Fibromyalgia and leg cramps

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Avatar m tn Hi there! I have had lower leg cramps and I walked the floor at 2 and 3 in the am trying to get some relief. I found out that I have a low potassium level. I try to eat foods that have this in them and I also take meds too. When the any pain I have is intolerable, I get large towels, wet them and put them in the microwave for a couple of minutes then apply to the area for moist heat for temporary relief. You would need to see your Dr. about this and I am sure he could shed some light.
Avatar n tn I get severe leg cramps too- have back prob. too. Cramps so bad my legs were like wood and toes curling etc. - I have fibromyalgia too. The only thing that keeps me going day to day is a special type of phy. therapy - muscle energy stuff. Did the cauda e. show up on x-ray mri.? I can share more - have had this 15 years.
Avatar f tn When I am still for a fairly long period of time, my legs cramp up and I have to slowly move them back and forth before I can walk. This is some serious pain (kinda like when you're running and you don't breathe out enough- when you get a sharp pain in you side) .... How can I stop this? What could be the cause? I feel like I should have another 10 yrs at least before the old age kicks in.
Avatar n tn a year ago i devoloped pain all over my body, specially heels, ankles, gluteous area, sharp burning -like pain when flexing knees, shoulders, numbes and tingling at hands, leg and feet cramps, waking down stairs is painful. my doctor told me i had fibromialgia. (TESTED NEGATIVE TO LUPUS, RHEUMATIOD ARTHRITIS, INFLAMATION,) received treatment with cymbalta and lirica but no help. cortisone steroids relived pain, only. is it possible that the problem started with the b12 deficiency?
Avatar n tn I often awake from muscle cramps in the night. The cramps are in all my lower leg muscles, especially little ones I would never have known I had, but are rarely in my calves. Occasionally they are in my thigh muscles too. Like restless leg syndrome, I usually have to stand up and/or walk to get rid of them. Unlike what I have been told about it, they cause actual pain. This may happen several times a night. Usually I have about two to four weeks in which it happens almost nightly.
Avatar n tn I also experience muscle stiffness and cramping in my right calf and, as of today, also in my left leg and calf. I have been told by my primary care doctor and my neurologist that I have benign fasciculations and not ALS based on bloodwork, physical exams and symptoms. However, I am still concerned because the cramps seem to be getting worse. I even have cramps/fatigue in my upper right arm now, especially in the morning. I am concerned about fibromyalgia now.
773755 tn?1328123377 Short term memory really bad, headaches dizzy cramps in stomach ibs and spells that I cannot move and taking by ambulance.I do not feel fibro is takin seriously enough by some.For me it can be quit debilitating....
Avatar n tn About 18 days ago, I started to have morning cramps in feet and right leg at wakeup, though my fasciculations have decreased a lot and are very scarce in these areas. I cannot explain these cramps by BFS syndrome, as for more than 2 years some periods of intense fasciculations have never generated cramping. In fact, recently, there has been no fasciculation in my right calf where I started to have quite regularly (every 3 days on average) a morning cramp that wakes me up.
Avatar n tn Just wanted to chime in that my mom has chronic leg cramps, and she takes abilify and she used to take seroquel, but the leg pain seems to be chronic and when her leg cramps are really bothering her, it really takes away from her day. The only thing that seems to work is having somebody massage the legs, to get rid of the muscle stiffness... that seems to work better than ibuprofen.
Avatar n tn I have tried more calcium (powder dissolve in h20) to help,(this helps my 10 y/o son with his leg cramps). Nothing is helping. I have a hx of fibromyalgia (recent diagnosis)and hypothyroidism. On Armour 75mg q day. last tsh 0.8 (on 90mg), MD told me to back off to 75mg again. I also have night sweats, probably due to menopause. Is there something I am missing or can help me?
Avatar n tn Recently (last two weeks) I have had strange attacks of what I can only describe as Heart cramps and constant pains in arms and legs. The cramps feel like my heart is sqeezing for several seconds then relaxing, not excrutiating but worrying. It then seems to flutter a bit, all very weird. The arm and leg pains are all over pains, both upper arms, both lower arms, calves, but the main one is the top of my right thigh.
Avatar n tn But I got one of those Body pillows (cheap at Wally world) and have been sleeping with one leg under it and the other on top of it and cuddled with it and i think the elevation and seperation has helped! I also had those aches in the car ride for about an hour over the holidays! I tried to sit with my feet in the floorboard and they got sore and then i tried to put my feet up on the dashboard and it was a little better!
Avatar m tn My symptoms include unilateral weakness, twitching and cramps. the weakness started in the lfet leg and now is in left hand and arm. I also have tremor in left hand and arm. Last night half of my head went numb and left arm all the way to left pinky finger was numb and stiff. This sounds very different form other people who are experiencing fibro. I would just like some reassurance. I am terrified it is ALS/MND or another horrible neurological illness.
Avatar f tn My husband does the Acupressure boy does that hurt I do have several hot spots and it does hurt but feels much better when he is done but where my leg and hip meet it always hurts. None of the doctors down here deal with Fibromyalgia. I will check on the mysofascial pain. So did you have the knots and did they go away?
