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Avatar f tn Is there anything at home I can do to ease withdrawal of fentanyl? Im taking 25mgs a day and im reducing it to half that and hope to be off it in 3 days...
1337431 tn?1280959499 I do know that the withdrawal from fentanyl is absolute hell; it's enough to make me wish I was 'only' dealing with heroin withdrawal. I've been through it a fair few times, and if you want off of the opiates, you are definitely going to need some kind of help. One other note: I was on methadone for pain for several years prior to the fentanyl...it was effective and did not sap my energy and will to live the way fentanyl does. I was also capable of being compliant on it.
Avatar f tn At 4 days you will have little effect. The only detox worse than sub is Mdone or Fentanyl, from what I can tell. H is fast acting and will detox fast, one sub dose lasts 21 days. Get into NA, counseling, church, whatever helps you stay in recovery. You relapsed recently, what are you going to do different this time? Or are you planing subs as a makntenance drug?
Avatar f tn After patch removal there is still some fentanyl left in the deep tissues that hasn't passed into the bloodstream, which is why withdrawal may take a couple days to show up. Gaby, glad to hear you're feeling better and that your underlying condition has been treated. What a rollercoaster ride! I see nothing wrong with switching to hydrocodone (or any other less potent narcotic) to help your taper plan along as long as you have medical supervision.
Avatar n tn Or am I just setting myself up for withdrawal at a later date? Do the homeopathic remedies actually work? How long can I expect this to last? Thanks for sharing guys & gals.
Avatar m tn We are here for you every step of the way and can help suggest remedies to ease your withdrawal symptoms. Please stick around and keep posting. Good luck to you! You can do this!! Please take care of yourself and try to keep your head up.
Avatar n tn (lack of testosterone lack of sex drive) and tonight i seek what i know cant be found because there is no remedies for withdrawing from painkillers. tonight i am in withdrawal. u think lortab is hard to get off? faaackkk...try kicking methadone...or missing a couple doses cuz u missed ur appt and dr. isnt there all week... tonight i feel what u felt unless u still feel it...my legs are kicking aching...my back hurts...
Avatar n tn He went through the typical withdrawal symptoms the first week and is getting better everyday. However, he has these vomiting spells. Sometimes it's only once, other times, like last night, he goes on all night long. Is this normal withdrawal? He does have an extra sensitive stomach (perhaps from doing so many drugs) and vomiting isn't out of the ordinary for him. But I am concerned that maybe there is something more seriously wrong. Any feedback is welcome.
Avatar n tn I have to cut down and recently cut down to 10 a day and have experienced physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. I have some clonidine and don't know how much to take for withdrawal. What is the recommended dosage. My goal is to eventually cut down to 4 a day, but have been very uncomfortable at 10. I also take effexor and trazadone for depression, but I am so depressed right now. Hydrocodone, believe it or not has helped my depression and has given me something to look forward to.
Avatar n tn In adddition to codeine, I was also using fentanyl 'occasionally'. The withdrawal was horrible- lows, insomnia, muscle twitches, crying, emotional nightmare. Anyway- Chris- keep at it..... you will get through. Sounds like things are already improving for you. And thanks for posting.... you just reminded me to stay clean.
Avatar n tn typical opiate-like withdrawal symptoms as well as atypical withdrawal symptoms including seizures[citation needed]. The atypical withdrawal symptoms are probably related to tramadol's effect on serotonin and norepinephrine re-uptake.
Avatar n tn 5 fentanyl patch. It's only been 6 days and I feel terrible. Pain is worse than when on 15 oxy!! But that's not my question. HOW do I stop the 12.5mcg fentanyl please? The pharmacist said I will probably go through withdrawal even though dose is lowest. Doc who gave it said just stop it. I DON"T WANT W/D! 12.5 is = 60-134 oxy ...going back to 15 won't help me much. I realize this isn't the severe issues some would expect but I'm in scary pain already and to face w/d....I can't.
Avatar f tn I stopped all the other meds on my own. I remain only on the Fentanyl patch and Percocet, but am wanting to get off this stuff. I have been on 100 mcgs of Fentanyl every 48 hrs for over 3 years now. I noticed 3 months ago that the 100mcg patch became ineffective after 24 hours but did not want to increase it just to avoid withdrawal. I have been experiencing withdrawls now after the first 24 hours for about 3 months.
