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Avatar m tn This is being written by some one who was on the Fentanyl patch and the fentanyl lollipops/ sublingual tabs for advanced cancer. If you want to life in a Fent Fog. There are also new restrictions on driving whilst on this drug in the UK. I don't know about other countries. If your not sure it's working then its not working. You either have pain or you don't. Find out all you can about this drug and then decide if you want it in your life .
Avatar f tn Hi am have been a fentanyl addict for about a year now and I am scared to death...I went without fentanyl for 12 hours once a couple months ago and it was the worse I have ever felt in my life!! please help me! any info at all on how I can get away from this drug and get my life back??
Avatar f tn Fentanyl (Transdermal, Transbuccal, Transmucosal, Sublingual) Norfentanyl 4-N-(N-propionylanilino) piperidine 4-N-(Nhydroxypropionylanilino) piperidine 1-(2-phenethyl)-4-N-(Nhydroxypropionylanilino) piperidine So are neither opiates showing up in your UDS - or just the Fentanyl? If it's the Fentanyl then your physician may just need some education is reading Fentanyl UDS results. It's not your other medications that are influencing the results of your UDS.
Avatar f tn I've been on Fentanyl 50 patch and sublingual fentanyl 600micg ( A bit like the Actiq Lollys)10 times a day for 3 years for pain as a result of Cancer and treatment. I now want to come off it by reducing the sublingual fentanyl(Actiq Lollys) first. I am now down to 4 a day over 3 weeks but have suffered sweats ,diarrhoea and anxiety in the process. My Drs supporting me but am I going too quickly ? if I go slower will there be less side effects or will I get the withdrawal symptoms any way?
Avatar f tn Abstral is for breakthrough pain and is the sublingual form of fentanyl. I take this as I cannot absorb morphine or other pain medications due to surgery on my bowel as a result of cancer treatment. Has anyone been on this and successfully managed to get of it as I am finding it very difficult. I would rather suffer the pain than be on this long term. I wish I was never on it.
Avatar m tn Fentanyl (Transdermal, Transbuccal, Transmucosal, Sublingual) Norfentanyl 4-N-(N-propionylanilino) piperidine 4-N-(Nhydroxypropionylanilino) piperidine 1-(2-phenethyl)-4-N-(Nhydroxypropionylanilino) piperidine (Source: Remitigate.com) As for my experience with transdermal fentanyl, when I used that patch, I found them effective to 2 days only, after only 3-6 months of use. For me, the problem with transdermal fentanyl was a rapid development of opioid tolerance.
Avatar n tn How long does it take for a 100mcg Fentanyl patch to get out of your system for a drug test?
1253584 tn?1332877954 I am starting day 6 of getting off Fentanyl and percs and know there is no turning back now. Keep on, keeping on.
Avatar n tn I don't know if you have sublingual fentanyl, but maybe you could stay on the dose you take when not working and use the sublingual (Abstral here, France) in addition to the half patch when you work. It's easier to reduce the quantity you need, as obviously, it doesn't last so long. I cut the patches, not gel filled either, and did find it a good way to reduce. Maybe you could try that.
Avatar f tn There is no benefit to taking this sublingually that I know of. Generally the reason you take anything that way is to get it into your system as quickly as possible or because saliva is beneficial to absorption. With 5-HTP, it takes some time for your system to react to it assuming your body finds it necessary to have more coming in -- if it doesn't, it just evacuates it. The same thing is true when you take medication targeted at serotonin, though they work quit differently.
369629 tn?1237812958 Hi Sharonanne: Sorry to hear of the dilemma with your Fentanyl Patch. Thank goodness you're not on a really high dose. Fentanyl is one, if not the hardest opiate to come off of so you're really going to have to be prepared. Your Doctor will most likely know what's best for your system to make it as comfortable as possible. I'm guessing that he thinks you don't need CP Pain Therapy anymore?? Or is it you that doesn't need the help??
