Fentanyl withdrawal remedies

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Avatar n tn about 2 weeks ago had no oxy left snd i tried to avoid withdrawal with fentanyl patches. 2 of 100 and 1 of 50 but after the simptoms of w/d ended i took them of and put another when simptoms started and so on till this mondey when i finished all the patches i had. monday i had a hard w/d but sedate my self with xanax valium and carmabazepine i got on prescription. yesterday i felt better but i made in fentanyl iv with 10% of an old patch i used only 12 hours and today same.
Avatar f tn Should liquid morphine and fentanyl patches be withdrawn slowly, I am also on psychiatric medication as I suffer from manic depression. I am very concerned that the abrupt stopping of theese medications may bring on a severe depression. Should theese medications be gradually taken away with reducing dosage over a period of time?
Avatar n tn Fentanyl withdrawal can be very difficult. Call your doctor. They may be able to give you something that will make it a little easier. It's always best to talk to the doctor before stopping a medication so you can experience the least side effects possible.
374225 tn?1269899262 I am on Fentanyl and I don't like the way it makes me feel. Currently I'm on 50mcg patches and I want to stop it. I've been using it for 30 days who long will the withdrawals for it last if I stop? My doctor said I could and he wrote for clonodine, and phenergan to help. Realistically after 30 days what am I up against? I don't drink. I don't smoke. I don't chew tobacco. I'm not addictive at all as far as I know...
Avatar f tn One quick note: the half-life of fentanyl is actually quite short (17 hours) which is why it's commonly used for twilight sedation for fast procedures like endoscopy and colonoscopy. The patch merely slows the delivery of the drug into the bloodstream over 72 hours. After patch removal there is still some fentanyl left in the deep tissues that hasn't passed into the bloodstream, which is why withdrawal may take a couple days to show up.
Avatar f tn t have any choice as I had begun experiencing serious side effects (that could have killed me) from the patch (I also was on 50mcg), so I HAD to stop cold turkey. Even though my doctor switched me to another narcotic, the withdrawal from the fentanyl was horrible. Fortunately, I was already in the hospital, so they were able to really watch me closely and give me some medications to help, but it definitely was not pleasant.
Avatar f tn I am about to detox from 3 months of a littlebit of fentanyl and oxycontin. I have flexural, ambien, and diazepam. Will these help or is there anything else that will? Thank you very much. Your input is apprechiatted. I know I have a problem and I am getting help after detox.
Avatar f tn With fent I found the withdrawal period was much longer and more intense. What fentanyl dosage were you on? Why did you doctor refuse to fill?
Avatar f tn But I think the Fentanyl may be covering the hydrocodone withdrawal. Fentanyl is very strong and the withdrawals can be long and difficult. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones but it's possible that 'it just hasn't hit you yet. I found the first few drops of the Fentanyl were easy but the lower I got the harder it became. I hope you can escape them and find a way to manage your pain.
6815927 tn?1395511425 I am a 38 yr. old female and have multiple medical problems including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn's disease, and primary immune deficiency requiring IVIG infusions q 3-4 weeks. I have been on opiate pain managment for about 20 years = 2 x 100 ug fentanyl patch q 48 hrs. & 120 mg per dose of plain oxycodone prn for B/T pain, generally BID. I have been seeing my APRN PCP for PM for the past 8 years. My problem is I now want off of opiates.
Avatar f tn Forgot to change my fentanyl patches & now I've gone into withdrawal till they kick back in again. I'm on 112mg every 3days & I've been on them 3yrs. The worse symptom is my restless arm's. Any suggestions to ease it?
Avatar n tn It is best take suboxone while your already in withdrawal. Because if you have fentanyl in your system as you take the suboxone, the suboxone will kick out all of the remaining fentanyl in your system causing you to feel uncomfortable. So take the suboxon as your in withdraw. The physician that prescribe it would rather see you walk in the office in withdrawal mode rather than high mode.