Avatar f tn It could be standard leg cramps from lack of potassium. My grandmother always got "charlie horses" and bad leg cramps and would eat bananas daily to keep them away. If you are of childbearing age, I'd say take a pregnancy test. That's how I found out I was pregnant the first time. Leg cramps. Not that that is at all what's going on here. Just a thought. A friend of mine used to walk a lot, like miles a day.
Avatar f tn Stay with this for a week-if this works for you- and increase it for the following week by 5 minutes. And so on. 5. Foot and leg cramps and spasms are possible in conditions of low O2 and CO2 in muscle and nerve cells. Clinical evidence shows that people with optimum body oxygen levels do not suffer from any type of cramping.
529159 tn?1224994626 i drink it at night i have a heated water bed and a heated mattress pad heat makes my legs worse but my bones better so i use muscle massage chiropractic soma 350 mg at night i have mps myofacail pain syndrome so i have a tens machine i hook up on the muscle knotts, vit c b and vit E is helpful i drink glacer ice water with vitamins , i use biofreeze and absorbin jr on my spasms hope something i offer can help, now i found certain shoes makes my leg cramps worse are you a leg crosser?
Avatar n tn It's not the cramps that worry me anymore. Its the leg spams and twitching.Unlike restless leg syndrome where the problem happens at bed time, my legs twitch/spam 24 hrs a day.You can see it happening.I also notice when i go to bed at night my body jerks alot esp right when i fall asleep.I have even woke myself up QUITE a few times because of this.My fiancee' tells me how i jerk alot in my sleep and even kick him.It seems to get worse as i get older.
551343 tn?1506834118 I have never been stabbed with a knife, thank God, but it's how I would describe the pains, although I'm sure it's not at all like being stabbed with a knife to someone who's actually BEEN stabbed with a knife. And I also get these 'lumpy cramps' in my upper thigh. They come on suddenly and really really hurt. They take my breath away. The Fibro never acted like that. It seemed more diffuse, but could be quite severe at times. The pain of Fibro can be incredibly debilitating for some.
Avatar n tn Also are there a deficiencys know that can cause this to happen, perhaps something in his system is depleted It is really difficult to watch him in such pain and I sure would appreciate any advice help etc... If someone has any experiences with leg cramps and what you have done to relieve, them please E mail me/us.
Avatar f tn In the morning I been getting really bad cramps like the muscle is tightening more like a muscle spasm and i have to rub it or massage it till it goes away What's really bad it stays with me all day,I had these symptoms for more than a year, and been diagnosed and taking meds for fibromyalgia. plus I take cymbalta for pain management for other parts of my body that gives me pain, also I take glucosamine and chondroitin everyday and still I have pain!
Avatar f tn My most recent neurologist wrote me off in 5 mintues as probably having Fibromyalgia or CFS, which I could agree with if it weren't for the severe muscle weakness in my arms and hands. Does anyone here with Fibromyalgia/CFS have debilitating muscle weakness? I guess I just didn't think that was one of the characteristics. I would definitely appreciate any comments from others with similar experiences!
Avatar f tn Lactose intolerance..sorted by using lactose free milk. Suspected fibromyalgia...lots of aches, pains and odd sensations/paraesthesia/reduced sensation. I often get tingles in the left side at the bottom of my ribs. Xrays showed nothing. Ive had sdalle paraeesthesia...mri didnt show anything wrong with spine. I have a enlarged follicle in my right ovary...also showed on ultrasound and mri scan. This is painful but apparently isnt big enough for them to do anything about.
Avatar n tn I need an answer for severe night time inner thigh cramps. sometimes traveling up and down the leg to the groin area. and down to the foot. usually in the thigh. i have tried using a product called "leg cramps" and it is quinine but it really hasn't helped. it is the worse pain i have ever had .. I have read that others have the same pain and wonder if anyone has found an answer for it.
Avatar n tn No one can seem to figure out what's causing the pain -- things that have been ruled out include fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome -- so I've tried doing a bit of research to see if I can help. I've lately been wondering if it could be something related to her microvasculature, like a peripheral version of cardiac syndrome X.
Avatar m tn My doctor tried to taper me from 200 to nothing in 2 weeks, but the muscle cramps and leg pain were too excruciating and I went back to morphine, then him. We discovered a 2-step taper was better. Off the long actings, first. Then he put me on a slow taper starting with 45 mg/day instant release 15 mg tabs dropping I/2 pill every 3 days.
Avatar n tn usually both legs at a time but one is always worse than the other. sometimes its even in my hips and bum.. I'm the only person i know who gets these kinds of cramps and no one believes that they're menstrual.. i've been getting them since my period first started when i was 12.. i'm 19 now and they're just as bad as ever.. I've cried because of it.. i even had to get picked up from school a couple of times.. I just wanted to make sure i was not alone and that it was somewhat normal..
591884 tn?1234205309 Is there anybody else out there who has leg muscle aches constantly along with cramps, twitches, burning and tingling sensations? Already been checked for MS but brain MRI was negative. Going Tuesday for EMG/NCV but as every other physical ailment I have suffered with anxiety, I suspect it will be normal. I would appreciate anybody elses story on this as well as how you control it.