Fentanyl withdrawal syndrome

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Avatar m tn Feeling weird weird on these and thinking it's just the start up feelings from the Fentanyl. I'm also on on Celexa and that apparently is not a good combo. So i asked the Doc to get off the Fentanyl and he said OK and gave me my normal dose of Vicoprofen. Of course i'm having big time whidrawls from not being on the Fentanyl. So my question is what do i need to overlap 75mcg off fentanyl?. do i need to go to Percocet or something else to not have the whidrawls coming back ?.
Avatar n tn I would call some sub doc's quick. Fentanyl is an awful drug to withdrawal from. It sounds like he is not strong enough to handle this right now.......I am worried. Please make some phone calls. Nauty...................
Avatar n tn My understanding it is this is a long miserable process. Fentanyl can be a monster, withdrawal nightmare and take months of recovery. Being a Pain Mgt Forum Member I am concerned about your pain and how you will deal with it. There are other pain medications but all that are really effective in general are the opiates. If you aren't already I would get into a good Pain Managment Clinic. They do offer alternatives to opiates.
Avatar n tn Most people going through withdrawal want so badly to sleep, but it proves elusive. If he's having restless leg syndrome/ muscle cramping symptoms, hot baths really help. Good for you both for trying to focus on the positives. I'm sure you've both been on quite the emotional roller coaster.
Avatar f tn All I can say is go VERY slowly. What kind of patch do you have? Fentanyl withdrawal is a bit different than other opiates. Not as bad as methadone but pretty tough in it's own right. But it can be done. At times I tried to go too quickly and that was a huge mistake. follow the Thomas Recipe and above all, keep yourself as hydrated as possible. Best of luck. You can message me if you like. My history is a bit complicated and I had other meds involved as well as some health issues.
Avatar f tn I made a post on April 3, 2014. Same title: Fentanyl Detox. Please read my previous post. So far no responses. I am in pain, burning on fire from the inside out from the detox. I am about 12 days off the patch. I am in misery. I posted before the things I am doing to help myself. Please, if anyone has any suggestions or knows how long this insane burning will last please speak up and let me know. I am so suffering. Would appreciate any advice! Thanks so much!!!!
Avatar n tn One of the biggest complaints with fentanyl withdrawal is the powerful hot flashes and cold sweats. It happens if you're either over- or under-medicated. This happens when withdrawing from any kind of opiate, but fentanyl seems to make it even worse. Other symptoms include nausea/ vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, restless leg syndrome and muscle cramps, generalized pain throughout the body, and terrible insomnia.
Avatar f tn I'm I still in withdrawal? Is it just my body rebuilding itself from the past years of being on fentanyl ?
1360851 tn?1277585506 I was on the Fentanyl patch and became very sick, I went to the ER and found out the patch was leaking due to a manufacturing error, I was being overdosed. Since then I've been afraid to use the patch, I use only percocet to control my pain. I understand there is a class action lawsuit against fentynyl.
Avatar n tn I waited another whole year before I tried fentanyl again..so afraid of the same thing happening all over again. And it will-the withdrawal that is, if I go off the same way again. This time, I know to taper and do it over a longer time frame than I did..and to not do it until I am ready. I think other than w/d, you have to be really protective of your meds. People steal them and most drs will not give an early replacement even with a police report.
Avatar n tn Having eliminated practically all other possible causes, I can only conclude that the fentanyl is the most likely cause of my lethargy. I don't believe I need the pain mgt. and keep applying and/or chewing the patch to keep from becoming ill. I want to stop using if only to find if it is the cause of my fatigue.My question is ,have others experienced similar problems w/fentanyl. If this is the case, please respond.
Avatar n tn So you should be able to stop the patch and take a vic as needed. Duragesic (Fentanyl) withdrawl was the most painfull withdrawl I ever had. At one point I had a 160mg oxycodone habbit and it wasn't nearly as painfull as a duragesic 25 withdrawl (and I had only been on it for 30 days). My doctor messed up my appointment, leaving me 2 days from the time my 30 day supply was up until the next appointment.
16785591 tn?1451600281 wife says they thought you were senile old man I kept telling them no you were not senile. To quiet me down they put me on 150 mcgs of fentanyl patchs. That worked. At Merwick i knew i was on them but no one EVER said WHAT they were. I have tried the taper and think that i will continue. Did see a pain management doc last week. he wants to remove the fentanyl CT and give me 3 or4 five ml of methadone perday. Don't think I will go along with it. I am now at 62.
Avatar n tn I have been taking up to 12 percocets a day (sciatica) and now I've been given Fentanyl Patch (16.5 for a nominal in vivo delivery of 100 mcg/h fentanyl for 72hrs) and don't know what to expect, I'm alittle scared to put it on. Could someone tell me how they feel, I have 9yr old twins and don't want to be too zonked out. Thanks so much for any info, I'm so happy I found this site.
