower and that didn't help.
Avatar n tn She is currently taking Topamax. Please give opinion/information. I also have migraines, I am on lyrica, cymbalta, and Relpax.
Avatar f tn I don't finish sentences and can't remember words but because I have fibromyalgia, they call it fibro fog. I think I share your real concern as not remembering your child's name sometimes can be very worrisome. It might just be worth a trip tp your ER! If iy ends up that its not of any concern, then, that's great but what if there's more to worry about. I hope I haven't scared you, just telling you what I would do. I wish you good luck and good health!
Avatar n tn i just went back to my neuro last monday and he said i didnt have complex migraines. and said that where i havent had that many migraines and am just having fatigue and body pain that i dont need to see him anymore. i questioned fibromyalgia, my mom was dx with that in july, he told me that was not something he can dx and that i would have to see my pcp. i was taken off the keppra and kept on the imitrex on an as needed basis.
Avatar m tn I would be interested in discussing LED and CFL lights that cause migraines and vertigo via direct email with anyone who experiences similar symptoms. I’m fine with incandescent lights but can’t handle LEDs and CFLs. I understand privacy and that perhaps most would not want to chat directly but if anyone wants to talk more in detail about this, I’m Jeff at ***@****.
Avatar f tn Oh, and my migraines are almost daily. I have tried the various supplements and do not do over the counter except that I tried baby aspirin. No luck with beta and calcium-channel blockers. Tested for anti-phospholipid, lupus, scleroderms, etc. 1:320 ANA speckled; 1:160 and 1:80 and 1:40 homogeneous pattern. Has been coming down and now normal. Also herniated disk not touching cervical cord; no spinal stenosis noted.
Avatar f tn I hate to stop the paxil cause I have made it 10 days so far but good grief I feel worse than I did before and believe me that was bad enough....I also have fibromyalgia and IBS, GAD,depression....I know I complain alot and I am sorry....but when you feel bad you cant do much of anything for anyone and I just want to smile again and be happy again and see my family and be with them....I have been isolated in my home for almost 5 years now....
1626306 tn?1302487106 I know they are cluster migraines because I have been dignosed by 2 different neurologists and had MRIs and CAT scans done. I have tried various drugs to control migraines-not very successfully. As I also have Fibromyalgia and do not react in very predictable ways to medication.One medication that has made a difference to weather related migraines ,especially extreme cold, is Cymbalta. I am on this for the FIbromyalga but a side benefit is help with migraine control.
Avatar f tn I really feel for you. Hurrah for your try, but it sounds like you are doing it by yourself! You really need a doctor's help before trying to wean yourself off of any narcotics. What got me off of daily Lorcet (a narcotic) and Tramadol, was finding a better treatment. Did you try taking all the prophylactic medications--that is a daily med that prevents the migraines? Also taking the herbal Petadolex Gelcaps dailly have been proven by studies to reduce migraines by 62%.