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Avatar n tn Fentanyl is a Schedule II opiate. I believe you MUST have a newly written prescription for it each time you get it, your doctor cannot instruct your pharmacist to refill it. Schedule III drugs like hydrocodone can be refilled but Schedule II drugs cannot. Also, your doctor cannot write the prescription for greater than a 30 day supply. I believe these laws are consistent from state to state, but I'm sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.
Avatar m tn Hello! I been over on the Painmngmt. mainly but have a question regarding Fentanyl i hope someone can help me with. I'm currently weaning down on Fentanyl 25mcg. This is my 5th day and my schedule looks like this. 1st keep 2 25mcg patches on for 3days. Next put 2 25mcg keep those on for 3days. Next put 1 25mcg and leave that on for 3 days and the last put1 25mcg patch on and leave on for 3days. After this i'm done. I was started on 25mcg and went quickly up to 100mcg whithin 4weeks.
Avatar m tn She said if I wanted to take time off work and just cold turkey then she wud clear her schedule and sit by the bed as long as it takes. Its obvious at this point that my wife is going to offer no support whatsoever. So, on to my question. I know oxy detox is usually 3-5 days for the worse symptoms to be over. But ive heard fentanyl takes much longer. Does anybody have experience? How much longer does is take for a fentanyl cold turkey? Should I switch to all oxy for a few weeks first?
Avatar n tn and told him I needed off the Fentanyl and Norco. He was very supportive after my Pain MD would do nothing, I told my GP what my PMD was giving me, which was a 50mg Fentanyl path and some Norco, which I had have not taken for 10 days now. I told my Dr. that I can't do the patch cus of side effect and so he came up with a weaning schedule. He said it would not be easy but since you can't go CT, he put on the following.
Avatar m tn I'm trying to taper Fentanyl & Vicoprofen 7.5 . Would Suboxone be the easier way out or is this combo not that bad. Would be great to hear back from somebody.
Avatar m tn would they switch you over to fentanyl and then taper the fentanyl and then move you to an oral med???
Avatar m tn ve read a lot on this and most of the people on Fentanyl take it more for recreational use but I do have issues from the cancer treatment. Oddly enough, I've been on Fentynal so long I'm not sure what I would feel like clean.
5447621 tn?1368108821 Maybe I will. My taper schedule is 2 weeks (25mcg) and then 2 weeks (12.5mcg). Every day definitely does get a little easier. What has anyone else done for a taper schedule? I came off "oxy's" that I was using for break-thru pain with no difficulties at all! This fentanyl stuff is just brutal!
Avatar f tn i have ben on the fentanyl patch quite awhile 100mg and have gone down to 50 mg, my health ended and my last patch ends in 4 days and im scared.
Avatar m tn How often daily does he need the diazepam and the fentanyl now? The opana does the same thing as the fentanyl - - keep those as far apart as you can. Dont mix the lunesta and the diazepam in too close a dose. They will also mirror each others affects. Sounds like Doc Jeff could help a little more if he knew how many of what and at what times he takes them. You have a couple that are used for pain and a couple along the nerve pill line.
Avatar f tn As a Schedule II controlled substance, fentanyl can produce drug dependence similar to that produced by morphine. Fentanyl has the potential for abuse, often leading to physical and psychological dependence, but may be a necessary evil to control chronic pain. Your doctor will have to take these factors into account before prescribing this drug. Tolerance is when ever increasing doses are required to produce the same degree of analgesia.
Avatar f tn The morphine will help for sure, it will give the synthetic fentanyl to leave your body. Definitely ask your doctor about a taper on morphine. Google opiate equivalency and find how much morphine to start at, talk to your doctor about a realistic schedule. Fentanyl is stronger than morphine, so don't keep taking it until you feel good. That would be a lot. Stay at a tolerable dose until you talk to your doctor again. Did he give you any idea of how much to take?
