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Avatar n tn I check out his other arm and what do I see - One MONSTER Duragesic patch with another smaller one right below it...I then figured out - he ain't blind - he's loaded to the gills! Well, it seemed that way at least. He had a big duffle bag with him...You know it's really scary when you just want to grab one of those patches and stick in on your own arm while you're running out the door...!
Avatar n tn I've read several posts from folks here who have used/are coming off of Duragesic (fentanyl) patches of varying strengths. Seems like most of these folks, however, have had them prescribed for legit reasons and have used them as directed. My question is, is anyone else familiar with the NON-approved methods of using these patches (that would include mainly ingeston)? Back in "the day", I would either cut them up or place them intact inside my mouth, and then. . .
Avatar n tn Hi and welcome. Duragesic patches contain a Schedule II narcotic,Fentanyl, which will readily be picked up in a screen. In fact, any opiate or narcotic will be detected, depending on how sensitive the test is. Most companies use sensitive testing methods. The anti-inflammatory or n-saids (Ibuprofen or aleve) are over the counter and may or may not control your pain, and they aren't narcotics and of course don't require a script. (so if they show up in the screen, it would be okay).
Avatar n tn I am on "the patch" (Duragesic 100mcg/q 3 days) and have been for the past several years. My teeth are bad, I can't get a real job because I can't pass a drug test and what my wife and family have to go through just is horrible. I have 2 good days out of 7 and I am DONE!!!! The reason I am on the patch has not changed. It is for the "treatment" of pain due to my MS and Spinal Stenosis.
Avatar m tn Right now, there are no long-acting, time-released preparations of hydrocodone. Norco, lorcet, vicoprofen and vicodin are instant release, short-acting hydrocodone pills - like percocet. Oxycontin is the slow-release version of perocet.
Avatar n tn My wife is doling out my pain meds exactly as presicribed and it is driving nuts. I am considering asking for the Duragesic patch. Any ways, it's just a thought for you. I heard that they are very expensive. If anyone out there knows anything about the patch, I'd appreciate hearing from you.
Avatar f tn My question is: Does Roxicodone work as well as Percocet? Background information-- I was in a near fatal MVA 14 years ago and now suffer with chronic pain 24 hours a day/everyday. For 13 years I have used a durogesic patch and percocet together with lower to stronger strengths at the present. For 8 years I have used a durogesic 75mcg patch changing it every 48 hrs.- due to BREAK THROUGH PAIN. Along with the patch I use Percocet 7.5/325 mg 4 tablets a day.
Avatar f tn I prefer the fentanyl patch because it is all pain med -- fentanyl is a pure opiate agonist, like morphine, where as Butrans depends on a medication that is part agonist / part partial agonist. But either patch should be worn only by those who are opiate tolerant. Even the circular provided with the Duragesic patch warns against using the patch in those who aren't used to opiate analgesics. Have you tried Oxycontin?
7157762 tn?1390866511 Sometimes doctors will increase the breakthrough meds while decreasing the Fentanyl so you won't have much withdrawal. Once pyour off yhe Fentanyl, it will be easier to get off the others. Look up the Thomas recipe ... it will help minimize any witohdrawals. Also stay very hydrated and no matter how anxious you are to come off, a slow steady taper is best.
Avatar n tn If it isnt right for you, your docs will be able to tell right away and they can put you on something else. Have you tried the Fentanyl Duragesic Patch or Actiq? Those can both be very powerful drugs. I know Actiq is specifically marketed for cancer pain. Hope this helps some.
Avatar m tn I am not comfortably recommending a specific medication as we are all different and contraindication must be considered. However that said the suggestion of Duragesic aka/ Fentanyl Patch seems an appropriate consideration. Methadone is an effective PM medication. It is one that you must be cautious mixing another opiate with for break through pain. So you may want to talk to your physician about a long acting opiate with a second short acting opiate for break through pain.
981443 tn?1250119402 Plus, Clonidine is a blood pressure medication that can have serious consequences if used incorrectly. I assume by patches you mean Duragesic (Generic is Fentanyl). If so, you can wean down off of them by getting a smaller dosage patch. This will help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms to some extent. Just don't be tempted to cut or alter the patches.
Avatar n tn Dilaudid and Fentanyl (Duragesic) are both stronger than Fiorecet and Tylenol #3. www.rxlist.com has information of both of these drugs, that is where I found the information below. It is best to go ahead and talk to the OB/GYN and doctor about finding another type of medication that will not harm the baby so you can besure these medications are out of your system when you do conceive. No studies have been done in pregnant women taking these medications, only in lab rats.
Avatar n tn I know I am banned from this board, but I had to look up fentanyl to see what it was. I happened to run across this site: They are giving out meds to worms!!!! check it out: http://www.opioids.com/fentanyl/subjective.
333929 tn?1201207723 are you a chronic pain patient? Have you ever tried Duragesic/Fentanyl???? I believe it's the most dirtiest drug out there on the market today except for MS2. Catch ya back in a couple hrs for that challenge..LOL....for now, it's JAVA TIME! ;) it's 900am CST here, and I'm an old night worker..so you can imagine how my head is even without benzo power...lol... Ocyio LadyWolf PS...My old friend that told me about the chocolate used it to get himself off speed in the 60's. Old Hippie. ;) TTYS..
Avatar n tn I appreciate each person on this forum. I cut from 200 Duragesic Fentanyl patch every other day to 100 Duragesic Fentanyl patch about 4 weeks ago. At first it was every other day, then every three days. Then on Wednesday I went to a 75 every other day. I'll tell you when a person thinks even about minor victories over something it can help. I thought I was into my fifth or sixth week coming off it, but its only been 4 weeks. Take heart.
1855076 tn?1337118903 You keep repeating how you are "dependent" vs. "addicted".. I don't believe you.
Avatar n tn I am getting off the Duragesic Patch, that I have been on for about 5 months. Took it off Monday morning. My doc was great and game me a million Oxys to get off the Fentanyl. One of my main fears is this strange violent "twitch" , it just lasts a second, but it's scaring me, maybe I have something wrong with my brain? Also, I have a weird rash on my face and hand, a low grade fever and a sore throat.
Avatar n tn My pain doc and my addiction doc both said I'm not an addict. Meantime, I'm racing past 100mcg fentanyl duragesic, supplemented by oxy's, with almost no pain relief, just depression, constipation, sweating, and other w/d symptoms, back chills, etc. Five days ago, I was allowed to try the switch to Suboxone, and I feel normal for the first time in years. If I was getting pain relief, maybe I'd feel different, but the opiate prescriptions didn't keep up with my tolerance building.
Avatar n tn But for only a few minutes until the drugs took effect, thank God for meds and without sounding cruel how do you 12 steppers and AA/NA guys do this when you cant take as much as a lortab? I am not trying to start this AA/NA vs US thing I promise, I am just curious how I could belong to such a group taking tons of pain killers, any thoughts, if not ignore me like the rest do! LOL Bill CINDY, what is the deal with all the closed threads? Can we delete these old ones and start over?, please.
Avatar n tn my husband who was in a car wreck and is totally disabled is on a variety of narcotics...oxy, fentanyl and Kadian. We shot up the Kadian together and now he is going thru this hell with me because unbeknownst to me, when i shot him up, he immediately developed a tolerance and experienced withdrawel just as I am. I am taking care of him...I was a nurse for almost 15 years and lost my license because of suspected narcotic use....we sell what he doesnt use and live comfortably ...
Avatar n tn I would love to know the addiction rate in the US vs the rest of the world....just a thought for today... To, keep the posts flowing, we need you...