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Avatar m tn As he lost mental clarity (with the increased ammonia in his blood) and and lost coordination, his family noticed him in pain but he was unable to push the PCA button so when we thought he would have pushed it, we pushed his PCA for him.
282804 tn?1236833591 for instance, fentanyl patches did nothing for my mom but until she got the PCA machine for dilaudid we had to try and use them along with the dilaudid pills (which she couldn't absorb orally that well). if they are working for you, by all means use them. try to not get too scared about how 'much' or 'powerful' any pain medication is...if you need it, use it. you are not going to get addicted, etc.
Avatar m tn Hi. After 18 years, over a couple dozen surgeries, and all that time on every narcotic you can name (now on Fentanyl patches and percocet) I want to quit all the narc's on my own terms even with the chronic pain! I was just in the hospital again on a high dose demerol PCA pump, then a fentanyl pump and I hated what it turned me in to.
Avatar f tn A variety of other events (removal of morphine PCA, removal of IV fluids) led to him not eating or drinking, pain increasing dramatically, and vomiting. He was placed back of IV fluids, PCA morphine, antibiotics, a picc line for TPN, and also had a NG tube inserted on freeflow. A CT scan revealed two large haematomas in his abdominal area as well as ileus. He has now had paralytic ileus for two weeks, is still very distended, and his intestines are full of air.
Avatar f tn After giving birth, I want to be a stay home mom for a year. Right now I have insurance through my work place. Any advice or program I should join to help me? Me and my husband we're talking about this, but he's just making things stressful that I won't get any insurance because of making too much money. I work as pca and tcf bank. I plan on quiting tcf bank and keep pca. I'm sure I will still get insurance with my job pca. Please give me some advice on what I should do?
Avatar f tn If you have the option I would definitely go for the pump (I'm presuming what you're actually talking about is a PCA - Patient Controlled Analgesic). With that, you are definitely in more control for your pain relief. Of course, you are limited based on what the doctor has prescribed as far as dosage, etc.
Avatar m tn All findings went back to normal, heart rate of 70, BP of 120/88 after six hours on a PCA with Fentanyl in it plus 5 MG of Oxy IR every two hours.
Avatar f tn m a student nurse and my patient came back from x ray so I had to hook him back up to his iv. He was on a Pca pump too and his lines were all Co fusing. I accidentally unhooked the pca pumps from the main iv tubing and the dilaudid splashed out all in my face and eyes. Should I be worried about contracting anything in this scenerio. I did not see any visible blood in his iv tubing.
Avatar m tn Male, 56, recently diagnosed with PCa (3+4, 10% of one of 14 cores). PSA highly variable with prostatis that seems to have responded to doxy. Mean PSA about 11. Currently considering treatment options when a new symptom emerged, and I want to know if it is related to the cancer, the recent course of antibiotics, or something else.
Avatar m tn Dr, I am confused. Please help clarify your response. If the PCA 3 Gene test is perfect in detecting cancer at the cellular level, why would it matter if the PSA levels are rising or not? I am not sure I understand what detecting at Cellular level means. Does this mean that the cancer cells are present, but they have not yet invaded the prostate tissue?
Avatar m tn My father aged 75 suddenly went unconscious 2 years back, had fall with head injury. He was admitted to hospital - cerebral conscious - MRI says narrowing of blood vessels to brain. Ever since fall has loss of balance, loss of coordination, difficulty in sitting, standing, walking, dullness. Thrice he felt near fainting with sweating. His blood sugar fluctuates. Also his BP has difference between sitting and standing, whenever he changes position feels giddiness.
Avatar m tn Very recently i experienced a slurred speech and went for MRI BRAIN ,HEAD NECK & Angio which reads as "FETAL ORIGIN OF RIGHT PCA-Well defined left thyroid nodule with central Cystic degeneration of Colloidal Nodules" What exactly this means and what should be treatment line.
Avatar f tn When you had your testicles and prostate removed, were you deemed cancer free or are you taking the leuprorelin because you have or had hormone responsive cancer? The best place to get an answer to your question is your doctor. Have you asked him/her?
