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Avatar n tn I was on 25 mcg of fentanyl and was having side effects so I took the patch off 3 days ago, Now I am in terrible pain all over and can barely get out of bed. What can I do ? If I can tough it out a few more days will I get better?
Avatar n tn I don't think they fully inform people about the bad side effects Fentanyl can have. I truly believe it caused real damage to my body. Some people seem to do well with it but far more seem to have problems with it.
Avatar f tn i have ben on the fentanyl patch quite awhile 100mg and have gone down to 50 mg, my health ended and my last patch ends in 4 days and im scared.
Avatar n tn hair loss, blurred vision, drug cravings, tooth decay, et al- be sure to read all the side effects that this drug may cause because many of the side effects listed really, really do happen. I know because I have fallen victim to many of them. Please heed the cautions and side-effects and the long-term effects this drug will have on your health, your personality and your life. Avoid it at all costs if you are able!
443878 tn?1205106796 I have been on Duragesic patch (Fentanyl) 100 mcg/hr for 6 years. I have gotten so sick of the side effects I began to taper off it 4 mnths ago.. I went from 100 to 75 stayed there 4 months then dropped to 50 about 1 month ago.. Last week I went to 25mcg/hr. I advise is no matter what your pain is.. GET OFF THIS PATCH.. If you think you cant eat now.. you wait until that patch really kicks in,.. you will be able to go for days and never want anything to eat or drink..
Avatar m tn It distorts the brains perception of pain and the side effects can be confusion and so much more. I would rather take morphine. Eventually I stopped the fentanyl cold turkey and it was rough but will never go back to it unless I sincerely have no other choice. UNDERSTAND this is a very powerful drug, I cannot emphasize that enough! The perception of what you think is NOT the reality of what is going on. This drug will take control of your thinking process, so do not drive, and do not be alone.
Avatar f tn I am wondering if anyone on high doses of fentanyl 175mcg for extreme pain has died going cold turkey and this doesn't mean the side effects which are like death so i have read. Or has anyone who used fentanyl for extreme pain committed suicide due to the withdrawal.
Avatar m tn That same day, I stopped the morphine (about a week apart from one another) It took me about three days to feel the full effects of the fentanyl withdrawal and the morphine. Stomach cramps, sleep deprivation etc. I took the zanex only at night until it finally kicked in. Eventually I got a couple of hours sleep and that is the start of the medications looking control over your body and mind. Plenty of water, to clean out my system, vitamins, food and only muscle relaxers for pain issues.
Avatar n tn ) I think some people seem to get more affected by these kind of side effects than others. I feel like Fentanyl just didn't agree with my system. It changed my tastes completely. I've had trouble with motivating myself since I was on it as well. For me, I feel like it somehow changed my brain chemistry. I was always very busy, very organized and had a great memory. Now it takes me a long time to do things. I almost feel like I have ADD or something.
Avatar m tn then told me to I could taper off in 2 weeks with no side effects or withdrawals...boy was he wrong. Fentanyl is as close to actual heroin as you can get and is approx. 50 times stronger than morphine. I do not know what the proper taper schedule for this particular drug but my advice to you would be to expect discomfort both physically and mentally. This is one powerful drug. Do it as slowly as you can.
Avatar f tn I used to put patches on my shoulders an it was ok, now since I've lost some weight it seems patches will only work when I put them on sides of my chest even when I put them I front of chest it doesn't work and also why can't you overlap where you put last patch like take one off and put new one in same place cause when I do it works very well for pain,and I definitely start feeling withdrawal from fentanyal when I put them anywhere but my sides I'm assuming my core temperature is hotter there t
Avatar m tn How did it make you feel on the first week of the 25mcg patch? what side effects did you experience. Wow, you had W/Ds after only one month? That's scary, I know many people on this forum swear by fentanyl but others despise it. How did it help relieve your pain? I was on Methadone and Percocet for breakthrough pain and recently stopped Methadone and I'm looking for a suitable ER med and my PCP suggested the patch.
3112530 tn?1434035633 My family doctor knows my pain history and was doing what ever he could to accommodate my pain although I had no idea of the side effects. I usually don't have any side effects but the fentanyl patch only masked symptoms I was not aware of like loss of appetite, lack of energy etc. I had no idea of what this was doing to me until my caregiver put his foot down and got me to another doctor.
Avatar n tn I would call some sub doc's quick. Fentanyl is an awful drug to withdrawal from. It sounds like he is not strong enough to handle this right now.......I am worried. Please make some phone calls. Nauty...................
Avatar f tn Hi! Hives are actually the side effects of fentanyl. Fentanyl withdrawal causes hot flashes and feeling of heat emanating from the skin and can mimic hives like feeling. Increasing your water intake can help reduce this sensation. Also taking a cool shower or applying a moist cloth on your skin may help. If you are being treated for withdrawal symptoms then you can ask your doctor to prescribe you something for it. Take care!