Avatar m tn I usually start feeling very sick after a day and a half or so and then it continually gets worse, I get a lot of bad symptoms, cold sweats, hot flashes, stomach cramps, runny nose, watery eyes, restless leg syndrome, it feels like the worst flu! I have gone through this before when I was on the pills and I remember usually feeling better around a week or so. I have to admit that I have been using since leaving the clinic on feb 27. I really want to stop though but I'm so afraid of the wd.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the board. Congrats to you at 5 weeks. That is so great. There is a women from UK named Minnie and she went through the tramadol withdrawals. I am sure she will answer any questions. Google PAWS and it will give you an idea regarding the way you feel right now. Try to take it day by day. Do you take aminos??? I have been taking them for energy. I have Amino 1000 and purchased it at GNC. I also take B6 and B12 and potassium. You will find much support on this board.
Avatar n tn The physical part of the withdrawls (Diarreah, night sweats, Restless leg syndrome, etc..) should be completely gone in 7-10 days. the mental withdrawls, however, are a different story. Youmay feel like **** (depressed) for quite some time. If your depression doesn't subside in another couple weeks, I'd suggest seeing psychiatrist. YES, they are a lot of money, but a lot cheaper than pills to keep you happy! Fight the good fight!
Avatar n tn I recently quit cold turkey (despite having to work and be a wife and mom)and am on day 6. The withdrawal has gotten better, but I think that I fear the night time the most. I just can't seem to sleep.....almost at all. Any idea how long this will last? I know that I am strong in that I have made it throught the worst part of this whole thing....having to function normally through most of this, but I cannot keep going with such little sleep.
Avatar n tn Your the first person since I have been here who has said to injected Fentanyl. injecting Fentanyl and Dalaudid were my drug of choice. You don't have to do these for a long time to feel some nasty W/D's Everybodys body is different, if that is all the drugs you have done your probably looking at five days.....
Avatar n tn He went through the typical withdrawal symptoms the first week and is getting better everyday. However, he has these vomiting spells. Sometimes it's only once, other times, like last night, he goes on all night long. Is this normal withdrawal? He does have an extra sensitive stomach (perhaps from doing so many drugs) and vomiting isn't out of the ordinary for him. But I am concerned that maybe there is something more seriously wrong. Any feedback is welcome.
Avatar n tn In adddition to codeine, I was also using fentanyl 'occasionally'. The withdrawal was horrible- lows, insomnia, muscle twitches, crying, emotional nightmare. Anyway- Chris- keep at it..... you will get through. Sounds like things are already improving for you. And thanks for posting.... you just reminded me to stay clean.
333612 tn?1302886990 In an ideal situation, you would do this under a doctor’s care and advice. What is opioid withdrawal syndrome? If you suddenly stop taking opioids after taking them regularly for an extended period of time, you will experience opioid withdrawal syndrome.
6815927 tn?1395515025 You've been on pain meds for a long time znd at high doses. And Fentanyl is a bit tougher than some of the other drugs. I tried to cold turkey off Fentanyl and oxycodone as well as ambien, ativan and more. I did not have the support of my pain doctor. They wanted me to stay on them and I was afraid that my tolerence would be so high that if something happened later they wouldn't be able to cover my pain. Then I tried a fast taper ... fail.
Avatar n tn I have been abusing Tramadol for 2 years, Vicodin for 2 months and benzos for 17 years. Right now I am experiencing HORRIBLE paws and benzodiazepine withdrawal. I have horrible tinnitus (a hissing sound), my body feels heavy, I can't sleep, lost 12 pounds, anxiety, musculoskelatal problems, etc.. How long do you think this withdrawal will last? The dr. put me back on 5mg of Valium for 5 days. They detoxed me off of Valium in 7 days after I had been abusing benzos for 17 years.
Avatar n tn I want off of this drug, but every time I start stepping down to get off the medication I begin having severe muscle pain in my legs and something like restless leg syndrome. I was wondering if this is a normal side effect from getting off of the Fentanyl and if so, what can I do about it because the pain is pretty severe. Thank You!
Avatar n tn 5 fentanyl patch. It's only been 6 days and I feel terrible. Pain is worse than when on 15 oxy!! But that's not my question. HOW do I stop the 12.5mcg fentanyl please? The pharmacist said I will probably go through withdrawal even though dose is lowest. Doc who gave it said just stop it. I DON"T WANT W/D! 12.5 is = 60-134 oxy ...going back to 15 won't help me much. I realize this isn't the severe issues some would expect but I'm in scary pain already and to face w/d....I can't.
Avatar f tn Diagnosed in 2003 with Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis,Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Restless Leg Syndrome, Irritable bowel syndrome and have had heart problems [1996-1999] that required a cardiac cath, but no diagnosis was ever made. Rarely, I have a racing heart episode, but not for awhile. I am delighted to say I do not have any symptoms of anything on the above list anymore x's 6 months. :0) I am one happy camper!