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Avatar f tn I have been using the fentanyl patch several years now. For me I had to increase the dosage, I think about ever three years. I am now on the 50 mg patch with meds for break through pain. I do go to a pain management doctor, and it is much better for you to talk to your doctor about the pain not being controlled. Your body becomes tolerant and increased doses are expected. I am surprised your doctor hasn't already increased the dosage after such a long time taking the same pain killer.
1481230 tn?1287977381 Anyone else hear that Sandoz quit manufacturing the 50 mcg of the Fentanyl Patches??? This is what the pharmacist at Walmart told me when I went to go get my script filled for a higher dose. I have tried Mylan and Sandoz. and I liked Sandoz a lot better. Now I am using Watson...which is weird....I can at least visually see the medicine now but it leaves marks on my skin and my pain hasn't been controlled lately even with the increase.
Avatar n tn My pain clinic did have Mallinckrodt brand of Fentanyl 75 mg patches, when the4y no longer had them I had to go to my pharmacy and they had Watson brand (much larger) they would not stay on no matter what type of tape I used. I do not have oily or dry skin. I have called all my local parmacy's and none have the Mallinckrodt brand, is there any other recommended brands for 75 mcg/h??
Avatar f tn You're certainly in the right place to get support. What is Watson 540? Is it oxycodone or hydrocodone? First I'll say that I was not addicted but rather physically dependent. I didn't like taking so much medication and I've tapered off nearly everything. (At the moment I have to stay on a small amount due to some health issues.) Since you got them from a doctor, were you having pain? If so, what kind.
Avatar f tn I have recently been on 25mcg Fentanyl Patches Watson Brand. They worked fine. When AI picked up my latest RX they were for Par Brand, My skin is swollen & red with severe itching. Is this from the brand change or is something else going on? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I'm also taking 7.5 mg Percocet three times daily. Thank You.
Avatar f tn Hi Accelermom3, First I want to welcome you to the Pain Management Forum and let you know that we are VERY glad that you have found this Forum. I need for you to understand that there are NO Doctors on this Forum. We are ALL CP - Chronic Pain - Patients that help each other with our OWN expertise and experiences from our personal CP Issues. I'm so sorry that you are going thru this with your Patches. I too use the Fentanyl Patches.
1176986 tn?1264921442 The reservoir patch gets its name from the fact that the fentanyl is contained in a reservoir. In Duragesic fentanyl patches and authorized generics such as the Sandoz fentanyl patch, this reservoir will be filled with a fentanyl gel." "There is no fentanyl gel in a matrix style patch. Mylan pharmaceuticals makes a matrix patch. A matrix fentanyl patch places the fentanyl in adhesive. There is therefore no gel to link.
1176986 tn?1264921442 anyway, I just was switched from 80mg Oxycontin 3x daily, (because it didn't work anymore, provided no more pain relief) and now am taking 50mcg/hr Fentanyl every 72 hours for a week, and if no pain relief, I am to up it to two patches every 72 hours... The problem, I am getting no relief whatsoever, does this mean I am tolerant to narcotics? I am starting to freak out, because why doesn't it work?
Avatar n tn You could also ask your pharmacist to special order them. I live in Colorado and use the Watson brand fentanyl patches and they work really well for me. Good luck.
374225 tn?1269902862 Recently I changed insurance and had to try the Jansen (named brand) of Fentanly over the generic made by Watson that I had been using for the last 3 months. After about 10 days on the Jansen patches I started having acid in my mouth, major anxiety, fire in my stomach and feelings of total withdrawal. All this with the patch on. I tried adding another patch thinking that it was just a weak patch and my agony tripled.
1331804 tn?1336870958 I apply the patch on the upper abdomen just a little bit below the bra line and I switch sides when I apply a new patch every 48 hours. I am using the Watson generic gel filled Fentanyl patches and I use Nexcare First Aid Waterproof tape to tape the edges of the patch and it stays put in the shower and all! I have also learned to check each patch for leaks by running my fingers across the reservior part of the patch to make sure that it is sealed.
Avatar f tn Hi, I take the 50 mcg (or whatever it is) duragesic patch. I was on the watson brand fenanyl patches for a couple of months and started having an alergic reaction to the adhesive. My skin broke out really bad around and under the patch. I got some of the name brand duragesics but my insurance will only cover part of it so its super expensive. I was hoping someone could tell me about a generic that they think works will that I can try next time.
Avatar m tn While they do work, they make me lethargic and I do not like the side effects. My Dr recently changed to Fentanyl patches, 100mg, but they do not seem to work well at all! I realize it takes times to build in my bloodstream and it's been 20 hours. I tried them two months ago and they never kicked in so I went back to OxyContin, but alas..,the side effects of sleepiness, lethargy, constipation. Right now, I'm lying in bed on ice, with my back and body throbbing horribly. The Dr.
Avatar n tn I would suggest to research very high dose vitamin C. It may sound impossible, but here is one link with some info - http://www.doctoryourself.com/pain.
