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356518 tn?1322267242 False negatives...Pitfalls of Urine Drug Monitoring in Pain Care ... I am always looking for information on the effectiveness and accuracy of the drug test we have to endure. I have just come across this one from Early this year. It has alot of information on how the UA works and why they are inconclusive most of the time. I am including the link as I have not posted everything in the article. The VA study I have posted in my journal and refer members to was done in 2004 I believe.
356518 tn?1322267242 The only way to thwart this is by supervised urine collection (ie, a staff member observing urine leave the patient’s body and fill the cup). While this is required for forensic urine testing, it could be the ruin of a typical medical practice; it is upsetting for patients and demoralizing for staff. •To avoid the possibility of urine specimen substitution, oral fluid can be collected for use with screening devices employing technology similar to on-site, POC urine screens.
Avatar f tn Comparing the nonexistant original formula with Fentanyl...Fentanyl works much better on my pain. The pain relief is more consistent. I don't have the up and down roller coaster every 12 hours like I did on extended release pills. Your results may be different but BEWARE...Opana ER is different now and manufactured with plastic polymers (and some other junk) to make them crush resistant so that you can't snort them...similar to Oxycontin OP.
Avatar m tn The detection period in case of saliva drug test is around 20 hours to 1 day approximately, whereas it is around 3 days in case of urine drug test. The accuracy rate of urine drug test results is much higher than that of saliva drug test results. It is a fact that the risk of false negatives is high in both of the these tests. It is also a fact that there are no set of standards in place that require lab validation. One would assume some labs are more accurate than others.
Avatar n tn I was on oxycodone 5mg and a fentanyl patch 12 mcg per hour my doc had me give a urine sample which i could have refused but thought I had nothing to hide. 2 weeks later I went in and he told me that my results were negative for both meds and my anxiety med that I take 1-3 times daily he said he had to discharge me. i begged him to give me another test and showed him that I had my patch on. they let me give another urine sample which again was negative.
1275919 tn?1279839604 urine drug screens not only have different cut off levels but they have different detection times for different drugs. Something may show up in your urine that is not in your blood. I don't know if you thought about that or explored that avenue.
Avatar n tn I hope I can get some assistance with this dilemma. I am currently assisting a person dealing with PTSD , neurological and physical truama and a lot of the pain associated with being a victim of a gay hate crime. For the past year and a half, he has been on several medications for depression, pain, sleep and for symptoms associated with PTSD anxiety and nightmares.
Avatar n tn The idea is to make the ratio of water to drug metabolites in your bladder as great as possible. When you give the sample, don't put the start or end of the urine stream into the cup. While half-life tells you apprx how long the drug may be active in your system, the metabolites from drugs can be detected for days or weeks, depending upon the drug. Opiates such as hydrocodone, I believe, are detectable within 2 to 3 days of use.