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Avatar f tn and you should contact his/her office and ask for a detailed explanation. Fibrocystic Breast Condition affects about 50% of all women .... the symptoms you describe sound very much like this condition. Cysts or masses appear in the breasts and are related to the hormone levels in your body ... the pain can come and go in relation to your menstrual cycle.
Avatar n tn The diagnosis of fibrocystic breasts is complicated by the fact that the condition can vary widely in its severity. In some women, the symptoms of fibrocystic breast condition can be very mild with minimal breast tenderness or pain. The symptoms can also be limited in time, usually occurring only premenstrually. It may not even be possible to feel any lumps when the breasts are examined by the woman herself or by her doctor.
Avatar f tn So around September I was in the shower n notice a hard lump on my right breast, it was sooo painful to touch. I was shock I never felt it before. Pass forward after my period ended the lump disappeared. I google and sounded like fibrocystic disease. I know I should've still gotten it checked. On November Thanksgiving day I started with an itch on the right side chest ( a lil upper from my breast) itch comes and goes, at that time I thought maybe it was my neck necklace cause allergy.
899480 tn?1241894780 ve been having itching inside my R side of breast for the past month. Now starting last night mild pain in my right breast I could not lay on my right side. This morning serve pain the whole side of my R breast. I don't know what's going on. I took two mortins I feel a little better but the pain is still there. Help...
972246 tn?1311088535 The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of Breast pain. There are likely to be other possible causes, so ask your doctor about your symptoms. Breast injury Normal female menstrual cycles Premenstrual syndrome - may cause breast pain or discomfort that is cyclic. Pregnancy - causes breast tenderness or breast aching Start of menstruation - causes breast tenderness in adolescent girls.
1126761 tn?1259805290 However, all breasts lumps must be investigated to rule out breast cancer and/or to begin immediate treatment if breast cancer is diagnosed. Vitamin E can help reduce symptoms associated with fibrocystic breast changes.Also try to limit your caffeine intake(Coffee,tea,chocolate colas) and salt. Other vitamin suggestions include vitamin B6, a B complex, and magnesium. Please make an appointment with your doctor for a clinical exam and let him/her know before taking any vitamin supplements.
Avatar m tn Wear a good, supportive bra to reduce breast movement. Many women with breast pain find it comfortable to also wear a bra while they sleep. Take care dear, and hoping that you'll soon feel much better!
975514 tn?1324997938 t afford treatment, or send me to see a new OBGYN for my annual. He says I have fibrocystic breasts. I now have new symptoms. I have pain and itching from the inside. He says I need a mammogram yearly, but there is no where to get one and he hasn't scheduled one. I have found a natural remedy for the ovarian cyst problem that has seemed to avoid a hysterectomy. Vitex, it really has helped!
Avatar n tn breast pain can have many causes. Fibrocystic Breast condition certainly is one of those. This condition is very common among women of any age. Caffeine can be a factor and it's not only in what you drink ... chocolate contains caffeine also. you might ck. on the internet for foods that contain caffeine. Since the films were all negative I'm not sure what the Surgeon can do but perhaps he may have some additional advice.
Avatar f tn The condition is very common and benign, meaning that fibrocystic breasts are not malignant (cancerous). Fibrocystic breast disease (FBD), now referred to as fibrocystic changes or fibrocystic breast condition, is the most common cause of "lumpy breasts" in women and affects more than 60% of women." END I am not saying that this is what you is a possibility. Please consult your physician. Try not to be overly concerned...
Avatar f tn This pain came several days after my period, and was almost constant. Dr said breast felt fibrocystic, but pain after menses was not normal and has reffered me to have a mammo/ultrasound in a few weeks. Pain has subsided a bit, but I have noticed my areolar glands are much more noticeable recently. I am 34 y.o, and have 2 young children. What could be causing these changes? Breast cancer symptoms? My grandmother had breast cancer...very worried. Please help. Thanks so much.
2116262 tn?1334587897 Hi, Not necessarily...especially because you have no other symptoms except nipple pain and maybe a lump that might or might not be there. This could be a cyst, (since you say you have fibrocystic condition) or maybe an infection causing the pain you are describing. keep in mind that pain is almost never associated with breast cancer but many other benign conditions could cause the discomfort. Try not to worry...
Avatar f tn The best course of action is to consult with a doctor (not necessarily an OB-Gyn, you may also consider going to either an oncologist or internist) and have a mammogram done. It will not do you any good to continue delaying the consult. Since the breast pain/tenderness involves both breasts, this may be hormone related. Do you take oral contraceptive pills? Does the pain and tenderness wax and wane with the onset of menstruation?
