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Avatar f tn //www.drugs.com/fda/fentanyl-transdermal-recall-potential-active-ingredient-release-faster-than-specified-12842.
Avatar f tn I am using the fentanyl 50 patch for degen disc disease and herniated discs along with shots. This has only recently been adressed and officially diagnosed due to lack of insurance. On the same note, I am just now able to address and seek therapy and proper medication for chronic depression, PTSD, restless leg, and a new diagnosis that I can't recall...something about socio or social something. Basically I seem to 'perform' roles and have no clear cut 'me'.
Avatar f tn I am wondering if anyone on high doses of fentanyl 175mcg for extreme pain has died going cold turkey and this doesn't mean the side effects which are like death so i have read. Or has anyone who used fentanyl for extreme pain committed suicide due to the withdrawal.
Avatar m tn He everyone I'm new on here I just switched from fentanyl to methadone and I was wondering which generic was the best, when it came to my fentanyl Duragesic was far and away the best, just trying to get the biggest bang for my buck
Avatar f tn I think I am just beginning to feel my fentanyl patches, it has been 25 hrs. and I am getting a dull headache, which I usually don't get. Is headache a common side effect, if you know. The dr. didn't mention ANY side effects! But this new headache is...well. not usual for me. And I am due to put on the additional 2 patches now! I was supposed to put them all on yesterday, but didn't do it, following my regular drs. advice.
Avatar n tn I dont' know if you're still on the patch or not, but just to let you know, there are certain brands of the patch (I'm presuming you're talking about the fentanyl patch) that you CANNOT cover the entire patch because doing so does not allow the patch to "breathe" and it could heat up due to body heat and release too much medication into your system, so if you're still using the patch and still covering the entire thing with the tape, I would definitely suggest at th
Avatar f tn I guess I am doing OK. I am coming off Fentanyl and percs and its been one heck of a ride- One Iwill never take again. When I see my pain doc next Wednesday, I am telling him that I never want to use Fentanyl again and want to look at other pain management regimes. I just could not take counting my pills everyday to make sure I had enough and scheduling my day around when I took my meds.
Avatar f tn t nerve pain! So will let you know, if and when I wake up after the Fentanyl (and IF the Fentanyl) kicks in! It didn't help at all when I used it years ago, but i will try again, really, they don't give you any options, its that or....NOTHING! (at least in my case) I'll post later. Thanks for writing, I am so sorry for the cancer pain, I do know about that, and only a morphine pump seemed to help.
Avatar n tn Why was c-phen dm infant drops recalled?
1401023 tn?1280781358 Since starting the Oxycodone I have been a mess. The pain is reduced but my emotional nerves are frayed. I am bugged by everything and everyone!!! My temper is short-fused, and I am not at all like that normally. I have no patience with the kids and my poor husband keeps rubbing me the wrong way. I keep trying to tell him it's ME not him but it has to be hard b/c I would just like to be left alone. I hope this goes away soon. I feel really shaky, too. Is that normal?
3945899 tn?1414781215 I agree with everyone's posts here. You have done awesome, and you don't want yo go back. I am trying to taper off fentanyl and it is miserable. I woke up this morning to a drenched t shirt, cold sweats, nausea and GI issues, everything aching--- do you ever want to go through that again? Hang in there and stay strong!
Avatar f tn I am going to get off the Fentanyl patches and put on Methadone using Suboxone as a bridge .I have never heard of this med called Suboxone.I am on 200mcg of Fentanyl how long will it take to get off the fentanyl?
Avatar f tn I am on my 13th day from detoxing from 150mcg of fentanyl. i need to know why since the detox, my eyes are burning and watery, very sensitive to any light. ive been trying to make myself deal with it and get used to it....not working. also now i am finally hungry and very thirsty . well i was happy i had a good meal and then felt pain in my stomach like i ate an elephant.
1360851 tn?1277581906 I was on the Fentanyl patch and became very sick, I went to the ER and found out the patch was leaking due to a manufacturing error, I was being overdosed. Since then I've been afraid to use the patch, I use only percocet to control my pain. I understand there is a class action lawsuit against fentynyl.
Avatar m tn If the pain is still there, obviously the Fentanyl is not working and you need to address what is actually happening. Fentanyl CAN relieve pain, depending... It also dopes up your mind and body. You have no way of knowing this until you can think clearly and the Fentanyl prevents that clear thinking. Find out what is really going on and GET OFF THE FENTANYL, THIS STUFF IS DANGEROUS!
Avatar n tn interactions between prozac and fentanyl. My husbands meds were recently doubled. Prozac now 40mg and fentanyl 50mcg. and he is now talking in his sleep every night and constantly scratching at himself in his sleep.
212161 tn?1599427282 i had one thursday and she put sticker on my moles but for got to put one on the scare where i had a biospy done 15 years ago, now i get a recall could it be from that.
Avatar f tn I heard there was a recall for Huggies wipes but I couldnt find anything about it online. Does anyone have any infinformation about this?
Avatar f tn I read on Facebook that graco has a stroller recall out on all strollers made Sep 2014 back to 2000 if you Google it takes u to a page where you can put in model number and it will tell you if it's an affected one they r recalled for finger tip amputations!!!!
Avatar f tn For those on Heparin: my RE's office told me there has been a recall on Heparin manufactured by Baxter. Here's some more information: http://www.baxter.com/about_baxter/news_room/news_releases/2008/02-28-08-heparin.html check with your Dr.