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Avatar m tn u r citing several different narcotics to stop a narcotic u r already on..some even stronger than the one u r on..dilaudid is not absorbed well orally...perhaos stop the IM injections and taper down fron the dilaudid slowly...morphine is another drug that is not absorbed well orally...dilaudid and morphine r usually an IV drug abusers choice vs a pill popper's choice..heroin is the street form of heroin...not a very sought after drug for oral use and neither is dilaudid...
Avatar m tn wants to switch me from 120 #4 dilaudid a month that I just started taking 3 wks ago to fentanyl and 40 #4 dilaudid. What do you all think?. Also I should mention that whatever I do could effect weather I get a liver or not If they think I really need what I am taking since I had A drinking problem but not in over a year. I go to AA several times a week.
Avatar n tn I realize that both the Fentanyl and the Dilaudid have qualities that make you sleepy. I use the Fentanyl patch and I tend to get sleepy but it does help. You say that the Dilaudid makes you sleepy....does it help the pain?? it sounds like you have some Dilaudid left because you didn't want to take it so if you want to stop the w/d process, I guess you'll have to finish the script. The good thing here is that he gave you 3 referrals.
Avatar m tn Hi, Suboxone is not the same type of opiate as Fentanyl & Dilaudid. Sub is only a partial agonist with Naloxone, an antagonist, thrown in. Fentanyl & Dilaudid are full agonists & are both powerful narcotics & highly addictive. Your brain is acclimated to opiates. I'm not sure if you had a previous dependency but I'm assuming that if you're on Bupe that you probably did. Either way, if you took Subs regularly, you were physically dependent on an opiate.
Avatar m tn I have been dependent for about 4 months this time around, using mainly oxy/dilaudid/fentanyl but I havent had oxy in awhile mainly just fentanyl and dilaudid. I remember when I withdrew from oxy last July, it was sooooo bad. I literally could not eat or sleep at all for the first 10 days. However I am already almost on day 2 and feel very little withdrawal this time around. I hope it doesnt get much worse than it is now because from my memory days 2-4 were the worst.
Avatar m tn My options besides the Oxy when it stopped working, were the Fentanyl Patch, or Dilaudid. We had already tried Fentanyl some months before, and could not function while it was in my system, So Dilaudid was for me, and it works so well. And as I said with the Oxys, many people have great success with Fentanyl, but it was not for me. Another thing, is that for some of these drugs like the Fentanyl and Dilaudid, you MUST be "opiate tolerant", otherwise they are very dangerous.
Avatar n tn I successfully tapered off Dilaudid before (not with a Fentanyl patch though). Your on day 3 which seems to be the worst for many people. Hang in there....you should start seeing improvement soon! Maybe check out the Thomas Recipe. http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Addiction/Thomas-Recipe-Re-Posted/show/16?
Avatar n tn But if taken too soon after using a full opiate agonist (heroin, fentanyl, methadone, Dilaudid, Norcos, Vicoden, Oxy, etc.,) Subutex itself CAN cause precipitated withdrawal because it will act as an antagonist. I can tell you this from my own experience, I have suffered through PWs and it was kind of like, instantly going from feeling normal to instantly feeling like Day #2 of full blown heroin withdrawals in 5 minutes and nothing but shooting an ass load of Dilaudid would help it.
Avatar f tn IR morphine just 3 a day and 2 dilaudid a day. I also wear fentanyl patches 100 mcg/h. And 50mcg/h. Change every 72 hrs. Ok with me changing the morphine will it put me into withdrawals? Please help answer!
Avatar f tn I prefer the fentanyl patch because it is all pain med -- fentanyl is a pure opiate agonist, like morphine, where as Butrans depends on a medication that is part agonist / part partial agonist. But either patch should be worn only by those who are opiate tolerant. Even the circular provided with the Duragesic patch warns against using the patch in those who aren't used to opiate analgesics. Have you tried Oxycontin?
Avatar f tn They gave me instructions on how to taper the Dilaudid and after a few weeks, each time I renewed the Fentanyl patches they started giving me weaker patches. I would have mild withdrawal symptoms for a couple of days then I would feel fine. It took 3v months for me to detoxify from the narcotics and boy was I glad when I did! I felt much more energetic and cheerful and had a new lease on life. I would hate to go through that again, to be honest.
