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Avatar f tn We have a member (Namnam) that has experienced the same side effect to Fentanyl - weight loss. Luckily she claimed she had weight to lose. It did level off and she didn't continue to lose weight. In time you may have experienced the same results. I think she's been on Fentanyl for about 5 years. It's the only thing that controls her pain. As our Remar suggested talk to your prescribing physician.
Avatar f tn I was not taking pain medication for weight loss. I was not expecting weight loss. I was eating regularly. I did not understand why I was loosing weight since I was eating and exercising as I always had. In fact, I was exercising less because the MEDS made me tired, lethargic, depressed and sedated. The pain doctor said none of this had anything to do with the MEDS but I thought it had to. When I stopped taking the medication, I stopped losing weight and had more energy.
Avatar m tn t know what day of the week it was. The worse part for me was the weight loss. I thought I was eating enough but this medication dulled my senses enough to lose so much weight, I looked like I was dying. I went down to 108lbs from 150 lbs. I had no idea of what was happening to me until I looked in the mirror one day. This was MY experience. That does not mean this will be yours but understand this is a VERY POWERFUL DRUG!
1264863 tn?1391118193 I found when I was on Fentanyl that I gained a lot of weight. For me, Fentanyl seemed to change my tastes. I had not ever been a sugar user (in many, many years.) In the past few years, I had been working out hard at a gym and also being very careful about what I ate. I got out of the habit of getting to the gym when I started having a lot of surgeries, but I still was careful with what I ate.
443878 tn?1205103196 bladder infection; UTI as well as severe dehydration with associative muscle cramping. My total weight loss was 60lbs. I am concerned with the possible and eventual withdrawal from the Fentanyl. Is the withdrawal as rough as Oxycontin? I have several questions but I will start with this one for now. T%hank you in advance for your reply and I am happy to be a member of this community.
Avatar f tn This medication shut down my digestive tract and created problems with my pancreas and the weight loss was scary and that is what made me quit. This drug works on the brain centers perception of pain and really screws with the mind. You may not be aware of how powerful these drugs are but they do take control. Please read up more on the effects of these drugs and stay tuned to the board for any help that is offered.
Avatar m tn Just wanted to ask if anyone had any experience with switching methadone 95mg once daily, to fentanyl patch 100mcg Hour patch? or know the methadone mg fentanyl dose equivalents?
Avatar f tn Methadone absolutely has made me gain weight and I do days of total fasting, with no loss. I take methadone for cripling back pain. Will switching to opana allow me to lose the weight I've put on and help back pain, which the methadone was taking more and more with less relief?
Avatar f tn I finally did and still trying to put back the weight I lost but my body does not want to respond. I have gained some weight but not the healthy weight I had. It has been over a year since I kicked and still trying to balance out my system for the weight I lost. I am off all the pain medication now. I have seen what this stuff does and how it almost killed me. Sorry to hear of what you went through with your spouse.
3112530 tn?1434032033 I am seriously trying to gain weight. I was 150lbs when I started taking Fentanyl for pain issue. Fentanyl caused me to go down to 108lbs and have stopped the Fentanyl almost a year now. Currently 126 but want to go back to my previous weight. Was taking ensure but have lactose tolerant problems. How do I gain back the weight? Trying to eat a lot more pasta that I love but noting happening. Stuck at 126lbs for almost 6 months now. Any advise?
Avatar m tn Male 38 / not very active but close to moderate / overweight / 92kg - 166 cm / have had lots of abdominal pain but %90 is gone now due to eating less processed and more natural. / Very pessimistic: afraid of colonoscopy's sedation / have slight pain in mid-left abdomen (it feels like it's around kidneys but it's actually colon. I get %80 relief when release gas of after a good bowel movement) and of course the ultrasound doesn't show anything in my kidneys.
Avatar n tn Starting on a relatively low to moderate dose is usual practice- this is incrementally increased depending on Meds . weight for weight Fentanyl is way stronger- I mean like 100 times stronger , but that's weight for weight . Substitution equations don't relate directly, which is why a decent professional will err on the safe side and increase bit by bit rather than have you OD. The process is called Titrating.
2010625 tn?1329372056 In the UK Fentanyl is a controlled drug and can only be prescribed by a doctor, Fentanyl is approximately 100 times more potent than morphine, with 100 micrograms of fentanyl approximately equivalent to 10 mg of morphine and 75 mg of pethidine (meperidine) in analgesic activity. Its a wonderful drug.
Avatar f tn all the time and breaking out from the patch, He then prescribed morphine 15mg extended release 2 times a day. Anyway, I had a gastric bypass weight loss surgery in 2008 and I remembered the Doctor saying to me that extended release medication will not be effective anymore because of the intestines being cut or shortened. I can not remember why exactly but does anyone know for sure about this? I would really like to get information so I can let my PM doc. know.
526311 tn?1229286330 I'm having all kinds of issues with memory loss right now...I'm hoping it's all gonna be o.k. in the end...but I find it horribly frustrating. I had always enjoyed a ridiculously detailed memory, and am finding it hard to remember even the simplest things right now.....but since I'm still having trouble with sleep and anxiety from w/d ing, hopefully that's at least in part, the cause.
592912 tn?1307406761 I have lost 13 pounds since then, this is the first time I have had a weight loss issue, and my diarrhea is now mucousy and yellowish. I have not eaten very much since that worsens my pain, probably explaining the weight loss. But I am at my wits end, esp since the Drs cant find out what is wrong with me, they finally just told me it was psychological.
Avatar m tn If the pain is still there, obviously the Fentanyl is not working and you need to address what is actually happening. Fentanyl CAN relieve pain, depending... It also dopes up your mind and body. You have no way of knowing this until you can think clearly and the Fentanyl prevents that clear thinking. Find out what is really going on and GET OFF THE FENTANYL, THIS STUFF IS DANGEROUS!
1264863 tn?1391118193 Never over use them but use what they give me for sure. I currently have been taking Fentanyl for one year. I have not liked it since the day I started but it took the place of 10 percacet a day so better for my liver they told me. I am going into to see my dr and need to switch off the fentanyl. Is there any easy way way to do this and what would be a good option in place of it???? I place one 12mcg patch on every other day and one 25mcg patch.
Avatar m tn I've been on the fentanyl transdermal patch 100 mcg/hr patches every changed every 72 hrs for approximately 15 years now. I started tapering-off by 12 mcg/hr for two months now & down to 75 mcg/hr of fentanyl. With all the "horror stories" out there I have to admit I was "scared-to-death" about making this attempt but in reality it hasn't been that bad. The worse thing is the constant uncontrolled diarrhea but generic Amodium AD helps with that.
1264863 tn?1391118193 I am sure some of you saw my posts on switching from Oxycodone to Fentanyl patches these last couple weeks. Besides the fact that I can't seem to get them prior authorized for the ammount I need to keep out of pain I also can't get them to stay on. I have tried the mylan brand only. Heard it was the best but????? Put them on my back, wrist, hip, nothing is sticking longer than a day. I have covered them with tagaderm and they fell off, tape bubbled, I am at a loss.
Avatar f tn You may want to keep that to help you as you lessen the fentanyl. Then when fentanyl is finally done, you can do what is needed wor the Percocet. Do you know when you next surgery will be?