Avatar f tn and with NO Space left btwn the discs the Calcium is now growing AROUND the spinal cord at C-4 and C-6-7. I am currently on Fentanyl 75mcg every 72 hrs and MST Continus 100mg. 3x/day with Naproxen 500mg. 2/day and Clonazepam 2mg. 3/day for the SHAKING in Right Hand and Other neurological issues. i Used to take up to 1200 mg/day of NEURONTIN, until they decided that in Non-Epileptic people, Neurontin can be very TOXIC. *** .
1176986 tn?1264921442 Hello, it's me again, I am trying to find on the internet, picturesof all the different kinds of Fentanyl patches, and I'm having no luck. does anyone know of a stet that would give me this info? Right now i am currently using the patch made by Watson... I have been hearing about one brand being better than the other and I just would like to be able to see the different brands so i could be more informed. And meybe if you've found a site that has a video or pictures snowing how to apply it.
1638239 tn?1300407802 I'm no longer using the Fentanyl patch -- just been off it for about 2 weeks. But, I was using the generic Fentanyl patch from the Watson brand. They would not stay on, so I called the Watson company, they took all my information (I thought they were about to send me some "patch covers"), then they just simply said to use waterproof medical tape on all the edges (not just the corners).
Avatar f tn I'm on the 75 mcg Fentanyl patch now for a while. In the beginning it didn't seem to come off. Lately, the edges seem to unstick. It also buckles. It's pretty big, even the pain clinic NP thought it was large. She didn't write for any particular brand. I think it's manufactured by Watson. It has the gel inside. I really like it for the pain control but it bugs me that it doesn't stick. I've put it on my arm on different spots and now tried it on my chest.
Avatar m tn Hi! I do believe that going to the fentanyl patch would be too high of a jump...too much of an increase in pain meds. How many Percocets do you take per day? Have you tried adding in something like motrin to help? I would think that instead of bringing fentanyl into the equation, that something like an extended release form of the oxycodone should be tried first. A low dose of Oxycontin twice daily, with the percocets used only for breakthrough pain as needed, sounds like a better plan to me.
Avatar f tn So no Duragesic in any dose at all. I had a generic (Watson) brand in the past but had trouble with that in keeping it on. It's a gel-filled patch and it falls off and I don't think it releases the medicine in the right way for me. Secondly, my worker's comp is being cut off. My original attorney, who I have fired, didn't file paperwork he was supposed to in January. Last Friday I get a notice informing me I'm being cut off financially and medically.
Avatar m tn I have not tried either of them but hear of good pain control from both. Is it possible to try the Fentanyl again. This is what I use and at first, the side effects almost made me stop; but I hung in there and I'm glad I did. It has saved me from a lot of pain where other meds did not. You might want to chat with a Pain Management Specialist, they are up to date on the most recent meds available. Others will post at some point, so be patient. Good luck to you and take care...
Avatar m tn percocet (best is generic oxycodone by watson, NOT teva), is for outbreak pain, which is to say it goes to work faster. Norco(?) which I assume, from above, like Vicodin or Lorcet, is Brand for generic Hydrocodone, works on a time-release basis. Both contain the same synthetic codeine by dose; it is the other ingredients that make the meds different. I have been on (Percocet) Oxycodone for some 3 yrs. now for outbreak pain from fibromyalgia.
Avatar f tn Thank you both for your responses! Yes, I should have clarified better, I have been put on the 50 mcg/h Fentanyl patch. Long story short, I have had arthritis all my life, then 5 years ago was hit head on in a car wreck. Broke every bone in my legs except my left femur, and 20 other bones. I was in the hospital for a month and have had somewhere close to 20 surgeries since then. So I have major pain issues and since have also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
Avatar n tn ive been c/t for 2 days yesterday i took 2 watson blue ones are my withdrawals gonna start getting bad again like day one......
Avatar n tn Anyways, I dont really take TOO much. I will pop 3-4 watson 503's every 2 or three days, sometimes ill go a whole week without taking them, and i dont feel any withdrawals or anything- thats where i am confused. I dont know if I am causing harm to my body or if i am addicted. My opinion is that I dont think I am addicted or taking too many pills. What do you think?
Avatar f tn I do not understand why, if we pay so much for insurance that they should tell us what we can and and can not take, so sorry I am sorry you are having problems. My husband was on fentanyl and more. His doctor did not show up one day and never returned. At the same time our insurance company refused to pay for the high priced drugs and we did not have $1,000. My husband went through horrible withdrawal until he could find another pain management doctor.
Avatar n tn I started with BlueBombers, or Watson 10's. Which led to experimentation with every narcotic known to man. I've seen it all in three years, taken it all, had a Lortab tolerance elevate to a OxyCotin tolerance, AND BACK. I've had Methadone (pill and liquid), everything... Patches, all of it. Well... I'm dying, and I'm only 18 years old. I feel like I'm dying inside and out. People tell me they would let me into bars without even thinking of carding me. The pills have aged me.
Avatar f tn d Various opioid agonists (e.g., morphine, methadone, fentanyl) have been shown to differ in their ability to desensitize or down-regulate opioid receptors (Arden et al 1995, Sim-Selley et al 2000, Yabaluri & Medzihradsky 1997). Some of these differences have been attributed to the "intrinsic efficacy" of the opioid agonist. Each opioid has a given level of intrinsic efficacy for the various opioid receptors.