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1108166 tn?1260224390 I too am on the Fentanyl Patch50 mcg. What is the dose that ou are on? Are you testing OK for the Fentanyl or is it not showing up either? I don't know much about testing for the Morphine. Is that Saliva Test the ONLY test that he does? Will he give you a UA or a Blood Test instead? Preferably the Blood Test as that is MUCH more accurate.
1671104 tn?1303848269 for the last 10 years my yearly ua come bake with blood in med and large rbc are 0-2 why would i have blood in my urin? i had a total historectamy 6 years ago.
Avatar m tn Management is largely aimed at lowering the UA levels in blood and its maintenance. The UA levels would need to be within the normal range towards the lower side, while neither increase or decrease in the levels specifically indicate dissolution. Hope this information is helpful. Take care!
Avatar m tn Yes. u need to use protection 4 any further sexual contacts. hv u bn tested 2 know ua status? ua wife needs u mo now.
Avatar n tn ve been on the FEN patch(50 to100to75 every48 hr.) Then went to my Pain Doc and was asked to to give a UA. Four dats later I was asked to come back in and was told my UA was tanmpered with and I was kicked out of the clinic FIRED!! There was on chain of comand with the UA I gave It Went out to the waiting room,they brought it out and had me sign it and some paper work and off I went then 4 days later I was fired from the clinic. I do not no whos ua I signed.
Avatar f tn is still indicated. UA RBC was 0-5 and is now 5-10. UA Bacteria is occasional. UA Amorph Urate Crystal is moderate. I apologize if this is not something I am suppose to ask on here. I'm new and just really frustrated with having to wait so long in between doctor appointments to find out whats going on with my body. Thank you so much for any help you can give me.
Avatar n tn I just started pain management in June. Since then, I've been on the fentanyl patch. I've also tried MsContin with Opana IR for breakthrough pain. The Fentanyl patch works the best for me. Now I am on 75mcg/hr every 72 hours. Where I live, the weather is not stable and affects my joints a lot. I have been diagnosed with both rheumatoid arthritis (since childhood) and fibromygalia. My doctor prescribed me Vicodin 5/500, 30tabs for the month for BT pain.
Avatar n tn i am also having a negative ua and blood serum results. i am prescribed to take the 25 level fentanyl patch every 48 hours. My Dr. has done the ua tests 3 times at my request because I am trying to prove my innocence. I have been on these medications for 7 years, and have been accused to selling my meds for the last 4 months. She tells me this is the last time she can prescribe them. I am also going to be looking for a new pmp through my old physician.
Avatar f tn I am new to PM and today I had my first UA test. I was concerned about my levels being too high because the night before I had woke up about 3 am in a lot of pain so I took an extra dose. I had originally been put on 10/325 at 3 times per day. Then, with my last prescription they had cut it back to 2 times a day. I had told my PMP that I sometimes have to take up to 4 per day depending of my level of pain for that day especially at night when I cant sleep because of the pain.
422795 tn?1293301409 this happened to me twice in 3 days...i had a UA at one hospital, i tested positive for THC, negative opiates and negative for benzos (i dont smoke pot and i do take a low dose of benzos) so my doc sent me to another hospital 3 days later, i tested negative for THC, negative again for benzos and positive for opiates...' she tested me herself the next day and i was negative for everything but benzos...LOL! so it DOES happen...hospitals DO mess up...he should have retested you then...
Avatar n tn Hi If anyone could help me with this question will be great. My uncle has a AU today and he's scared it will be dirty. He bought a jar of pickled herring in wine, will this effect his UA?
Avatar n tn My question is this How can the doctor at the clinic okay the nurses to take you down on your dose from 120mg. to 60mg. in a 12 day period because of a dirty ua? My ua showed up a benzo which I did not take, have never taken one and I have been at this clinic for 5years and never had a dirty ua. Now that I am at 60 I am going to go off of this because of the above situation and get this, it is doctor recomended I only go down 2mg.
Avatar n tn hello all my doctor put me on oxy 10mg 3 aday after reading this stuff i was scared went back 2 doc said i didnt like oc talk he put me on vicodin 10/325 have serious back problems anyhow last 10 oxy was sunday i have ua for new job wensday does ua show oxy and vicodin or what i told boss vicodin??
3197167 tn?1348968606 Can anyone tell me if there is a "way" to fake/cheat on a UA for crystal meth? I don't want to know HOW, of course!! LOL From my last go around with this crys meth addict I know the UA tests are personally supervised and a woman actually goes in the bathroom w/the person being tested. I'm not concerned about switching out urine or anything, just needing to know if there is some way she can alter the test?
Avatar f tn I went the first time yesterday and to start out he gave percocet 10s a 12mcg fentanyl patch and upped my lyrica from 100mg to 150mg. theyre strict about only taking theyre medice and no outside meds, they also give a UA to make sure your taking your meds.
Avatar m tn I would ask for another UA. They also do hair samples/blood work too. Lemon poppy seed muffins can also throw a UA off.