Avatar n tn These symptoms may represent an unusual response of the breast tissues to your hormones. The pain and lumps can be from what is called fibrocystic disease or fibroadenoma. These symptoms should wane after you had your menses. If not, then this should be evaluated by your doctor. The Mirena IUD and any IUD for that matter may play a part in the hormones of the body and this can really have an effect on your breast tissues.
709337 tn?1241885213 The more I read, the more I think I may have fibrocystic breast. My left side about a year ago used to be very itchy in the same spot it is sore (from nipple to under arm and somewhat below the nipple). My lumps do change..not sure if it's lumps or tissue masses. Every once in awhile it does feel more like a lump. But it does change. (although one spot always seems to have a lump..not sure if I should panic, I do believe that it was there on my last mammo).
Avatar n tn I am 22 and have been dealing with dense breast and fibrocystic breast changes since I was 15!!! I have never done Mammos since I technically not old enough, but I have had several ultrasounds. I finally was sent to a general surgeon who specialized in breast cancer and he assured me it was cysts. Well needless to say, he passed away unexpectedly and I was living out of town for a while, so ALL my ultrasounds that I have had over the years are gone and I have to start all over again.
Avatar f tn Soreness of breasts can be due to premenstrual syndrome and pregnancy being one of them.Other important causes are fibrocystic breast disease,ductal ectasia,mastitis(inflammation of breasts),galactoceles,benign and malignant pathologies of breasts,referred pain from liver or musculoskeletal system,arthritis of the ribs,costsochondritis and inflammation or sprain of pectoralis muscle.
Avatar f tn hi, i am 24 and i have had pain on the side of my left breast and my left underarm since 2 weeks. I also had some sort of dry skin on my left nipple a few months ago and my nipple hurt. i have found a small lump in my right breast and i feel my left breast is thicker from the side. im worried could this be signs of breast cancer?
Avatar f tn check into fibrocystic breast disease.
Avatar f tn Hello, Hard, painful lump could result from an injury, infection, cyst or fibrocystic change. If you had previous breast injuries, fat cells in the breast tissue may be damaged and produce a firm, painful lump in the breast. If lumps are accompanied by breast tenderness and redness, it may suggest an infection. Similarly, breast cysts can also produce firm, tender lumps in the breast that change in size and seem to appear and disappear as your monthly hormone levels change.
Avatar n tn hello kris, the fact that the pain is associated with ovulation and menses makes it a strong case for fibrocystic breast changes and not cancer. metastatic breast cancer is a late form of breast cancer, and is associated with a lot of symptoms like weight loss (massive), bone pains, coughs (if it has spread to the lungs). i think you just need to relax and not make it any worse by worrying. seems like you have very good doctors.
Avatar f tn s (long before my Lyme diagnosis, but after I started to have symptoms so I probably already had it) I started to get breast pain. It became acute, and was so bad that I actually went into shock and blacked out once. I went through a thorough round of exams and tests including an ultrasound (more appropriate at that age than mammogram) and was told in the end that it was fibrocystic changes, which is just another name for fibrocyctic breast disorder.
678918 tn?1226751211 You may want to observe for any changes in the breast cyst. If the pain and tenderness persists, please do consult your doctor for further evaluation. Good luck.
624160 tn?1224082480 It is possible but from what you describe as your symptoms I would tend to think Fibrocystic Breast Disease. Pain is rarely associated with breast cancer but Fibroadenomas do cause pain and soreness. you definitely should have this checked out by your Physician as soon as possible. Regards .....
Avatar n tn The lumps may be hard or rubbery and may be felt as a single breast lump. Fibrocystic changes can also cause thickening of the breast tissue. In cases of extremely fibrocystic breasts, it can be very difficult to examine by palpation. Even mammograms of such cases may be difficult to interpret. In these cases, breast ultrasound exams and other tests can be very helpful. If not, regular follow-up as often as every four to six months is recommended.
Avatar f tn t help but feel dissatisfied, and my gut is telling me there is more going on than fibrocystic breast condition. It is not a round lump, but irregular and elongated. Should I request other tests? I would actually feel better with a biopsy to be sure. I am 50 years old and had hysterectomy about 15 years ago due to fibroid tumors. Thank you, any help or advice appreciated. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1322567'>Breast Lump</a>.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Fibrocystic breast disease on November 23rd 2008. Since then I have been getting a milky discharge, my nipple is crusted (been like that for almost a year). I have tender breast and a rash on the surrounding. I've had 2 mammogram's the past year and they both come up with "BI-RADS 2". Can this be worrisome or are they all symptoms to fibrocystic breast disease? I'm having a mammogram done late April.