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Avatar f tn Within 24 hous you should begin to feel tje fentanyl working, and after a day or two after you apply the 2nd patch, the level of fentanyl in your system will stablize. You can do a couple of things to make sure the patch is working. First, make sure that patch is properly applied and second, acquire the covers for the patch. Information about proper application of tjeeethe patch and the covers is is on the patient information you should have received with the medication.
Avatar f tn So I would just discuss with your doctor the fact that the fentanyl is no longer working. I have heard that fentanyl tends to work a lot longer than longer acting opioids in pill form before effectiveness begins to wane. The options that your doctor will most likely present to you are, an increase in fentanyl (which will require wearing a couple of patches versus just one), an increase or change in breakthrough pain medication and/or an addition of a long acting medication in pill form.
Avatar m tn Some History of my condition. I have a rare hereditary illness, lacking plasma that holds the cells together on bottom of feet. It was never too bad ( I can handle tons of pain) but 5 years ago it was so bad I couldn't walk at all and was so painful. My doctor, being young and eager ,instantly put me on Fentanyl 75ug/h patches instead of working his way up. I couldn't function, but he said in time I would. Until one day , on the second set, I felt like I was overdosing .
1196338 tn?1265163728 Hello, I am new to this community, I suppose I should tell you a littlebit about myself first.. Well, I am a CP patient who was in a MVA accident a couple of years ago, and have been taking opiates for my pain. I am a little shy to ask this because I don't want to be judged as being an addict or something, but I always thought that you could tell that a narcotic was working based on that warm fuzzy feeling you get..
Avatar n tn if u have a scrip then it would not be an issue and i am sure a tolerance has been built up and u dont appear high...been there and done that...not with fentanyl but i could take a bu11 load of oxy or hydros and no one know...never missed a beat and was always on the ball at work...just my patience frew thin and as a nurse, we know that cnat hapen...jacquii tapered off the patch but i odnt see her post often...as a nurse u know u can cut them...
Avatar f tn Well I'm down to just 2 percocets a day now and I have just bumped my fentanyl patch down to 25mcg from 50 mcg. I am not at all looking forward to the w/d at all. I need lots if support to stay strong cuz I'm not sure I can do this. I don't do well with pain and being uncomfortable. Hope everyone else is doing well.
Avatar f tn The pain hits me sometimes like a tonn of bricks and I feel worse than ever. I do not know how well the Lyrica is really working, I am still in pain. But everything takes time. I am about to start Suboxone, which you might suggest to help with your withdrawls from the fentanyl, it is real helpful with witdrawls and also for pain. OH to REALLY ANSWER YOUR QUESTION: I was sleepy for about the first week and a half and it went away. Hope you feel better soon!
Avatar f tn I am sure it is not a big deal because the script is for 3 a day of the hydro if needed and the only time i was taking it was on day 3 of the patch because i felt the fentanyl was not working. I have explained that to them...which is why they are doing the increase. I am hoping that works because I am truly happy with the fentanyl and it has made such a difference already...I feel like i have my life back and my husband and I are so happy with it.
Avatar m tn So I'm on the Fentanyl 25mcg patch, switched from 180mg of Morphine ER because of tolerance. As I've said here before, but reiterating for those who may not know, it doesn't work for me. The Fentanyl that is. It was pointed out that the dosage is most likely low and I should be on the 50mcg patch, but I'm not a big fan of the patch in general.
Avatar f tn m sure you know Fentanyl is a powerful drug. I would assume your OB is working with your pain doc as to reducing the Fentanyl. You don't say what you're on the Fentanyl for. Is your OB experienced with this sort of situation? I don't know much beyond the basics of narcotics and pregnancy. I know stopping abruptly can cause miscarriage and there's a possibility of the baby going into withdrawal, though as long as everyone knows what's going on and there are no surprises.
Avatar m tn If the pain is still there, obviously the Fentanyl is not working and you need to address what is actually happening. Fentanyl CAN relieve pain, depending... It also dopes up your mind and body. You have no way of knowing this until you can think clearly and the Fentanyl prevents that clear thinking. Find out what is really going on and GET OFF THE FENTANYL, THIS STUFF IS DANGEROUS!
890735 tn?1261421725 I also am not totally sure about the exact equivalence of the percocet to the fentanyl, but like sandee said, it's a typical practice for doctors to start a patient off with the 25 mcg fentanyl patch to see a) how the patient can tolerate the medication b) if that level of pain control is adequate c) hopefully avoid some side effects of going to such a strong narcotic.
Avatar f tn I am working my taper. I am currently down to 15mg of oxycodone a day. Not feeling too bad except for the exhaustion. I am currently working at getting mentally ready for another round of withdrawals (~25 days ago I got off Fentanyl) and am planning on going CT in two weeks. Good luck to everyone else coming off opiates. Gosh, I can't wait to be free. I also set up an appt with another doc concerning my back problems.
Avatar m tn t taking the meds other than going back to the hydrocodone and not using the Fentanyl. When I asked what to do he said since I was a drug addict I needed to check myself in a rehab. Well I did. No one ever told me the he'll I was going thru with the crazy thoughts could be from the Fentanyl. This info here has helped me to see I wasn't crazy when I thought it was all because of the Fentanyl. I would rather be in debilitating pain. Than ever have the side affects of the Fentanyl.
Avatar f tn No not yet i have an app in a couple of days