Avatar f tn You are having a lot a symptoms that may or may not be associated with the use of Fentanyl patch. I strongly advice you to get a second opinion befor you take any decisive measures to rule out anything that is really wrong and can be fixed. Make sure they check your hormonal levels, cortisol and thyroid as well. However, I do understand your frustration and wanting to get off chronic opiates.
Avatar f tn We can recommend different remedies to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. We will be here for you every step of the way cheering you along. You can do this!! Please take care and try to keep your head up.
Avatar n tn I don't want to resort to these methods cause I fear it will help in the long run. any holistic remedies or tricks of the trade would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. P.S. I just kicked coke a few months ago, and It took about two weeks to curb the cravings. Is that like a standard for dopamine boosters?
Avatar n tn What are the withdrawal symptoms? How long does it last? How long till its out of the body? Is just quitting enough or is it necessary to work the 12 step program and understand why you behave the way you do? It seems to me that over the years the addiction has taken on different phases and the lying and cumpulsive behaviors have always been there so there is some real knowledge to be gained. Trying to believe in the programs but don't know what i don't know.
Avatar f tn Hi Anthony, Does this also help with the rest of the withdrawal symptoms? I am on 6mg of methadone and trying to get off! I am very frightened because I have been on this med for more than 15 years! I went from 65mg to 6mg. But these last few mgs are the worse, of course!
Avatar n tn Oh - I suppose these are my intentions - and I guess I am looking for someone to agree and make be feel better about it! Nurofen is a lot less powerful than vicoden and I hoped that withdrawal might be easier...............
Avatar f tn I have several chronic pain conditions and have been on pain mgmt for several years. I've been on 25mcg Fentanyl patch with 3 10/325 oxycodone daily for break through pain. I moved a few months ago and have had a hard time getting in to a new pain Dr where I live now, so I have to drive a couple hours to go to my old Dr. I have an appt tues, and applied my last parch Friday night. I received a different brand when I got this last prescription, and I've had problems with them falling off.
Avatar f tn I'm calling my doctor today and telling her I'm in withdrawal. I think jumping down from 75 mcg. to 50 mcg. fentanyl patch and then trying to stop the oxycodone cold was too much. We had a very serious issue with two of our kids yesterday. It involves legal stuff and now I just can't handle the withdrawals on top of this. I hope my doctor is going to be good. She has always promised me she would never let me go into withdrawals. Well, now is the time I'll find out.
444932 tn?1273984397 Why did it take two days after stopping the pills for the withdrawal (if that's what this is) to get so bad? I googled withdrawal symptoms and was linked to a site for suboxone (sp??). Has anyone tried that? Does it work? Is it worth it? I have not told my medical doctor about this b/c I don't want it in my medical records. I don't want my employer to find out. I don't want my family to find out. I just want to deal with this and get it over with.
Avatar n tn I'm having withdrawal symptoms I didn't expect. Light headedness, the runs, blood pressure going up, and general fatigue. Lots of fatigue. And some irritability. I am hoping that these symptoms begin to decrease soon. Well, they have gotten better than it was in the first 2 days. I am still wondering how long I can expect to have these side effects of withdrawal?
374225 tn?1269902862 I am on Fentanyl and I don't like the way it makes me feel. Currently I'm on 50mcg patches and I want to stop it. I've been using it for 30 days who long will the withdrawals for it last if I stop? My doctor said I could and he wrote for clonodine, and phenergan to help. Realistically after 30 days what am I up against? I don't drink. I don't smoke. I don't chew tobacco. I'm not addictive at all as far as I know...
Avatar f tn I know you'revsuffering but it actually sounds not too bad for Fentanyl withdrawal. Lucily you weren't on a higher dose. I had terrible withdrawals and I tapered from that and other meds. Honestly, the Imodium does help a lot, not just with tummy trouble but with other withdrawal symptoms as well. Hylands makes a product called Restful Legs that lots of people swear by. It's all natural and not habit forming. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids.
Avatar n tn everyone is different but generally, it has been found that following opiate detox, there are two periods of protracted withdrawal. The first (or sub-acute withdrawal) lasts 2-8 weeks and people describe moderate to severe insomnia and fatigue, low energy, and other depressive symptoms. This is quite variable but is sometimes difficult for people to tolerate. Unfortunately medications have only a limited effect.