Avatar m tn Dilaudid and Fentanyl are at the top of the list of the most powerful 'doctor prescribed' addictive drugs. Using either of them for more than a very short period of time will guarantee that you will have some major withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit. Addictive personality has nothing to do with it ---- when you flood your neurotransmitters with that strong of a drug - there will be an effect.
Avatar f tn This is why I asked, I always thought it was a serious drug, like fentanyl. Yes, like fentanyl? I only had an epidural with fentanyl when I gave birth and I did not feel a thing! if dilaudid is like that, then it's gone. I already flushed it. I may have moments of addict regret but it's better than alternative. Thanks, you may have saved me from that slippery slope!!!!!
Avatar m tn At the top of my pain meds I was on 2 -100 patch Fentanyl every three days plus 10 dilaudid 8 mg a day. That was overkill and I knew it. I started taking less and less. We moved across the country and got hooked up with another good doctor. Basically I was on 1 - 100 patch of fentanyl every three days and up to 200 dilaudid 8mg a month depending if I needed them for breakthrough pain. This worked great for about 2 years.
Avatar m tn I was on the Fentanyl 100mcg patch with dilaudid for breakthrough...up until about a month ago. I have pain that will always be here...but I am 36 years old, and I was getting very uncomfortable with the high doses of medications I was on. Also had problems with the patched staying on long enough, or the patches would last maybe 48 hrs and then I'd feel like I'd start feeling withdrawal symptoms for the last 24 and into the next patch for a few hours.
Avatar f tn Please help...I've decided to go off my pain meds and go on subutex and suboxone. So im on my second day of fentanyl 100mcg patch and dilaudid withdrawals. It's really bad already. Any suggestions how do you really know when your in full withdrawal. Before you start your subutex. Any and all advice would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn He is prescribed 2 four mg. dilaudid daily. I recently learned he was injecting the dilaudid. I am extremely concerned and feel helpless. He was a drug addict for many years, but was clean 15 years prior to transplant. I want to know what this drug use now is doing to his liver, even though the liver function test are O.K. They do raise occasionally, but never enough for dr's to be concerned. He also takes 1800 mg daily of neurontin for the neuropathy.
Avatar m tn The Medicare Advantage plan has paid for my claims in the past, but now they are only paying for 1 unit of Fentanyl instead of the 6 units. Dilaudid is not controlling my pain at all and I don't have a life right now. I feel like I have been put on a shelf to watch life go by. I need to know how to get my insurance co to pay for 2 claims from last year and allow me to get back on Fentanyl. The code is J3010 for billing purposes.
Avatar f tn I did some research and apparently morphine, dilaudid and fentanyl are all in the same class of drugs. Would it not be contraindicated to give a patient who states morphine doesn't work some other related drug? Obviously, I'm not a medical professional. But what happened? Why didn't anything work? Can someone give me some insight? I am not a drug user. I've never used drugs a day in my life, aside from occasional alcohol intake. How do I prevent this from happening again?
Avatar n tn My doctor decided to switch me from 2 10/325 norco 6x per day to one 8mg dilaudid 4 times per day. I am not sure how much stronger the dilaudid is from the dose or norco I was taking, and I do not understand those narcotic equivalancy calculators. Can someone with experience please help me understand how much stronger this medication is? The only other medication I take is xanax .5 twice daily.
Avatar m tn Fentanyl is a stonger form of an opioid. Opiate and opioid mean the same thing: Opiate is an adjective while opioid is a noun. Percocet is an opioid as is fentanyl. They are synthetic which means they are man made and not derived from a plant. Good job on getting off the Percocet!
Avatar f tn What caused you to be on so many narcotics at such high doses? How will yo manage your pain when you get off the meds. I find it unusual you were on two long acting meds. I was on a lot at high doses and wanted to come off to see where my real pain was at. Longstory. I've been off and on because my pain causes my bp to skyrocket and can't get it down. But I've never let them put me on such high doses again and I will never go on Fentanyl unless it's for end of life pain.
Avatar f tn ve been enduring brutalizing constant lower abdominal pain (from a genetic condition) for years, my Dr has just recently started me on fentanyl patches with dilaudid for breakthrough pain. I started with 12.5 mcg mylan patches every 72 hours about 1 month ago. While the dose is not yet correct it is obvious this treatment is a vast improvement to anything else ever tried, while still completely disabled I am able to imagine leaving my home for the first time in years!