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906738 tn?1251014078 It's pretty expensive to run a test that identifies individual drugs, and if so that's usually a blood test rather than a urine test. I understand that fentanyl is particularly expensive to identify. There is nothing wrong with using surgical tape or any kind of bandage to keep the patch in place. It does not affect absorbtion rates. Even so, some people never can find a way to keep a patch in place or end up allergic to the adhesive and have to discontinue its use.
Avatar m tn Feeling weird weird on these and thinking it's just the start up feelings from the Fentanyl. I'm also on on Celexa and that apparently is not a good combo. So i asked the Doc to get off the Fentanyl and he said OK and gave me my normal dose of Vicoprofen. Of course i'm having big time whidrawls from not being on the Fentanyl. So my question is what do i need to overlap 75mcg off fentanyl?. do i need to go to Percocet or something else to not have the whidrawls coming back ?.
Avatar m tn Would ingesting or chewing a piece be enough to have a positive urine test? How quickly does Fentanyl show in the urine? My previous tests have not been a problem because I've had 'accepted level' of Fentanyl....though I don't know what that is. Previously I was on oxcodone for over 7 yrs and when I started abusing, I was switched to the patch and have not abused since. I'm so relieved to finally have a constant relief to the worst of the pain that I do NOT want to risk loosing this relief.
Avatar m tn My girlfriend tested positive for fentanyl after almost 5 mouths latter on a urine test. She was in a drug court program in jail. And they didn't test her till she had completed and was to be sent to a halfway house. She was a chonice iv user. About 3 grams a day for about 3 years straight. I don't know the mil of the drug per dose. But I know it never should have been sold on the street. The amount she was doing in one shot.
Avatar f tn Perhaps there is a problem with absorption from the patch? Your doctor may have access to a urine test that can show if you're putting out fentanyl metabolites. This will check whether or not you're absorbing the medicine. I used to break out from the patch, and after the two or three days, would apply triamcinalone cream or some other topical steroid to the site. Usually the irritation would heal in 2-3 days and the site would again become available. You need to rotate the sites.
Avatar n tn I realise now that the urine retention problem I had was also caused by fentanyl. I am between doctors, I had no confidence in my last one & haven't seen my new one yet, I have an appointment on Monday. I will make sure that I research any drug they want me to take. I am feeling human again. Good luck to all trying to stop, it is worth while.
Avatar f tn I recently took a urine test for the doctor and she said that a drug came up that I have never even heard of. I think it starts with an O. But, when she checked the pharmacies to see if I got a prescription for it it never showed up. BECAUSE I NEVER TOOK IT! But, she did notice that I accepted a prescription of Darveset that I received. Yes, I was wrong for accepting it. I was passing a kidney stone and the pain was too much to handle. It ended up being a 6 mm stone.
356518 tn?1322267242 With all the posts inquiring about false negative urine test I wanted to put this in my journal for reference. When this issue comes up I always have to research the information so it is easier to just add it here in my journal. It is unacceptable that this is happening to anyone who religiously takes their pain medications. When they are tested and then fired because their test are negative for the medications they are prescibed it is unfair.
Avatar m tn This is what he may have to do before every urine test, unfortunately. I wish I could tell you how to find those articles. Maybe you can look for the names of the people that posted them? I really hope everything works out for your husband. Oh, I almost forgot to ask. Was your husband past the time when it was time to change his patch? Maybe that effected the test. I'm really not sure how long the medicine from Fentanyl patches stays in your system.
Avatar f tn How close to a urine drug screen would I take my last 500 mcg. Fentanyl Troche for it to show up in my urine?? I happen to have a REALLY bad month & I want to make sure that it shows up positive...I can also explain to my doctor the horrible month I've have (some new pain & also some SERIOUS mental health issues with my son that I'm sure did nothing but make my already bad near daily migraines all the more worse...but was just wondering how long it would take to go thru one's system...
Avatar f tn I'm supposed to change patch every 3 days, but I forgot and didn't replace my patch until later on the 4th. I had my urine test sent in on that 4th day and I just realized what I did! It would be ok but I want to make sure the fentanyl test comes back positive from the lab. I've been a FAITHFUL pain management patient for almost two years and it would crush me if my doctor didn't trust me. I have never had this issue before so I don't know if it's possible to leave your system that fast!
Avatar n tn Similiarly - some poor soul who does not take your meds probably is as floored as you are with their results. Also I would DEMAND a blood test not a simple urine test. You can also file a complaint with the medical board in your state and the AMA stating your case. I know how hard it is to find another doc to pic up prescribing the meds you are on and I wish you much luck and many prayers.
Avatar n tn and am waiting for test results. Plenty of blood drawn and urine test too. I have really receieved conflicting opinions about the fent. causing my fatigue. yes and no's. Test results due back next week. I hope they show nothing serious, and hope the fent. is the cause. "That",I am going to stop using in the next month. Don't know what to think but may find out soon hopefully.
