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Panda What are the best vitamin supplements for fibromyalgia pain? I've heard of magnesium working very well, is this true and if so how much?
Avatar m tn She goes to bed at night and gets them in her legs and feet.Could this be Fibromyalgia? She has other sythoms that leads me to think this. PLEASE HELP MOM.
Avatar m tn I have AWFUL problems with spasms and unbearable pain most of the time and have tried magnesium which helps a bit sometimes but really the only thing that helps is valium (diazepam) 10 - 15mg at a time when really bad. Unfortunately, my new doctor (moved recently) is afraid of dependency and refuses to give them to me but is pumping me with tylex and tramadol..opioid derivitives! Go figure!!
Avatar f tn fibromyalgia. severe pain under left rib. I was cleaning my kitchen bin and felt a searing pain under mt left rib, at the side. I'm now bed bound, unable to move without screaming in pain. Pain meds, including morphine, don't help. I have slipped discs in my lower back as well. It hurts when I breath. What could be the cause of the extreme pain I'm in? Having slept on my right side last night, I now have extreme shoulder pain. I do have a memory foam mattress.
Avatar f tn And paresthesia in my left arm. I went to the emergency room and the doctor and was told it was sciatica and tense muscles probsbly from stress.. after about 3 weeks of this the leg pain and paresthesia went away but i was still having neck and back pain, headaches, muscle twitches . Now i just started having those same symptoms in my rifht side. Along with the muscle twitches and back pain And headaches. Im not sure if this seems like fibromyalgia or not?
Avatar n tn I suffer from fibromyalgia and neurophy daily. When the pain is severe I can hardly stand it. Are there any new approaches to this condition. I am taking vicoden, cymbalta, pamelor and neurotyn?
Avatar n tn In 2012/13 my fibromyalgia was at its worst. I had pins and needles down my left arm constantly like a million ants crawling on my skin. I had such pain in my arms and legs that if someone just knocked me it hurt. I could not even walk from my lounge to my kitchen without crutches. I went to the docs/hospital who all did not or could not help, the meds did nothing.
Avatar f tn I also take Lyrica for nerve pain, Trazadone and Flexeril at night to help with sleep and muscle spasms, and I am on Zoloft and bloodpressure meds. I went a long time with no pain meds then to Tramadol then to Lortab, etc.... I have very high pain levels on a daily basis plus I have a high tolerance to meds so the weaker ones never worked well for me. The meds I am on now help more than anything else ever has and I am so thankful! I still have pain but it is a lot easier to deal with now.
Avatar f tn Do daily applications at first, if seriously deficient. And yes, Magnesium chloride is water soluble. Oral intake is inefficient and it may have laxative effects. For D3, do liquid emulsified sublingual for best delivery. Iron is a tough one. Liver and red meat , if not a vegetarian- opt for pastured if possible-is your best bet. Supplementation is problematic for most. I deal with fibro sufferers - alternative and complimentary therapies and hypnotherapy for fibro.
Avatar f tn Wonko, what is your take on magnesium in the citrate and malate forms? I just looked at the current form of magnesium I have. Drats! I don't know how I ended up getting oxide, because I know that's not the best form. When I use this one up, I will get a better form. It kind of sounds like it wouldn't hurt to up the intake of this form of magnesium, since it's hit and miss with oxide and I'm having symptoms that indicate some deficiency in magnesium.
1692515 tn?1306273648 I have been told my mother that at 2 years old I put a bobbie pin in an electrical outlet and she had to get a mop to dislodge me. My question is could my fibromyalgia, reoccuring shingles, and electric shock feeling be caused by this and what can be done to stop it.
Avatar n tn I would discourage you from taking any supplements that are not prescribed by your PCP including magnesium. I assume you have had all your serum vitamin, mineral and electrolytes levels measured. If not you might want to request that these be done. Once your B12 levels return to normal you may experience a decrease in your symptoms. I hope you will find this to be true. Please let us know how you are doing.
Avatar n tn I am taking a supplement for my fibromyalgia called CorvalenM, which contains Magnesium Gluconate, Malate & D-ribose. Can any of these ingredients cause or worsen tachycardia? Thank You for your help!
Girl Does anyone here have fibromyalgia and if so, what have you do to calm a fibro flare? I haven't had a flare this bad in at least 10 years. I am taking hydrocodone rx'd by my physician and but it's taking a while to get to that point of being under control. I've been on venlafaxine for nearly 2 years and perhaps it's time to change medication. Would just appreciate any info you can give. Happy New Years!
Avatar n tn Hey Sandra! Welcome to the forum! The short answer is yes very likely . Stress induces muscle spasms-physical and emotional stress- Pain causes the body to go into a "bad posture" position. Should this take place multiple times a day, it creates the perfect conditions for muscle spasms.
