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Avatar m tn The sedation issue is more complicated; IMHO if all I could get was Versed/fentanyl, I would skip the sedation (the doc agrees that a lot of people have trouble with this combo). Many docs rush the exam and make it painful and that's why some (a minority) insist on sedation. While typing I got a call from the CRNA who is scheduled to "stand by" with propofol/fentanyl tomorrow; my doctor scheduled her for my exam just in case I decide on drugs (it doesn't cost me anything).
Avatar f tn I had to look up midazolam and that's the same as Versed. I can't stand drugs but I love Versed. Such a happy med. I've had Versed and fentanyl (for pain) during all 3 of my catheter ablations. During the cath they will have the pulse oximeter clipped to your finger and will monitor your O2 levels the whole time. If they think you're going a bit low, they'll just give you some oxygen.
Avatar m tn I have heard from reliable resources that Versed can/will eventually cause PTSD and anxiety attacks in almost %50 of the patients, since they will start remembering the pain and helplessness (if fentanyl is 80 times stronger than morphine, why should they use versed [the date rape drug]?) I'm curious to know if virtual colonoscopy can be used as an alternative. If polyps were found, then I will have to give-in to the procedure.
301640 tn?1302652334 I looked up WPW and it can be controlled with meds. The good news is that, like most ventricular arrhythmias, it responds VERY well to RF ablation. The worst case scenario is that you nephew might need to have an ablation later in life. It's not fun but it is NOT difficult on the patient. Ablation is really not terribly invasive and doesn't even require general anesthesia. Around here they give you a jolt of versed and fentanyl and do the work while you are "elsewhere".
1348686 tn?1310654243 Try to get propofol for sedation rather than the usual crappy mix of Versed./fentanyl...............this often causes significant distress (it doesn;t work) then the patient gets sent home in a daze to experience nightmares/PTSD....
Avatar f tn Yes, they are safe. Most of us with cirrhosis commonly have an endoscopy and colonoscopy every year or so to screen and monitor the status of our varices. I have taken miralax many times with no adverse effects. What can more problematic is any anesthesia type drug(s) you may be given. I assume this procedure is being performed by your gastro and she/he is aware of your cirrhosis?
Avatar f tn You will be fine if they do not use any narcotic such as fentanyl and do not take any Vicodin or other such prescription from them. Versed and Propofol should work just fine for you. Suboxone will help you with pain after surgery, just take smaller doses more often.
Avatar n tn I remember the pain quite well in spite of a huge dose of Versed (8 mg) along with 50 mg. of Benedryl, and 100 mcg. of Fentanyl. I am overweight, but not obese. A pediatric scope was used. I have endometriosis with obliteration of the cul-de-sac and 3 ovarian cysts that were not removed during laparoscopy because they were so inaccessible (10 weeks ago). My ovaries are adhered to the back of the uterus and my rectum is likely adhered to the vagina and cervix.
Avatar m tn IV Versed (Midazolam, a benzodiazepine) presurgery. In the OR suite, more IV Versed, INhaled oxygen, IV Fentanyl (A potent opiate), followed by IV Propofol (This actually is what knocks you out), and the IV Pancuronium Bromide (For muscle relaxation, so the machines can breathe for you) It is common at times to administer reversal drugs depending on how much was given and your response when you come out of anesthesia.
Avatar f tn My osteoarthritis is suddenly much more painful just after my colonoscopy June 3. I’m wondering if the Versed and Fentanyl that were used could be the cause? If so, what measures can I take? Can’t take NSAIDS. I take Tylenol 8 hr once a day. Drink cherry juice, exercise on a bike and drink lots of water. I use magnesium chloride pain cream too. I’m 74. I take propranolol 10mg 2X a day & olanzapine 2.5 once a day. I have also been under Extreme financial stress.
Avatar n tn Hi Allana, I am a nurse and also suffer from GI issues. I can tell you they usually use medications named Versed (which is an amnesic and makes you sleepy and not remember the procedure) and Fentanyl (an IV pain medication). These two drugs together produce the sedation for the procedure and you will be comfortable. Most people don't remember the procedure at all.
Avatar m tn I recently had a transjugular biopsy. They gave me iv versed and fentanyl. I was conscious but very very very relaxed. The doc said It was common to sleep during the procedure. I was not asked to hold my breath. The Transjugular biopsy is safer than a percutaneous biopsy and a lot less painful.
Avatar m tn Yes there are hundreds of horror stories about Versed out there, but Versed has been given millions of times. I think that if you have never had Versed, you would be fine trying it, but it is up to you.
