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Avatar n tn my husband had been on Fentanyl 100mcg q3days for 15 years. Could this be the cause of dementia like symptoms? he's been off it for two years but still takes hydrocodone prn. he had a mild stroke 10 years ago and still has TIAs periodically. is this related?
Avatar m tn I have been examined by a gastroenterologist and it has been recommended that I have the gastric reversal surgery. The original surgeon is refusing to the surgery. Does anyone know some one that can recommend a specialist in the area?
Avatar m tn what exactly are you taking? its rare that they use barbiturates anymore. i heard most commonly they use fentanyl and propofol...neither are benzo's or barbiturates...but what they use and how much doesn't really matter. what matters is that your anesthesiologist knows what you're taking. it can make a big difference.
11079760 tn?1483386130 In reading through my neuro's write up, she mentions that if we do not find evidence of MS in my upcoming tests, she would consider starting me on "an immunomodulatory agent to reduce the frequency of relapse." I'm curious about this idea because it was 6 years in between my double-vision episodes. Any links to previous posts and/or references on the topic would be greatly appreciated. I have googled for answers and searched this site.
Avatar f tn These are definitely NOT the same, and perhaps a call is in order to figure out what you were given and what you were billed for. MRI contrast is Gadolinium-based... Technetium-99m is used as a radiotracer for nuclear medicine scintigraphy, not for MRI.
Avatar f tn Opearting surgeon is of opinion to give combinaion treatment od carboplatin + Taxol while Oncologist is of opinion to give a single agent chemoptherapy only with Carboplation. We are confused and can any one please advice us.
Avatar m tn i could have had this problem for a long time but didnt know it. my question is could agent orange been the cause of the plalette and low blood count? the doctor i have know says he wantsto do another leukemia test in the near future. just wondering what you think?
Avatar f tn We were able to completely eradicate the fibrosis by injecting this agent ... we cured them of the cirrhosis," Yoshiro Niitsu at the Sapporo Medical University School of Medicine in Japan said in a telephone interview. "The liver is such an important organ, after you remove the fibrosis, the liver by itself starts to regenerate tissues. So liver damage is reversible.
Avatar f tn s birth 2 years ago I was ok, now I have daily periods of inability to speak or move, personality changes, day-night reversal and now a periodic shaking/jerking (but fully concious) of arms, legs and head. EEG excess of slow waves and no epilepsy. I seem to be getting so much worse every month. Dr's think its PSE but I am on protien restriction and lactulose. (Tried neomycin twice, helped a bit) Liver function is ok and only other thing is biliopathy.
Avatar m tn this makes it to where u can not shoot up suboxone due to the naloxone/which is a narcotic reversal agent used in the hospital setting for an overdose/but subutex can be used IV....course that would negate the goals of being on subutex in the first place...It is a known fact that a side effect of suboxone is a headache and that is often the naloxone that causes it...neither one tastes fantastic tho...guess subutex has less of a taste than suboxone tho...talk to ur dr bout it and good luck..
Avatar m tn t believe there is any reversal of thickened heart walls, but the condition can slowed or stopped with lifestyle change if that is the cause or any offending agent. Wall dimensions are echo estimates, and your doctor did not seem concerned, so there may not be a heart issue. Your heavy workouts may be the cause. Is your heart rate at rest below 60 bpm? That would be a good indication of a strong healthy heart from your heavy workouts.
Avatar m tn IVF, but it's just as expensive as a tubal reversal, if it doesn't work you have to continue doing it until one sticks with you! You are better off with a reversal, you can try on your own, unlimited tries. It is expensive, either way. And you aren't guarenteed to get pregnant after a tubal reversal (not that even without a tubal reversal you're guarenteed). I have a girl I worked with that got her tubes reversed 2 years ago and is still not pregnant.
Avatar f tn A tubal reversal or IVF would have to be done. I had a reversal in Jan & we are trying just finished first cycle of Clomid to help with regular ovulation. You should find a fertility doctor and discuss it all with him. He can tell you which option would be better for you depending on the tubal you had done. Hope this helps!!!
Avatar m tn What Im thinking about doing, is somehow ask my PCP to switch me to the same equivalent dose of a duragesic fentanyl patch. That way I would be away from the temptation of the having the pills just laying around for me to take at will. I could simply put on a patch and forget about it for three days. In your experience, what are my chances for success with getting away from the oxys by switching to the patch?
149816 tn?1212683341 Hi, I've had my ileostomy since October 2007 following extensive abdominal surgery for appendix cancer and psuedomyxoma peritonei. I saw my surgeon last week who said I can have the reversal, how soon is up to me - I'm leaving it until the end of the year as I've had so much time off work and want some time without feeling rough after surgery.
Avatar f tn My husband had a vasectomy almost five years ago and the 2 urologists we saw suggested IVF with ICSI rather than a reversal. The reversal can cost as much as the IVF procedure. We decided to try IVF with ICSI rather than the reversal, however, if I had the choice again, I would chose the reversal first. Good luck, let me know if you have specific questions since we recently went through it.
1268251 tn?1299011770 I started this group... for any ladies that have had a TR/ Tubal Reversal / Tubal Reanastomosis. I had my tubes tied for 8 years, 2 months and 2 days.. i regretted it from the moment i had it done, and had two failures.. neither one survived.. im 1 month post op from my reversal, and currently TTC... is there anyone else out there ??
667409 tn?1309152183 Has anyone here had a tubal reversal? If so, where did you get it done? Were you happy with the doctor and feel confidant he/she did a good job? How much did it cost? I just had my tubes tied in July and want to get a reversal...just trying to get more information.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone here had tubal ligation reversal surgery at 39/40+ and has had a successful pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I was recently prescribed Fentanyl 25 mcg for my abdominal adhesion pain. I have been taking Hydrocodone or percocet off an on for a while now and finally got the point where I was needing it every day to function. I have had 5 surgeries in the past 4 years so that is part of the reason I am where I am. So, my question is about the Fentanyl. The first week I was using it, it was great. I felt better and had more energy than I have had since I don't know when.
Avatar n tn i was just wondering how old u r and how long after reversal did u find out u were pregnant and who did yr reversal i had my reversal on the 20th april i had my 1st period on the 24th ovulated on the 24 cth and now counting down toi do preg test im feeling nauses but asuming it is stress and excitment im due for my next period on the 22 may hoping for the best im now 7 days b4 my due period and having a little cramping on right side
Avatar n tn I'm not sure about the cost of reversal, but there's also IVF...although it will probably cost about $10,000 and up, depending on the meds. Hopefully someone else on here can give you more info on reversal. Best of luck with everything!