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287071 tn?1365192513 We had my 21 month old son to the clinic today b/c he was coughing and after an X-ray (to rule out pneumonia) and nebulizer treatment - we were sent home with steriods and more nebulizer. He never has had the 'seal bark' cough but had been consistently coughing all day. The coughing started at 4am! Now he's sleeping peacefully and hopefully will stay that way. Has anyone out there had a little one with croup? I'm wondering how long it'll last for... Thanks.
Avatar f tn I know a lot of people that prefer and use a nebulizer over an inhaler. I prefer the nebulizer. My doctor has me using the neb more than an inhaler. I am to use my inhaler only when I absolutely cannot use my neb or for very minor issues. Personally, I find it is MUCH more effective. The nebulizer produces a much finer mist than what comes out of an inhaler enabling it to get deeper into the lungs.
889551 tn?1416184483 Lexi will be 9 months on the 9th and we just found out that she has asthma. I had it as a child and so did my brother. DH's brother and his daughter also had/have it. It was something that we had kept an eye out for because her pediatrician said that she was at increased risk to develop it. We had to special order a chamber/mask for her inhaler (flovent) because the pharmacies don't stock them.
Avatar n tn Xopenx 1.25 mg and Ipratropium Bromide 0.02%.
1154802 tn?1266485720 If by inhaler you mean the dose measured albuterol, I would say use albuterol in a nebulizer instead. The reason I prefer the nebulizer is that you can use as little as you need since it is not measured. I have a small portable nebulizer (slightly bigger than a cell phone) which I take everywhere with me. As far as effictiveness is concerned, albuterol is albuterol no matter how you take it. I got off the inhaled steroids because they were killing me (literally).
Avatar f tn I cough a lot anymore to the point I can hardly breath. I am on inhalers, steroids, antibiotics and a nebulizer. The nebulizer helps most of all back can only take it 4 times a day. Should I be worried?
Avatar f tn Phill, the nebulizer just delivers the albuterol in a better form, doesn't it? It's still albuterol? If your doc knows you're on that, it sounds like it would probably be safe to take. Do you have an after hours nurse you could call to confirm that? If you can't get your breathing under control and you feel like you can't catch your breath it's an emergency situation - you can always go to the ER and they will treat you right away. Best wishes with it.
Avatar n tn My son is taking albuterol through the nebulizer. He is having nose bleeds Is this common?
Avatar f tn My OB is perfectly fine with me using my nebulizer and inhaler, but always ask your OB. If you can't breathe, neither can your baby.
Avatar n tn I just refuse to succumb to this diagnosis’s. I have used the inhalers, I have a nebulizer which I use to get me through the wheezing. I seem to have a deep chest wheeze all the time, which if I don't take the nebulizer or Advair gets worst when I work out. How can I get rid of this deep wheezing in my chest or supposedly bronchitis? Sometimes I feel pressure. At night I need to sleep a bit upright or the wheezing get worst or apparant. I just don't want anymore drugs or inhalers.
Avatar m tn My traveling life has become so much easier since I bought a small portable nebulizer. It is an Omron MicroAir Nebulizer and costs $200, or a little less. It is very small and fits in the cell phone slot in my purse (although it is slightly larger). Also it is completely silent. It operates on batteries. I use lithiums because they last for weeks.
Avatar f tn I have used didlaudid iving but I have been using morphine with a healthy helping of fentanyl and hydro and have detoxed a few times to be my stupid self and go back ten steps. It is not easy to look life square in the face when it seems to hate me but as I say its not over until it is over. U no?? Hang in there and don't let this scare you some feel better on the third day not with me would that I be that lucky but it does fade and so does the depression as well.
Avatar m tn You should see an allergist I would call eeach and everyone within a 3-4 hr drive to see if they take medicaid. My son has asthma and Gerd and he is on a nebulizer, a steroid inhaler, and rescue inhaler sometimes prednisone too. If the breathing treatments are stopping the attacks maybe he can get a nebulizer that is travel size ours is and we take it everywhere we go he also might be allergic to something thats causing this you would be suprised my kids have food and outdoor/animal allergies!