4933593 tn?1361220267 I am praying to get through to myself again. What should I be using to help cope with the physical side effects of the w/d? I have seen so many different opinions - I'm too confused to keep looking all around the web to see what is out there. I saw a thread from 2012, and hope that someone will hear my plea for a helping hand as well. Thank you for reading.
Avatar n tn Thank god I had some people here that had detoxed off of it too. Fentanyl has its own psycho side effects. Its 80 to 100 times stronger than morphine and stronger than herion. I did not find out any of these things ti'll after I was detoxing.I had a really hard time! I know its rough! This place and these people helped me stay sane! Your doing great, especially on day 6. I wrote my first post on my 7th day...its called my 7th day of hell.
Avatar n tn side effects and withdrawal. I also draw comfort from the posts in this and other threads in the forum because its helped me know what to expect. That understanding has made the process much more bearable. I share my experience with the hope that it might also open a window for others.
Avatar f tn Please remember, this is a very powerful drug,. stronger than morphine (times stronger). Read up on fentanyl and the side effects, The fentanyl controls the pain related to how the brain feels pain and it is very powerful. You may not realize what this drug is doing but it works on the brains sensory perception of pain. If you are having side effects, PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR. If 100mcgt does not control the pain and you are having side effects, something is wrong.
Avatar n tn of any other narcotic pain medication. Withdrawal is withdrawal! I'm certain the prescribing doctor can wean the patient off fentanyl using the lowest fentanyl dose, then switch to another type of narcotic that may be easier to taper off and eventually stop altogether if necessary. I'd worry MUCH more about the narcotics being taken that are from "friends and family", it's dangerous, and stupid if you ask me! Be thankful he is being treated for his pain in the first place.
Avatar m tn The first week they made me sleepy but that was it. Otherwise no side effects for me. Write me if you have any other questions. Hope this info helps.
Avatar f tn I have been on Fentanyl 75mcg for over 15 years. The side effects of constant sweating and extreme exhaustion have forced me to discontinue. I have severe JRA for 48 years, I was just 4 years old. The joint destruction, multiple surgeries and severe pain, I was put on fentanyl, which worked wonderful for many years. If I knew then, what I know today, in would have NEVER started using Fentanyl I have been off of the medication for 9 days now, hardest thing I have EVER done!!!
Avatar f tn They gave me NO information on what it was, what it did or how hellish it would make my life. Pain wise it was a godsend but the side effects were nasty. As the months passed, it stopped working quite so well. I started taking 100, then 200, then 300mg of Tramadol on top of it. As my body became more used to it I found it wasn't lasting the 72 hrs. I started changing it at 66hrs, then 60hrs until I was changing it every 2 days.
Avatar f tn it isn't all good news though as any strong drug can have side effects(like concentration and memory issues). however, with the pro's/con's weighed up I am very happy to be on this medication. it isn't the demon it is potrayed to be but I would caution against its use to anyone who hasn't thoughly exhausted other options 1st. I would point out that i consider it only for people in constant severe pain.
1337431 tn?1280959499 They also tried me on Neurontin and Lyrica but I couldn't take them due to the side effects. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about ten years ago. For that, I found swimming to be really helpful to the fibro pain. I find with fibro, you have to move a little or it gets worse, but you have to be careful to not overdo it. Also, with fibro (as with most things) getting a good night's sleep and good nutrition is essential.
Avatar f tn I, myself, used to be on the fentanyl patches until I started experiencing severe, life threatening side effects from them and had to be taken off of them. While I was on them, however, I did find they controlled my pain quite well. I'm hoping you fill find the same. So long as you use the patches exactly as prescribed, you probably don't have to worry about true addiction. Dependence, maybe.
1412606 tn?1282885729 The Fentanyl patch is 80 TIMES STRONGER THEN MORPHINE ! If you aren't liking the way you feel on the MS Contins, which are essentially morphine, then you won't like the Fentanyl. I went from the Ms Contins to Fentanyl a few years ago & honestly it was the BIGGEST mistake I've EVER made!!! You build up a tolerance to the Fentanyl quickly, it's 80x's stronger then morphine, 50x's stronger then heroin, & can be quite dangerous. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE TAKING IT!!!!!
Avatar f tn It took me 2 years to convince my doctors that the suffering and bad side effects I was having from the Fentanyl were out weighing any benefit of pain management. I was still in a ton of pain and was suffering from the Fentanyl. I am so done with narcotics. They just don't work for chronic long tern pain I have found. So, I started a slow detox dropping 12mcg every two weeks beginning Jan. 2014 per my doc's instructions. I don't think it was slow enough.
Avatar f tn I have been off oxycontin for 16 days and am still experiencing horrible effects from withdrawal including systemic, all over itching, swelling of feet and hands and often insomnia. The laser is also being used to help with the side effects of withdrawal but the side effects are still pretty bad. How long does it take for these side effects go away after stopping the oxycontin?