Avatar n tn I have saver headaches, jaw pain , and TMJ. I take Lyrica and it helps most times. I find that I need to increase the Lyrica medication very often. I take a large amount of Magnisium because my left part of my face is tight and hard to open. MY question is, I do not understand my pain, Do my pain originate in my jaw or my head? In the past I had symptoms of Try mingle Neuralgia. Could that contribute to my facial pain? Why does the Lyrica wont work all the time?
3191241 tn?1345035981 As far as the symptoms stemming from Fibromyalgia itself go, look at natural ways of symptom management, like meditation, magnesium chloride and aromatherapy oils baths, anti-FMS diet, etc. I believe Undenatured Whey Protein Powder to raise Glutathione levels, will definitely help raise sex drive over time.
Avatar f tn The supplements that Im taking is coral calcium that contains calcium 550mg,and magnesium 275mg,3 pills a day,omega-3 fish oil,1 pill after each meal,adrenal support for stress 3 pills a day,supreme green with msm in powder is much better give you energy. ike I said before I think is life style that we need to change, and thaks to my mother in law im listening to this nutritionist in the radio you guys can check web is. curvaspeligrosas.
Avatar f tn A high quality magnesium supplementation also helps with hypothyroid - its food for muscles, the brain and nerves. Anything but Magnesium oxide, which is low quality.
Avatar n tn I just read a short article on remedies for RLS on It mentioned iron and magnesium and one other that I never heard of called L-theanine and mentioned Dr. Teitelbaum. That got my attention. He suggested 200 mg of Sun Theanine (don't know where to get it either) one hour before bed time. The article said that it's good for sleep, too. The article mentioned that this is a natural form of GABA.
Avatar f tn i know take a high dose 2x3xd of 1,000 mg fish oil, cymbolta 1xd,at night as its a half antidepressant and half nerve block helps,take a multivitamin of vit d,e magnesium and calcium,i take 1xd of naprosen for arthritis pain,1xd of somac for the gord and now on morphine 5mg slow release 7day patches which help greatly, also hypothyroidism i take T4 natural meds and recently from my homeopath a liquid drops of phosphrous and my pain limits have gone down,i still have the fatigue and have to nap
Avatar f tn Instead, I have found myself working with a more holistic type doctor who handles hormones, thyroid issues and adrenal issues as well as chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. He is also a PCP doctor, so he takes my insurance. I also see my Rheumatologist as well to make sure I have the specialist managing everything because I am on a Intermittent FMLA leave from work.
Avatar f tn He is trying self-medicating 1000mg of naproxen sodium/day to see if that helps at all with the pain to try to get some quality of life back. Could this be fibromyalgia and if so what treatment could he try, to deal with it? Any ideas?
Avatar f tn To me, and again, my opinion only. The brain fog comes from the medications taken for fibro. A lot of people use 2-3 different things for certain symptoms, to me (my opinion only), that would be a cause for the "brain fog" so many complain about. I take only OTC, (everyone is different) aleve & tylenol for my aches. It works for me. Have you thought about CBT for your insomnia? Cognitive Behavioral Thearpy.
5682570 tn?1372290919 I have fibromyalgia and hepatitis c. I have a constant rash and itching, sometimes better, sometimes worse. It is very annoying, I feel like I might have a thyroid problem but doc says she can tell by my blood work I do not have a problem. I do not agree with that, but maybe it is the fibro or the Hepatitis C. All the doc gave me was hydrocortisone 2 %. Not much help there though. My rash is on my forearms and sides of hip and lower belly. I have had it over 6 months now.
Avatar f tn I have Lupus and fibromyalgia. I do find that an epsom salt bath does help. I take magnesium, not sure if it helps but am afraid to not take it. when you get a mix of meds and supplements that works then you don't want to mess with them.
Avatar f tn org/posts/Depression/Depression-and-Magnesium/show/1313076?personal_page_id=1012978#post_6005636 Good luck and God bless you.
Avatar m tn Most of us do not eat enough foods containing magnesium (kale for example) and most of us have a lack of magnesium. Magnesium gycinate is supposed to be the best and easiest absorbed type as there are many magnesium supplements on the market. Look up magnesium deficiency - it causes so many symptoms!
Avatar f tn One thing that I tell anyone who thinks they may have fibromyalgia is to rule out many other conditions. Stabbing and spasms can and are often seen in fibromyalgia patients, but other conditions can cause these symptoms as well. One thing I would certainly do is ask your physician about taking a magnesium supplement and B12 (via injections or sublingually). Also consider checking out our health care pages.