Avatar n tn The answer is complicated. The reason for giving these medications sequentially, is that they have different effects. By giving one med before the other the optimal medicinal performance is obtained with a minimum of medication. There is a difference of opinion regarding this issue. My brain is foggy, but that is how it was explained to me a long time ago by a very knowledgable R.N. Ocassionally there are side effects, and mixing the drugs does not hold well for figuring out the problem.
Avatar n tn Anyway, my questionn is, do most asthmatics need nebulizer machines? I own one at home and seem to use at least once a month, and sometimes even once a day during weather changes or severe bronchitis. I actually just made an appointment with a pulmologist (or asthma specialist I guess) this month, which I probably should have a long time ago if it wasn't for my regular primary care doctors telling me I didnt need one.
Avatar f tn I purchased the Omron Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer and am using the vials of Albuterol and Ipratropium. I can only use 1/2 vial because more than that speeds my heart up too much. Can I save the last 1/2 of the vial for later use? Does anybody know of a more affordable way to get the medicine I need? I am paying out of pocket and this economy gets harder every day it seems like.
Avatar n tn I have a question about normal saline for inhalation (as in a nebulizer). I was surprised today to find out that I needed a prescription for this! Why is that? Has it always been the case?
Avatar m tn For the past week i have been having extreme difficulties with my asthma and no matter what i do or where i go nothing is working, my albuterol solution and iprotrium bromide for the nebulizer, my albuterol sulfate inhaler, anti-allergen medications, even herbal treatments nothing is working at all, i have frequented my doctor he says my lungs sound clear and my oxygen blood level is reading good, however there is a tightness in my left lung and its hard to breathe, im having to use the nebulize
Avatar f tn And also then Budesonide in my nebulizer. Nothing helped. I was having near-death experiences trying to get to the nebulizer to open up my air passages. I finally called my pharmacy to find out why I did not get my advair and it turned out that I could still get it and my price was the same as always with my medicare. After just one day I was immediately on the mend. I'm on day three and it's like night and day I am getting well.
Avatar f tn From vitamins to digestive enzymes. From Albuterol Sulfate (in nebulizer) to Singulair. Everything that I ingest in pill form or inhale (chemically) results in a SEVERE allergic reaction or SEVERE adverse reactions!! I've learned to combat the GERD by controlling my diet and eating more raw foods seems to do the trick. BUT my asthma really concerns me. When I last braved a nebulizer treatment with Albuterol, about an hour later I felt as if I were going to suffocate.
Avatar f tn ll probably have a slightly accelerated heart rate and feel your heart beating (palpitations) for about 10-15 minutes. You mentioned a machine. Are you using a nebulizer at home? Again, albuterol is usually used in the nebulizer and it takes about 15 minutes to finish the breathing treatment. You will feel the faster heart rate and possibly some muscle twitches and shakes for awhile after the treatment; that lasts about 30 minutes for me. How often are you using the albuterol?
Avatar n tn I have been using Combivent for about a month together with Asmanex to treat my cough-variant asthma and have had pretty good results. However, the first inhalation of Combivent always triggers a major coughing spell (sometimes it's so severe I almost vomit or my ribs hurt). Are there other bronchodilators that might be easier to inhale and still be effective? Or would using a nebulizer help? I've heard there can be adverse side effects with a nebulizer.
Avatar f tn For the sinus problem take acetylcysteine, preferably by nebulizer. It is a mucolytic (mucus thinner). I cleared me of chronic bronchitis, post nasal drip and sinus headaches so quickly as to be unbelievable. It is a supplement and is only on prescription if you need the liquid (for a nebulizer). I experience no side effects and am taking it long term because I have COPD.
Avatar f tn Yes I have asthma I was taking prednisone, my emergency inhaler, my daily inhaler, and nebulizer treatments. But when I got further along in my pregnancy the only thing im supposed to do regularly is use my inhalers and its important to stick to them if you have low oxygen or alot of attacks it can make you go into pre term labor.