Avatar f tn I have an unusual situation. Our 17-year-old cat Bubbles has a rare form of cancer. Our vet has prescribed Fentanyl pain patches for him. We clip/shave a spot on his back where he can't reach the patch and replace it every 2 to 3 days. It works great on his pain. The problem is that the adhesive on the patch is so sticky that I can't get it off. It's awful. I've tried pulling it off like a BandAid and ripped his hide right off.
Avatar m tn i had just detoxed off fentanyl so the pain from the perc withdrawal was NOTHING in comparison to that. i could not get taper help from my dr because they did NOT want me off of it. they didn't want me off the fentanyl either, but it was my choice, not theirs.
Avatar m tn t give you any information over the phone because of the schedule of narcotic that fentanyl is - because of the problem with drug seekers, thieves, DEA, etc., they are very limited as to what information they can give out about certain meds - unless they have a written prescription in hand.
1271743 tn?1320892461 (xray I am still haveing alot of pain... I am on Fentanyl 100mg and Oxycodone 15mg )x2 three times aday.
Avatar m tn Fentanyl is a tough one. Don't cut your oxycodone dose until you get off the Fentanyl. Ask your doctor for a slow taper for the Fentanyl. (They may raise the oxycodone dose temporarily.) Once you're off the Fentanyl, then you can taper off the rest. Stay well hydrated. Don't try to CT Fentanyl, it is very unpleasant.
Avatar f tn ( I just noticed something and am wondering about it. Since I started the Fentanyl patch last week, whenever I take my BT meds (oxycodone), I end up with a headache and sort of long-lasting hot flash. I never felt like this before. Initially I chalked the hot flash up to the humidity here (though I've always been a cold person and never minded the heat. Now I find myself putting the air conditioning on, which I NEVER do.) The headache goes away pretty much if I take 800 mg. ibuprofen.
Avatar f tn Will a urine test know what class 2 schedule drugs are being taken whether an oxy or vicodin? I have a script for 10 mg vicodin but ran out and friend let ke take a 5mg oxy for my pain till script coupd be refilled...i then took a urine test..both meds re a class 2 schedule so will the urine test know the difference?
Avatar f tn Thanks to everyone who helped me last week when I cut my oxycodone out and took a big jump down on my Fentanyl patch and ended up in pretty bad withdrawals. I really re-evaluated my pain management protocol and had an appointment on Monday with my doctor. Last week she had suggested methadone as a way to control the pain. She just wasn't understanding what I was saying when I kept telling her I wanted to come off the meds.
Avatar f tn I am starting my withdrawal and it stinks. It's way different than coming off Fentanyl- more nauseous less shakes - at least for the first day. Jeez- I can't believe I am going through this for the second time this month. God give me the strength.
Avatar f tn I'm a 31 year old stage 4 breast cancer patient, currently in chemotherapy. I've had severe postoperative pain from the mastectomy I had almost three years ago which my doctor has been treating with a steadily escalating series of opiate drugs: vicodin, then norco, then oxycodone... now she wants me to start the Fentanyl patch, and I'm a little scared of it. It seems so serious (like something you only take if you're... y'know... close to death! Which I'm not!
Avatar f tn I was recently prescribed Fentanyl 25 mcg for my abdominal adhesion pain. I have been taking Hydrocodone or percocet off an on for a while now and finally got the point where I was needing it every day to function. I have had 5 surgeries in the past 4 years so that is part of the reason I am where I am. So, my question is about the Fentanyl. The first week I was using it, it was great. I felt better and had more energy than I have had since I don't know when.
1407197 tn?1281298051 I hate math sentences, so I'd say call the Pharmacist
Avatar f tn That would be your best course of action. They can set up a taper schedule for you and possibly switch you onto a different opiate that is a little easier to taper. The patches are trickier to taper than pills. Just know that you can do this if you are serious about it. It is hard, but so worth it to be free. Please stick around and keep posting. This is a great place to get advice, support, and encouragement.