1381087 tn?1279226927 I'm sorry for the people that can't re-take the test, I think they should allow you to take the test again, let you put on a patch and then later do a urine test in front of them and see if the fentanyl shows up at that time. Instead these doctors that are testing patients and that are coming back with no fentanyl in their systems are just removing them from the practice and it just seems so cold.
Avatar n tn been awhile since I checked in. I've since discovered that my fatigue may have been caused by a thyroid condition. Am presently waiting for final blood test results. Still want to kick fent. Marycarmel, you never responded to my ?. Did it take you a few months to w/d from fent, or a few months to feel better after w/d ing from fent. If you're still following this forum, could you please respond to my ?.
Avatar f tn What comes back from the doctor after a urine test at a primary doctor on pain contract?
Avatar f tn I don't think it has been a year yet, I have been on 50mg fentanyl patch. You guys are scaring the hell out of me. I am 55 and have suffered with back pain for a number of years. I also have fibromyalga. My son is 22 and gas has been a user and abuser of Oxcotin 30mg soma and valium to what extent who knows. For years first becaususe of friends and then because he has a 3 hurniated disks bad, and this has just come to light.
1855076 tn?1337118903 I'm wondering if anything could have effected this urine test. The fact he refused to retest with blood test bothers me. I take my relationship with my physicians very seriously & I know how difficult it can be to find great PM physicians. But without trust & mutual respect there isn't the right relationship. Anyone have thoughts on how this test came back like this? I've worked in the courthouse & we use urine tests because they're cheap.
Avatar n tn (6 bottles a week, the top of the line) and the Director herself met with us and told him that he had a positive urine screen last week for FENTANYL. His take homes have been suspended until they get the second test back- they are re-sending the same urine screen out for further testing.
Avatar n tn last week i had to take a urine test for a new job. i take 140 mg of oxycontin and 45 of roxycodone a day. i thought they would bring up a positive for opiates as i had a half days worth in me to begin with. but no my test came up clean. the only thing i can figure is i'm on a diuretics for high blood pressure. i knew it really kept me flushed out, but i didn't know it worked that well!!
Avatar f tn Different doctors and clinics and I convinced them that I just moved and no longer wanted to be on the patches no more, so instead of taking the drink they prescribed me a meth pill, I was at 80mg a day and always made sure that my pee would be clean if I had to due a urine test. This way I was abusing my patches in two weeks or less and then just used the pill for the remainder till I got my new script.
Avatar n tn went to urologist,gynecologist and nephrologist.all the tests like COMPLETE URINE EXAMINATION,URINE CULTURE,URINE FOR CHYLE AND 24HRS URINE EXAMINATION are normal.. ketones and albumines are not present in urine.. used FEMBIO capsules for 3 months and taking UTI OF tablets from 5 months as per doctor suggestion.problem intensity came down..but couldn't solve the problem completely.. please suggest me a solution and is there any other test to be taken to solve this problem Thank You.
Avatar m tn i am on the fentanyl 50 patch for ongoing hardware problems after a L4-S5 laminectomy with fusion in nov 2008. i also take Lortabs for occasional breaththrough pain. my doctor occasionally "drug tests" me but i am always too embarrassed to ask exactly what they test for. i dont do any illicit drugs and do not take any drugs not prescribed to me. my anxiety at this time is that i also have Klonopin prescribed to me by the same MD but only rarely take it.
Avatar f tn I am prescribed fentanyl patch for failed back surgery syndrome. The doctor gives a urine and lab test to make sure I am taking the meds because the DEA? or whoever it is is cracking down on him. the problem is it doesn't show on my test. he says it could be because of protein in urine. does anyone know if this could be true? Other meds I take do show up.
Avatar m tn I did find out why the VA cut my pain meds. They claimed that my last urine test showed that I had not been taking my hydrocodones. What may have happened is that it was during my time off from school.(College professor). I take as little pain pills as I can when I'm home because I get much pain relief by lying down. I had been off during the break from the Spring Semester to the Summer semester. I was told that many VA patients were selling the pills and not taking them.
Avatar m tn When asked if I took any meds I told them I took a half of a pill the day before . I wasn't suprised when my urine test came back negative that first time. I WAS FLOORED when I was summonsed to an earlier-than -scheduled appointment this afternoon and summarily told by a PA that my last urine test taken week ago at 8am came back negative too. I took my normal dose @8PM THE NIGHT BEFORE!
Avatar n tn Percocet). So that means every time I go in I have a urine test. That apprehension is there always. Hang in there, as we all have said YOU'RE NOT ALONE!!! Think positive, we're here for you. Sending good thoughts your way....
356518 tn?1322267242 •A popular and effective way to beat the test is by substituting “untainted” urine for one’s own by carrying a concealed specimen into the bathroom. The only way to thwart this is by supervised urine collection (ie, a staff member observing urine leave the patient’s body and fill the cup). While this is required for forensic urine testing, it could be the ruin of a typical medical practice; it is upsetting for patients and demoralizing for staff.
Avatar n tn i have an appointment in 48 hours for an after care program and they are going to do a urine test to see if i have been using. My question is how long will the oxy's stay in my urine? if i don't touch another one will it completey be out of my system? Someone please respond.