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Avatar f tn Yes it it safe I had a cold and the doctors still recommend nasal spray for me!
Avatar f tn The only thing that allows me to breathe is a nasal spray equivalent to afrin. I used to be addicted yrs ago but now I only use it in dire emergency....like before eating or bed because I can't sleep if I can't breathe through my nose. In the past 3 days I've only used it at night and a couple other times during the day when it was really bad! I try to hold off as long as possible without using it. And I only use 1 or 2 sprays and usually only in 1 nostril.
Avatar f tn If it's,allergies you could take benadryl. That helps me when im sick and stuffy.
Avatar n tn I just read a terrifying article about pregnant women using nasal spray in their first 3 months of pregnancy. It said it cause heart and stomach defects. I used it off and on almost my entire first 6 weeks before I found out I was pregnant. Anybody else out there know anything?
Avatar f tn The way I got rid of using nasal spray is to dilute the nasal spray 10% per week by using water or salt water. Continue use the diluted nasal spray, your nose will not noticed the difference. by the time (after 8 weeks) you get to 80% water, then you can cut it all off. There is a company sale this kind of diluted nasal spray solutions, but you can easily open the bottle and mix it with water yourself.
Avatar n tn My doctor has me taking the Hcg nasal spray, instead of the Hcg shots. Have any of you used the Hcg nasal spray? Should I have any concerns? Oh, and any advice before I start? Thanks and have a great day!
Avatar n tn It works by constricting (shrinking) blood vessels (veins and arteries) in your body. The nasal formulation acts directly on the blood vessels in your nasal tissues. Constriction of the blood vessels in your nose and sinuses leads to drainage of these areas and a decrease in congestion. One of its side effect may be elevation of blood pressure and an irregular or fast heartbeat.
Avatar m tn ) Tablet 400mcg for approximately 1 year when I was switched to the Subsys fentanyl 1600 mcg spray. I was on this spray for 1 year. I was abruptly taken off of this medicine (cold turkey). My only saving grace was some 200 mg Nucynta tablets that I had used for break through pain ( Friday through Tuesday) I used these tablets until the doctor could see me last Tuesday @ 2:45PM. I have been given 60 MG morphine sulfate and 8 MG hydromorphone.
9905230 tn?1409232795 You also may use a saline nasal spray, such as Ocean or Nasal. Do not use Neosynephrine nasal spray for longer than 3 days. You may take Robitussin DM for coughs or chest congestion. A warm salt-water gargle is recommended for a sore throat. Throat drops, spray, or lozenges are acceptable. A cool air vaporizer may help you sleep at night. Increased fluid intake and getting sufficient rest are essential. If your nasal or throat drainage changes from a clear color, please call the office.
Avatar m tn but for the past 1 year i am not really compliant to the nasal spray treatment because i always forgot to take it. So is the past 1 year of my nasal spray considered a risk for cataract and glaucoma?
Avatar n tn My father had a brain tumor removed and now has to take a nasal spray called Desmopressin. His endocranologist only wants him to use it one time a day, but the problem is he goes to the bathroom sometimes every 15 minutes!!!! He is also on 1/2 mg of Dexamethasone and that's part of the problem. Sometimes he takes two puffs a day but the doctor doesn't want him to do that daily.
Avatar n tn If you just stop using the nasal spray, you will go through a period of about 24 to 36 hours where your nose will be almost completely blocked up from the mucous membranes swelling with rebound swelling, but if you can tolerate that 24 to 36 hours, then the swelling subsides, and within a couple of days you will be breathing normally without the spray.
Avatar f tn My question is this I used to be prescribed a medication called stadol nasal spray and it worked for me but I was prescribed four bottles a month and still had days with migraines I couldn't handle and had to go to the emergency room for them to break with IV dilaudid or demerol 2mg of dilaudid or 100 mg; of demerol would bring the pain level down, my migraines have always been considered migraines but my medical records indicate that I had a brain anyersm after my daughters birth that burst
910524 tn?1288273614 So thus evening I took a dose of nasal spray to try it again and my nasal congestion was better but lo and behold I am sitting here at 2:00 am writing this as I've been coughing for the last 15 minutes. It's to much of a coincidence for me to not think it's the omnaris spray. I will now stop the dose again until I see my doctor next week and get her thoughts. I can deal with the nasal congestion better than this coughing. This is of course just my theory.
Avatar n tn I'm taking amoxicillin and my cheeks are very red, like i'm sunburnt, and very hot. It's only on my cheeks no where else on my face or body. I've been givien this same medicine many times and have never had this reaction, The only other thing I can think about is I was given a corticosteroid shot and nasal spray called Fluticasone. It's not shown as a side effect of the nasal spray, but could it be from one of these other medicines. Should I call my pharmacist or doctor?
Avatar n tn My Dr recommended saline nasal spray.
Avatar f tn I am 8 weeks pregnant. I have really bad nasal congestion & I can't breathe through my nose in which I can't stand! Is it safe for me to use a sinex nasal spray to clear up my nose? Or what other methods can I use to help the nasal congestion!?
Avatar f tn So I heard I'm not suppose to use nasal spray, but I get real bad congestion every day all day idk why. And the doctor said I could use it. But my question is how often and andybofy had problems when using them?
612551 tn?1450022175 My EN&T problem that brought me to this community is night time congestion . I have tried many decongestant products, some over-the-counter and a couple prescription formulations. I have fond that the only thing, pill or spray, that really clears the nasal passages for me is the "Afrin" type nasal spray. Of course we all know this will produce bad unwanted side effects (rebound and loss of sense of smell I believe), so I don't use this spray every night.
9101689 tn?1401720149 Ask your Dr about a nasal spray. I have heard some are ok during pregnancy (don't know which ones though). That would at least help with the congestion. Good luck momma and feel better soon!!!
Avatar m tn Treatment generally consists of avoidance of the causative allergens, once identified, routine daily nasal washes, the use of a prescription nasal steroid spray and/or the use of an antihistamine. The chronic use of inhaled or oral vasoconstrictive medicines, such as epinephrine or Sudafed ® (pseudoephedrine) is not recommended. Routine use of a nasal steroid spray can be very effective in the treatment of swollen turbinates.
Avatar f tn take an OTC antihistamine and use a nasal spray like Ocean Saline Spray. Do not mix antihistamines though such as an oral antihistamine and spray. Ocean Spray does not have an antihistamine and will simply dry you out and is safe to use with an antihistamine.