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Avatar f tn I used fentanyl patches for a year and had an extremely high tolerance for opiates, 1 100mcg/hr has about 10 mgs of fentanyl. Fentanyl is 40 times stronger than morphine. So in essence, chewing one 50 mcg/hr patch is about 5 mgs of fentanyl which is equivelant to 200 mgs of morphine. That's like doing 2 and a half 80s at once. What they're doing is dangerous, end of story, take it from some one that knows first hand. I'm not a dr.
Avatar n tn Gave tapering instructions on discharge. I have 50mcg fentanyl patch. Have appt with pain doc nearby but not till next Wednesday. I am tired all the time, no interest to do anything, restless sleep at night. I am 3 days off. What more can I expect?
Avatar f tn 00 pm good luck
Avatar f tn Gosh I have RA/Fibromyalgia as well n thats why I took it looking for TEMP relief but now want off asap n have to tell him next Fri knowing there's gonna fight- I'm hoping I will be okay and so will you. There are other options for your Fibromyalgia n thats where you need to focus on with a Rheumatologist not those scary meds you're on now. I need to do the same. Slow is the only way or answer when it comes to getting off this stuff. Everyone is here for you. Huggs!
Avatar f tn Nitros oxide and oxygen mixed together. Happy gas lol.
Avatar f tn I wound up hospitalized with dehydration when I tried to CT off Fentanyl. I wound up tapering. It was manageable (barely) but it lasted a long time. Fentanyl is not like other narcotics. It stores in your fat and muscle so the withdrawal takes longer. You've tried the tricks for the rls. The only thing I can think of is taking a magnesium supplement. It helped me. Good luck. You're very strong doing this ct.
5135507 tn?1367163227 This is a new group for those who have been on or still is on and need help, advice, or just want to share your story. Please join FENTANYL, The Demon Drug. You could be saving someone's life . God knows I needed help coming off it, but I did and I feel absolutely great. Join us!!
Avatar f tn Anyone used nitrous oxide as a pain alternative during labor? My doctor suggested it today as an option for me because I'm not a fan of the epidural because I go completely numb and can't feel anything. I'm wondering if any of you have any experience with it.
Avatar m tn My89-year-old father just endured a series of excruciating catheterization procedures (he also has an infection) with no pain med. Nitrous oxide is a great tool for dental procedures; why can't it be used more widely? It seems that Great Britain uses it more; why do U.S. doctors continue to ignore the suffering of their patients?
Avatar n tn My question is can they use nitrous oxide for such a procedure? How safe is it? What are the other forms of anesthesia commonly used on toddlers at the dentist?
Avatar m tn My son started taking NO ten days ago. Shortly thereafter he began to experience "events." I witnessed two Grand Mal Seizures in one day. ER test results were negative. He has now been told he is epileptic and will be taking medication the rest of his life. I truly believe he has been misdiagnosed. My research indicates a link between excessive NO in the system and seizures. However, finding a neurologist who is open to the idea has been difficult.
Avatar m tn thanks. Have had electroversion 5x in 7yrs. Dr. put me on magnesium oxide 400mg every other day. What is its purpose/fuction and do I still need it. Last e.
7891785 tn?1397532007 Im a dental assistant who normally works around nitrous oxide daily, i do know that n2o can cause miscarriage and/or birth defects... When I announced my pregnancy to the 3 doctors I work with, 2 of them told me get out of restorative and go polish teeth (im certified for this too) or go upfront and help out.. one doctor (the main one i work with) told me she needed a doctor note stating i cannot work w/ n2o or take xrays.. my note said "duration of pregnancy"..
Avatar m tn Right now im taking a suppliment callled n-gorge(nitric oxide and creatine diphosphate), zma and tribulus(both of which ive decided to stop taking due to your advise), green tea extract, daily vegetable and fruit suppliments, milk thistle... As for the joint and muscle pain i go through from working out i take gluttamine, fish/flax oil pills, and glucosomine stack that helps with joint and pain management... The suppliment that im most worried about continuing to use is the n-gorge...
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 8+4 today. I was having severe toothache from day b4 yesterday .went to the dentist n she said that tooth was decayed n extraction .ws the only thing to do. But i''ve to wait till i deliver for that . She gave me antibiotics, paracetamol 650mg n a multivitamin. I .ws in so much pain that i took paracetamol 2 times yesterday. After lunch n after dinner. Will the baby be ok? I'm worried .
Avatar m tn I hope i am posting this in the right place, if not could someone help me with where to post it? Please? I have been injecting fentanyl for less than two weeks. My question is are the withdrawals going to take as as lon as someone who has bee on the fentanyl patch? I hope not because the half life of the patch is days and the injectible is 186 min i think. I am hoping the withdrawal from the injection will be much shorter than from the patch.
19298188 tn?1475431611 So me and my friend were drinking and watching movies and he said his friend had Molly n asked if I ever did it. I had my few good experimental drugs but never ecstasy nor Molly or any trippy drugs. Was always scared to. But wanted to feel good with him nd I was under the impression that Molly was same but more potent and stronger like. Pure powder of e. So I'm thinking ok I'm in my room with an experienced person sure why not feel mellow and good together...
Avatar f tn When I delivered my second baby 2 years ago I didnt have anything, but about 45min after the delivery they gave me fentanyl (which i was told is the replacement for stadol nowadays) because i had to have the doc scrape tissue out of my uterus because i was hemmohraging. But it (fentanyl) was really calming, although I'm not sure how much 'pain relief' it actually provided. I had stadol with my first 9 years ago and hated it, I felt drunk/high/loopy and it just made me tired.
Avatar m tn nitric oxide, which causes narrowed blood vessels to relax. Nitric oxide is a simple gas which has vast biological benefit to human body and produce by the body specifically to help and keep the arteries and veins free of the plaque that cause stroke and to maintain normal blood pressure by relaxing the arteries, thereby regulating the rate of blood flow and preventing coronaries.
Avatar f tn It's awful how society has made it for those of us who need pain management. My ex-dr also started me out on the low dose and within 6 months, I had went up to 100 mcg every 72 hrs bc my body was accustomed to the meds, also 4 oxycodone 10/650 daily, lyrica, etc. She was eventually fired for a patient overdosing on the meds she wrote, and I'm sure they investigated her and must've found something else. If you like fentanyl, by all means, take it, if it helps.
5135507 tn?1367163227 Hi, I've been on the fentanyl patch 75 mcg for about a year...trying to wean off the 100 mcg that I'd been on for 4 years. About 2 weeks ago, time for my refill of the fentanyl patch and ocycodone 10/650, my dr office called stating my dr was fired and I was on my own. I've had 3 back surgeries and horrible pain, legs n back. I called everyone and nobody's taking pain management patients. Finally got into a pain clinic but it will be a month and I have no patches left.
Avatar n tn hi, as the title says my foreskin sometimes gets a rash and becomes really irritating. it doesn't happen all the time though. i'v read other related questions n from what iv gathered its just irritation, but i want to add something just incase it could be something else. i had unprotected sex awhile back and i heard she had chlamydia, so i went and saw my local gp within the week and he gave me tablets. i was just wondering if it could be from that? did the tablets work?
Avatar n tn Thanks for answering my questions I was very scared I sandblasted in heavy dust for 3 weeks I wore a blasting hood with fresh air and a n 95 dust mask under that.I wasnt aware of the dangers of the silica dust.