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Avatar n tn about 2 weeks ago had no oxy left snd i tried to avoid withdrawal with fentanyl patches. 2 of 100 and 1 of 50 but after the simptoms of w/d ended i took them of and put another when simptoms started and so on till this mondey when i finished all the patches i had. monday i had a hard w/d but sedate my self with xanax valium and carmabazepine i got on prescription. yesterday i felt better but i made in fentanyl iv with 10% of an old patch i used only 12 hours and today same.
Avatar n tn Thanks Mary. I have been through many withdrawals for opiates but this is the first for Fentanyl it has been 11 days already when does it start to slow down.
Avatar n tn Do you think you can talk to your doctor about tapering off? I know that fentanyl withdrawal is difficult. I would suggest you taper off the fentanyl first and then off the lortab. Is that possible or are you going to have to go cold turkey?
Avatar f tn t have any choice as I had begun experiencing serious side effects (that could have killed me) from the patch (I also was on 50mcg), so I HAD to stop cold turkey. Even though my doctor switched me to another narcotic, the withdrawal from the fentanyl was horrible. Fortunately, I was already in the hospital, so they were able to really watch me closely and give me some medications to help, but it definitely was not pleasant.
Avatar n tn If you are experiencing those withdrawal symptoms now you should most likely bite that bullet and stop the fentanyl. Like worried said - your Doc can fix you up with some things to make it more comfortable. Fentanyl is a ferociuos withdrawal - but its not as long as methadone or sub or tramadol.........
Avatar f tn One quick note: the half-life of fentanyl is actually quite short (17 hours) which is why it's commonly used for twilight sedation for fast procedures like endoscopy and colonoscopy. The patch merely slows the delivery of the drug into the bloodstream over 72 hours. After patch removal there is still some fentanyl left in the deep tissues that hasn't passed into the bloodstream, which is why withdrawal may take a couple days to show up.
4869751 tn?1360421593 That has been my backbone and with help, I gave up the Fentanyl cold turkey because I had NO OTHER CHOICE. Stay strong and what ever it takes to get you though this. You have your faith and that is one road to be thankful for so keep up the fight and you will soon see a difference in your thinking once your body cleans itself out. Don't worry about things getting worse before they get better, just know that you are going to get through this and that is where you should be strong.
Avatar f tn With fent I found the withdrawal period was much longer and more intense. What fentanyl dosage were you on? Why did you doctor refuse to fill?
Avatar f tn Forgot to change my fentanyl patches & now I've gone into withdrawal till they kick back in again. I'm on 112mg every 3days & I've been on them 3yrs. The worse symptom is my restless arm's. Any suggestions to ease it?
Avatar m tn Head over to the Addiction Community here at Med Help and check out one of the Health Pages there for the Thomas Recipe. It has all kinds of herbals that can help a bit with withdrawal symptoms. Nothing but time will really cure it as your brain chemistry has to return to normal, but plenty of people there say the Thomas Recipe has helped. Worth a try anyway.
Avatar f tn Hello Everyone! I could really use some help PLEASE!!! I was on the fentanyl patch for about a year and a half, started out at 25mg then went up to and stayed at 100mg...I am on day 4 of NO MORE PATCH...I am going absolutely mental, I could use any advice and help you can give me...I have the shakes, chills, no energy, no appetite, on edge so bad, and don't want to do anything but sit in front of the tv all day. I have a husband who is so wonderful, but he doesn't understand.
Avatar f tn m at and have only been at 75 for a couple weeks... Does that help at all... I mean I know about withdrawal and all that comes with it, but I also know that lenght of time using has one of the largest factors in the detox stage.
Avatar f tn Hi am have been a fentanyl addict for about a year now and I am scared to death...I went without fentanyl for 12 hours once a couple months ago and it was the worse I have ever felt in my life!! please help me! any info at all on how I can get away from this drug and get my life back??
Avatar n tn Fentanyl withdrawal can be very difficult. Call your doctor. They may be able to give you something that will make it a little easier. It's always best to talk to the doctor before stopping a medication so you can experience the least side effects possible.
Avatar f tn Fentanyl is hard to come off, even if you taper it. I don't think Tramadol will help much, and that drug comes with its own demons. Even if you're not an addict, you are dependent, andI would suggest checking out the Substance Abuse forum as it has lots of tips on what helps withdrawal symptoms. I'd be surprised if you came away with none. The Clonidine will help with some withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar f tn Me personally, with hospital detox and 2 weeks of treatment, I still had problems after the 2 weeks. I am still on medications to help with the lingering effects of withdrawal, and to this day I still have sleeping problems, jitteryness, and occasional hot and cold flashes and I am at 62 days. The worst should be almost over, just know that it does take a considerable amount of time to really feel better.
Avatar f tn If anyone else is about to start there withdrawal let me know and maybe we can support and help eachother get this horribel withdrawal done.
Avatar m tn I hope i am posting this in the right place, if not could someone help me with where to post it? Please? I have been injecting fentanyl for less than two weeks. My question is are the withdrawals going to take as as lon as someone who has bee on the fentanyl patch? I hope not because the half life of the patch is days and the injectible is 186 min i think. I am hoping the withdrawal from the injection will be much shorter than from the patch.