592912 tn?1307406761 I had an Endoscopy last year and did not wake up during it, did not remember a thing, didnt even remember going home so I called the Dr that did that and found out he gave me Fentanyl and Versed. This Dr went up on the scale to a better drug and the other Dr went down The Dr knew that I was on Paxil long term and had been on Ativan short term. He said both can cause a person to be difficult to sedate.
Avatar f tn m in the minority as far as unsedated colonoscopy; the versed/fentanyl (the usual drugs) are generally o.k., propofol is almost always perceived as great. I have asked a lot of docs about colonoscopy sedation and all have said that they had propofol or did it unsedated (the "secret" option)' non said that they would get versed/fentany-they see way too many patients with haunting amnesia or who have other pretty severe drug-related problems...That's my opinion of colonoscopy.
Avatar m tn I believe I have a more reasons than the average eye patient for this uncertainty of sedation. First, the drug Versed does not effect my memory. I have received this preoperatively for my last two surgeries. Both of my surgeries were delayed (one was delayed for 9 hours) and I can recall both preoperative procedures entirely, including who was in and out of my room, complete conversations, everything until they roll you into the surgery room.
5080348 tn?1416844854 I wanted a button to push.!!.. I had almost triple the amount of Versed and Fentanyl... Then they say lay on your back for a couple of hours.... When I went into recovery I asked for a nexium and water and within 20 minutes that pain was gone... I don't know what it was.. what they went thru or if this area was the normal... I won't get the results back from the GI doctor until about wednesday and there is not a follow up appt with him until the results are in.
212161 tn?1599427282 Usually versed and demerol or fentanyl is used. The versed produces amnesia and the narcotic for pain or discomfort. It's not considered a general anesthesia but sedation. Good luck.
Avatar m tn I agree with Spectda- there is minimal pain/discomfort involved. If you like, ask them about twilight anesthesia; they use fentanyl/versed combo and you probably won’t have much awareness or remember much, if anything.
Avatar f tn I was given Versed to relax me and it has an amnesiac effect so after the ablations, most memories of what happened faded away within 24 hours. They also gave me fentanyl for any discomfort from the ablation part. All I felt when they first started the Versed was a floating feeling and I don't remember much after that. Overall the medications were closely monitored and recovery was quick. I was eating and walking down the hallway several hours after the procedure.
Avatar n tn They did give me Versed and fentanyl. Those put me in a twilight state and managed any discomfort that might have happened. Thanks to Versed, I remember very little of the procedures. Afterwards I felt a bit tired for a day or two, had some bruising in the groin and that was it. Having a cold is worse.
Avatar n tn s and PAT and he was not in the least worried. By the way, they use versed and fentanyl and from what I am told these have no affect whatsoever on pvc's. You will be fine!!! The prep was no problem either. I took the pills instead of the drink. No problems with pvc's.
592912 tn?1307406761 I am trying to get the name so I can do my own research on it but this Dr is a real ***, Even the employees in the ER of the hospital tell me he is an ***, I also just found out why I woke up during my colonoscopy is that they used nubain and versed on me, I am allergic to demerol so my Dr that did my Endoscopy (didnt wake up during that) used fentanyl and versed. fentanyl and Nubain HUGE difference!!!!
Avatar f tn Patient was on at one point Ketamine, Versed, Fentanyl, and Precedex to control breathing and maintain positive cooperation with ventilator. Day 10, medications are beginning to be reduced. Patient only on 200mg Fentanyl and 16mg versed. Patients eyes are open but not responsive to commands, will not squeeze will not blink on command. Patient is 63 YO female ~250 pounds 5’7. All organs functioning with no issues(except lungs). Hear CT is negative, lung CT negative.
Avatar n tn For the EP study, which took only a couple of hours, I was given Versed and fentanyl (like Ireneo) which is a very common drug combination for these procedures. Most people just float along and remember little, if any of their procedure and rarely report feeling pain with these two drugs. I did have some times where I could feel my heart racing, but I just wasn't worried about it and as soon as I would say to the docs something like, "Well, there it goes again...
Avatar n tn I am a nurse in endoscopy and it is okay for you to have the upper endoscopy done but you should definitely not be given the sedation. It is not anesthesia, it is called conscious sedation and is generally versed and fentanyl or demerol. We ask all of our patients if there is a chance they could be pregnant for this reason.
Avatar m tn It's not unusual for them to use Versed which creates a conscious sedation. That sounds like an oxymoron but you feel like you're floating and tend to doze off. They can ask you questions if needed but after the procedure, you tend to forget any bits and pieces that you might remember at the moment. They also gave me fentanyl for any pain that may have occurred during the ablation process. Extra beats, usually called ectopics, are difficult to pin down during an ablation.