Fibromyalgia and anemia

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Avatar f tn This causes acute and chronic inflammation which can result in pernicious anemia. So if your stomach is inflamed they will see that. Endoscopy is usually done after the diagnosis.
Avatar m tn People with eating disorders, kidney diseases, cancer, autoiimmune diseases, and anemia should not try this diet. A fibromyalgia detox diet means avoiding cheese, transfat, caffeine, chocolates, candies, alcohol, processed meats and restricting use of salt, sugar and fats. Medicines can be usually taken while on detox diet. Before discontinuing any medication consult your local health care provider. Hope it helps. Take care and best luck!
Avatar f tn I don't have high blood pressure, but I have had problems with anemia back a few years ago (had a blood transfusion rec'd 2 pts.) I realize I'm aging and some of these things are to be expected as body parts "do" wear out. My shoulder joint and the cervical area have been treated with cortiscosteroids, normally giving me from 9 to 12 months relief. I rec'd one in Sept. in my shoulder and one in Oct.
Avatar f tn I saw my gastro md who did tons of blood work ( I also had chronic anemia as a child and during pregnacy) all the blood work was normal including b-12 thyroid cbc cmp and celiac screen. I then went to my neuro since headaches were bad. After his physical exam he diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and started me on lyrica. He also did another MRI and the white lesions had increased to 30+ with one in the brainstem. He then said I had ms also.
1692515 tn?1306273648 I have been told my mother that at 2 years old I put a bobbie pin in an electrical outlet and she had to get a mop to dislodge me. My question is could my fibromyalgia, reoccuring shingles, and electric shock feeling be caused by this and what can be done to stop it.
390388 tn?1279639813 There are many things that could be involved, so be sure to have yourself checked out. Anemia can cause sweating and dizziness; gastric problems, or the heart muscle itself may be inflammed. Also, high cholestrol can lead to plaque buildup and cause chest pain. You had a right to be scared...anyone would be if they were in the same situation. As for the don't want to risk a heart attack or stroke because the doctor is blooming!!! lol Please take care.
470168 tn?1237474845 Oh, and I am on both a lupus med and a fibromyalgia med... I am taking Lyrica for the pain, which has been recently approved for fibromyalgia. It knocks a lot of pain out, but I warn you if you aren't on it... it makes you gain weight if you don't watch what you eat. As long as you keep an eye on it, though, you should only gain 5 pounds initially which generally comes off after a few weeks. I am also taking plaquenil, which is used for lupus people.
Avatar n tn I got on some more sites and read alot about B-12 (and its different forms). Lots of people with fibromyalgia report numbness and tingling like feelings and I saw where the B vitamins have helped them. I used to take alot of vitamins but as I began other programs I limitted what I took so that my clinical picture was more clear. I also read where most people have a normal blood level of B-12 and folate but the vitamin, whether oral, or sl or inj. really helped.
209591 tn?1267418314 My current Dxes are fibro, hypermobility syndrome, myoclonus, neuropathy, restless leg, kyphosis, scoliosis, mild early disc degenerative disease (spinal), mild early disc desiccation (spinal), anemia, b-12/iron, I think that is it so far..and he as well as my Neuro are almost positive I have Multiple Sclerosis as well...Things will get better, I hope, how has your day been today?
Avatar f tn Blood tests showed B12 deficiency and he diagnosed pernicious anemia. Have been taking B12 shots, first monthly, then once a week x 4 weeks cause fatigue increased, then once a month then to once a week again and am now back at once a month. Blood tests show B12 in normal range (his partner said they like to see B12 higher than normal-mine does not) but pain is still there so he is sending me to the neurologist because of (cross-over) pain.
Avatar n tn I have anemia and my stomach cannot tolerate the Iron/Ferrous pills that are the usual medicine prescribed. I was taking pills from a health food store for weeks - six a day (26 mg each) - but my stomach (which has always been sensitive) rebelled dramatically and so I stopped taking anything for anemia and my stomach felt better almost immediately but Iam very tired now. Is there anything on the market, that is aimed at someone like me, that I can tolerate OK? Thank You.
Avatar m tn Has anyone been diagnosed with both Fibromyalgia & Hepatitis and completed a full course of Hepatitis Treatment which was sucessful in removing the virus? How was your Fibromyalgia before your Hepatitis become active? Now you have completed the Full course of treatment for Hepatitis how is your Fibromyalgia affecting you? 1: Better ? 2: Same ? 3: Worse ? My Fiance' has suffered with Fibromyalgia for the past few years with the main symptom only being Burning hips at night in her sleep.
1564938 tn?1295223828 Unexplained aches and pains coming on and off could be due to fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Crohn’s disease, H pylori infection, anemia, liver disorders, diabetes, hypothyroidism, Vit B12 or Vit D deficiency and due to calcium or magnesium deficiency. It can also be due to sleep related disorders. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
554442 tn?1221238825 I hope all who suffer from pain find peace within and can get to a place where you feel tolerable to live within your own body,,fibromyalgia and pain for that matter is a tough one to live with but support can help dramatically,,I as well as others who have good intentions and dont just want to critisize are here for you and will walk with you down this pain journey we share together,,,, only those who live the pain can find empathy with others who feel and think the same
217229 tn?1192766004 like feeling and swelling, constant constipation, chest area cartilage popping (very uncomfortable - freaky feeling, but not necessarily painful). Heavy Menstrual pain and Bleeding - and irregular periods. And a few other odds and ends (LOL - ok - yeah I know that's a lot - but it's what is happening.