Avatar m tn I have been on Fentanyl for four years, starting with the 12mgc and working my up to the 75mgc every 48 hrs. plus taking about 12 vicodin a day for a neck condition and knee pain and now I'm tapering off the fentanyl having already quite the vicodin cold turkey. I have tapered down to the 25mgc and I'm now starting to get stomach cramps and I'm having trouble sleeping.
Avatar f tn Hi julie1224, I'm so glad that your Doctor took the x-rays but I know that you are frustrated that they didn't find an answer to your problems. :( I don't have any information about a "new" patch that is similar to Vicodin that is out. I couldn't find anything when I googled it. You might call your Pharmacist and ask him/her about it as they are up-to-date on every new med that is coming out. Did your doctor tell you what the name of the "new" patch is?
1035252 tn?1427227833 Where is he placing the patch? Where oily skin is concerned, location is even more important. He also needs to clean the area thoroughly with alcohol and let it dry before applying the patch. I've found the Mylan patch to be less sensitive to temperature changes, but as you mentioned, each brand seems to have its own issues. There is a new pain patch on the market that contains buprenorphine and is supposed to last a week. I have no personal experience with it.
Avatar m tn Where do you people come up with all of this? If you have symptoms and you're ill go to the doctor. As for salivary gland disease. I've never seen anyone with it.
Avatar f tn So when i read this I thought maybe I would get more out of it with sublingual absorption. I take 2.5 grain. They have one pill which is the 2 grain and then the .5. I took the 2 under the tongue this morning and after lunch will take the .5. So far I haven't noticed much difference at all. Thanks for your input. I wonder what Stella has to say on about this i don't think I read that one or maybe that is where I got the idea not sure.
Avatar m tn Is it safe to take Xanax sublingual I have been taking Xanax for about a month I take it orally but inane heard sublingual works faster and by sublingual i mean where you let it dissolve under your tongue
Avatar n tn There is a lot of info about the sublingual form not actually having Hcg in it, so i want the syringes and vials. I live in L.A. but would prefer to do myself. Help!
1765695 tn?1313669583 What is sublingual methylcobalamin? I never heard of this before.
Avatar f tn VitaMist sublingual (under the tongue) sprays do not list cellulose as an ingredient. This is the ingredients list for VitaMist's vitamin D3 sublingual spray for instance: Purified Water; Vegetable glycerin; Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3); Polysorbate 80; Lecithin; Vitamin E (dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate); Peppermint flavor; Stevia extract; Potassium Sorbate.
387767 tn?1345872027 Now my doctor prescribed the Fentanyl Patch 25, and I am terrified to use it. It says you have to be *opioid tolerant* which I am not. Also I take the Ambien and Xanax. Doctor said *be careful* but still, I am terrifed after reading the drug side effects. I'm scared, and my hubby and son are mad at me because they said I *won't try* anything. PLEASE HELP--what do I do? Thanks so much.
Avatar n tn Oral as in pills or oral as in sublingual? There are people doing sublingual that are losing just as well as people on shots. You just have to mix a higher dose meaning you will need to purchase twice as much HCG and you have to hold it under your tongue twice daily. It just depends on what you prefer. Personally, I prefer subcutaneous shots. They are relatively painless and quick.
Avatar n tn If you are talking about Releana, or sublingual drops, the safety should be the same as for the injections. The effectiveness and cost, however, may be different. I believe the sublingual drops cost more because you are taking more per day for the same effectiveness. I could be wrong, though, because I only have used the injectable format.
577700 tn?1217892127 I final got on Armour and trying to figure out how to take it with the other meds that I take. I take estrogen and iron as well as a wellbutrin. I have been taking Armour sublingual, my question is can I take the other meds at the same time since they are being swallowed?
Avatar f tn She told me to get a bottle of 1,000 mcg and take it every day for a couple of months and see if it goes away. I went to walmart and all they had was the 2500 or 5000 sublingual. Is this too much or is it water soluble? She didn't say to get the sublingual but I know from the past that I had been told many years ago that I didn't absorb it through the GI tract.
Avatar f tn I am going to get off the Fentanyl patches and put on Methadone using Suboxone as a bridge .I have never heard of this med called Suboxone.I am on 200mcg of Fentanyl how long will it take to get off the fentanyl?