Avatar f tn Hi julie1224, I'm so glad that your Doctor took the x-rays but I know that you are frustrated that they didn't find an answer to your problems. :( I don't have any information about a "new" patch that is similar to Vicodin that is out. I couldn't find anything when I googled it. You might call your Pharmacist and ask him/her about it as they are up-to-date on every new med that is coming out. Did your doctor tell you what the name of the "new" patch is?
Avatar f tn Needless to say my pain has increased immensely over the last year and my pain was never in control unless i was admitted to the hospital with a pca pump or around the clock heavy narcotics. last year around august i was finally referred to a pain management doctor.
245504 tn?1224099316 Since I had an exposure at work my doctor did a HCV RNA PCA Quan and Qual (at almost 6 weeks) that were both negative. Where do I go from now? Am I done? And if I need more down the line are these still promising results? Thanks so much.
Avatar f tn Question concerns Merkel Cell Carcinoma and CLL. Patient is 63 yo male, dx'd with prostate cancer '95 and treated with seeds. PCa metastatic to bone in '99. PCa controlled with double dose Casodex. Patient dx'd with CLL '99-no treatment given. WBC mostly 35-45K asymptomatic except slow wound healing. Patient dx'd with Merkel Cell Carcinoma '07. Merkel cell treated unsuccessfully with chemo and successfully with radiation.
Avatar f tn You know I have heard that you can apply saline to his nose daily to help with the nose bleeds. Many times doctors will even give you it. It sounds like you are overworked do you have a PCA. If you don't know a PCA is a helper that is paid by the insurance company. Look into this as they can be very helpful.
Avatar n tn Or, we can look another way at the data and say that of all those who got a biopsy because of asymmetry, ~35% had PCa. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5006765/ "Does an asymmetric lobe in digital rectal examination include any risk for prostate cancer?
Avatar f tn t have an epidural so the dr ordered a PCA pump with Remi-Fentnal in it. I could push every 3 min. Well I waited over an hour for it. So by 11 I was in pain. The nurse finally comes in to hook it up and leaves I tried pushing my button several times nothing happened. So my mom being a nurse checked it and the dang thing wasn't on right I was mad. So she started meds by this time its 1130 I told my mom to get nurse to check me I was close. She did I was 7 cm.
Avatar m tn That is awesome hearing about your win over prostate cancer 'my prostate' (congratulations!!). In addition to your interesting points regarding some substances that can affect PCa growth, I strongly believe that there are many unknown factors that determine how cancer cells develop. You seem like a really positive person, and I think that had a major effect on your recovery.
Avatar f tn Obviously I am concerned at the massive jump in PSA levels and terrified they have this diagnosis wrong. How likely is this to be prostatitis and not PCa? Also how likely both PSA levels were affected by blood taken too soon after an infection? Could The PSA have been on its way back down to more normal levels and they just tested his blood too soon? Thanks for any advice you can give me.
Avatar f tn It's surprising how quickly things fall into place once you settle in :) this will be my third
Avatar f tn I am going to get off the Fentanyl patches and put on Methadone using Suboxone as a bridge .I have never heard of this med called Suboxone.I am on 200mcg of Fentanyl how long will it take to get off the fentanyl?
Avatar f tn Her initial night in the ER she was givena total of 12mg of Morphine and was still walking about coherent and still hurting. She was admitted to the floor with a Dilaudid PCA pump, and had surgery that day. The Surgeon put her on Lortab 7.5mg 2 tabs Q4H post-op. She was in the hospital over night sent home on Lortab 7.5 two tabs every 4 hours. She reported little relief from this medication. About a day before the med's ran out I started to give her NSAIDS and Tylenol to help with pain.
Avatar m tn Then I know one biopsy may not settle question about PCa, and I kind of believe that there can be overtreatment in many cases.
Avatar n tn In the last few months I have tried retinol treatments by PCA and a 20% Beta peel by DermaQuest. Nothing seems to be helping. If anything, the blemish is replaced witha scar and another blemish. WHAT is going on with my poor skin????!!!!