209591 tn?1267418314 Thanks to a website called Medhelp, I was messaged from several people that were originally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and later with Celiac Disease. After researching the symptoms and my current laboratory testing, I am starting to wonder if it could be Celiac Disease. I am in desperate need of medical advice, from someone that has more experience in Autoimmune Diseases.
Avatar n tn YOU have to push yourself to start, once that happens, the momentum carries you on. When anemia with its shortness of breath and muscle aches appeared, I knew I needed to address that in order to continue exercising. Procrit really helped me continue the regimen. These drs need to understand that joint and muscle deterioration from anemia should not be part of the tx side effects. That it is important to keep some body tone especially at our age when the onset of arthritis happens.
Avatar f tn I would read the book ' The complete Idiot's guide to Fibromyalgia.' This book explains fibromyalgia and what I can only assume is a vast majority, if not all, of conflicting conditions and symptoms of other diseases. It has three pages listed of sypmtoms that you can check off if you have them, and then you can bring them to your doctor. You can also further read about conflicting conditions. Overall, the book is very helpful!
984010 tn?1255799738 Went to the Rhematologist for the first time today and I am DX'd with Fibro and SS. I don't understand and know much about these disease and need help. Scared to take meds she gave me.
539478 tn?1296624612 chronic fatigue syndrome but I don't buy that - my next step is to see a rheumatologist and if he tells me it's fibromyalgia then I will believe it. My thryoid currently seems to be bouncing between hyper and normal. I started having heart palpitations in January of this year. Sometimes it's not so bad but sometimes they are really bad & when I teach a cardio class instead of making it better it makes it worse.
Avatar n tn My fibromyalgia is focused in my back, ALL of my back; upper, lower, middle, and both sides. F.Y.I. I also have osteoarthritis and osteopenia(?) and (in case it's relevant) I had whiplash (upper back/neck) in Dec. 1987. Now, my questions are: Do Fibromyalgia patients typically experience 'flare ups'? I've been on a combination of Gabapentin and EffexorXR for treatment and often the pain is manageable and under control.
Avatar n tn Since then though, she's had chronic unremitting diarrhea (no evident blood anymore, although occasionally oily) and severe anemia (her lowest blood count was 8). She's also experienced migraine like headaches, neck pain, low grade fever, vertigo, and extreme fatigue. Her symptoms always get worse during her period. At her worst, she's had tingling in her fingers and blurred vision. Recently, her hands become freezing cold and clammy immediately after eating.
Avatar m tn If this does represent a mild anemia for this patient, the RPC indices and morphology would be most consistent with a chronic simple anemia. The accompanying Ferritin and iron studies support this possibility." My doc says "Don't worry.” Suggestions - comments plz. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I felt sick for years and was told it's just a virus. All testing was normal. I got much worse last Sept. I needed a blood transfusion for anemia and nobody was too concerned about the low Vitamin D. Now it's a struggle trying to recover from everything. I'm better then I was, but I still have symptoms. I've raised my Vitamin D level from 19.2 to 61ng/mL in 11 weeks. You need daily supplements for recovery. Many things deplete them in your body. You need D3 for the rest of your life.
Avatar m tn I also suffer from sleep apena (most likely resulting from fibromyalgia) and anemia. Not to mention, I'm almost always in constant pain despite taking medication (prescribed and over-the-counter) to curb of some of the pain temporarily. All of this threatens my Air Force career because of the now strict PT standards the Air Force have adopted. My superiors don't believe me to much, but my conditions are so real and true.
Avatar f tn lately, though, my pains have spread through my entire body... its not constant, but comes and goes through the day and is worst morning and night. I often wake int he night and my body is aching. dull aches down my entire legs, sharp pains in my wrists, hands, elbows, knees, ankles, under my feet. I always have very tight, aching neck, shoulders and back but i assumed this was normal also. dull aches in my lower back.
Avatar f tn Another possibility is sleep disturbances (like sleep apnea, imbalance of rapid eye and non rapid eye movement sleep etc.). You may sleep your customary 7-8 hours and yet feel fatigued. You need sleep studies to rule this out. Other possibilities are chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, low Vit b12, low iron, low calcium, sodium and potassium. Hyperthyroidism too causes increased sweating and tiredness. A comprehensive investigation is required keeping all the points in mind.
Avatar f tn anemia and all the symptoms associated with anemia (difficulty breathing, palpitations, fatigue), fatigue, weakness, sensory loss, psychiatric symptoms such as depression or mania, cognitive dysfunction (memory loss, attention problems) etc. Pain is not a prominent symptom of vitamin B12 deficiency but can occur. If you have the symptoms and signs and meet the criteria for diagnosis of fibromyalgia, then this is likely not caused by the vitamin B12 deficiency.
Avatar f tn If your MCH is high, then it could be B12 and Folate Deficiency Anemia . There's also the possibility of mixed anemia (Iron, B12 & Folate Deficiencies), where your MCH could be low, high or normal (just to confuse matters! lol!) You need to address any such deficiencies asap, otherwise your health will not improve just by taking meds. These are designed to help you cope with your symptoms, until the cause is identified and dealt with effectively, so you can return to normal health.