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Avatar f tn I have been on the fentanyl patch now for over a year, I started off at 100 mcg and slowly got down to 25mcg now. I had a really hard time decreasing so far, every step down I took (100mcg to 75mcg to 50mcg now 25mcg) I went through horrible withdrawal. I have been on 25mcg for 4 weeks now and need to be clear of it in order to get back to work. Can I just go cold turkey now or do I need to go down to 12mcg?
Avatar m tn Wow! You take 300 mcg of Fentanyl every 3 days? That's a seriously high dose. Like mary said, you will develop a tolerance to opiates, which means you would keep requiring a higher and higher dose to reach the same level of effectiveness. You posted in the addiction forum. Do you abuse your meds? If not, then I agree that this would be more suitable for the pain management forum. Are you getting your meds through a pain management doctor?
Avatar f tn No one here can answer that, your doctor would be the one to talk to. I can tell you that nucynta is a fairly weak opioid and opana is one of the strongest.
Avatar m tn I am into day 4 of no fentanyl {was using 200 mcg} for years. Trying my best to not go insane. Anyone want to chat?
Avatar n tn I have been on Fentanyl patches for about 6 months and it was prescribed to wean me off of Norco 10/325 2 pills 4 x day after a surgery. I got as high as 75 mcg patch of Fentanyl every 3 days and then I developed some kind of allergy. The Pain Dr. says the allergy is to the adhesive, not the fentanyl. I am now down to 37 mcg every 2 days because the patches itch like crazy. I wake up in the morning and my patches are scratched off(even withTagederm) and there is blood on my sheets. My Dr.
5410312 tn?1367531622 I was on Fentanyl 50 mcg for almost one full month. I just could not wake up in the morning. Once i did, my adrenaline got me going, but it was a night of 10-12 hours of sleep. I am a juv. diabetic for 40 years. I have adhesive capsulitis. Diagnosed only after unsuccessful shoulder surgeries diagnosed as torn cuffs. I had been on norco for 3 years, and then percocet for the last 2 years. The constant IR made me feel like trying an ER product. My selerium was changed from patch to 20mg.
Avatar f tn It now makes perfect sense to me why you are in so much pain on the Fentanyl. Converting 360 mg of Oxycontin to Fentanyl results in 150 mcg/hr...this is conservative. Converting Fentanyl to equal 360 mg of Oxycontin with the opioid calculator results in 300 mcg/hr. This is the largest dose conversion that is shown in the fentanyl prescription leaflet that comes in the box with the medication. So your doctor's thoughts that you need to keep going up on the Fentanyl patch are CORRECT.
Avatar f tn I agree that you should have your sister talk to her doctor about the Fentanyl patches. I am on the 50 mcg/hr patch and it works really well. I do have breakthrough pain so I have to take oxycodone IR for those times. Your sister might need a stronger short acting pain medication to compliment the fentanyl patch such as liquid morphine (what Dee mentioned) or liquid oxycodone.
Avatar m tn can your husband help you? if you want off Fentanyl you should taper from the 100 mcg patch down to 12 mcg under your DR. 100 mcg is too high a dose to come off of without tapering.
Avatar m tn Due to many neck and back chronic pain issues, my doctor prescribed me these 50 mcg Fentanyl patches to be changed every 72 hours. I was heavily addicted to Percocet and Opanas for several years so I thought this would really help me out. I have been on them about 3 months now and my health insurance has just been canceled. I have 3 of the patches left and need to know what to do to wean off and then stop them completely.
Avatar f tn Within 24 hous you should begin to feel tje fentanyl working, and after a day or two after you apply the 2nd patch, the level of fentanyl in your system will stablize. You can do a couple of things to make sure the patch is working. First, make sure that patch is properly applied and second, acquire the covers for the patch. Information about proper application of tjeeethe patch and the covers is is on the patient information you should have received with the medication.
Avatar f tn 25 mcg/hr is often the starter dose of Fentanyl. They do make 12.5 mcg/hr patches that contain 12 mcg/hr Fentanyl but this lower dose is fairly new. I am also on the Fentanyl patch, dosed at 50 mcg/hr. I take 10 mg oxycodone IR as needed for breakthrough pain. So another thing to assess is if your pain level is consistently high throughout the day or if it is only high during certain periods of the day.
9880688 tn?1414115647 s to the point now where he can quit the pills completely (taking one a day ... will tell him to do 1/2 for three days then off). He also is down to a 50 Fentanyl patch. Next week he is going to go down to the 25 patch. He's been on the patch for over 10 years. Now the doctor will pretty much do whatever hubby wants him to do as far as getting off of the patch...what I need to know is if anyone knows of a way to get off of them without C/T because that is too dangerous for hubby.
Avatar f tn I've been enduring brutalizing constant lower abdominal pain (from a genetic condition) for years, my Dr has just recently started me on fentanyl patches with dilaudid for breakthrough pain. I started with 12.5 mcg mylan patches every 72 hours about 1 month ago. While the dose is not yet correct it is obvious this treatment is a vast improvement to anything else ever tried, while still completely disabled I am able to imagine leaving my home for the first time in years!
Avatar f tn ve had my pain doctor suddenly shut down and the terror of not finding a other one in time. I did find one in time but on the first visit asked him to lower my Fentanyl patch from 75 MCG to 50 MCG. I've also reduced my hydrocodone on my own down to one 10/325. Its been nearly three weeks and I've had no increase in pain or any feelings of withdrawal, although it does seem my depression is more suffocating.
Avatar f tn for the whole month, after waking up from that nightmare. In Nov., I went to 75 mcg., in Dec., 50 mcg. In Jan., I went to 25 mcg., intending to go to 12.5 mcg. in February. January's dose of 25 mcg. put me in full-blown withdrawl. The whole time I was on the med. anyway, I constantly was in and out of some amounts of w/d due to absorption issues and what have you. After two weeks of w/d on 25 mcg.
Avatar m tn 10 years ago started on Tylenol 3 and slowly went to Percocet, OxyContin then to morphine MS Contin and statex to dilauded and hydro morphing ER to back to oxycodone and now on fentanyl 37 mcg. My question is should I continue with the fentanyl if I'm getting relief at about a 6 out of 10 with this dose or ask my pain management doctor for breakthrough meds or to raise the patch to 50 mcg?
Avatar f tn If you're talking about 9 each of 100 mcg fentanyl patches that are each worn for three days, then yes you'll be right back in the toilet again. If you wear them properly, that's 100 mcg each hour for three days, which means you have nearly a month supply of fentanyl patches. If you abuse them further, meaning take them in any way other than wearing each of them for 3 days, you're still in big trouble.
Avatar n tn 3 100 mcg patches? No, not equal! The 3 100 mcg patches are way stronger than 2 100 mg MsContin. I am very sorry for all the pain you've had to endure and what has caused it all. I'll be praying for you to have more good days than bad.
Avatar n tn I was on 25 mcg of fentanyl and was having side effects so I took the patch off 3 days ago, Now I am in terrible pain all over and can barely get out of bed. What can I do ? If I can tough it out a few more days will I get better?
Avatar m tn ) Tablet 400mcg for approximately 1 year when I was switched to the Subsys fentanyl 1600 mcg spray. I was on this spray for 1 year. I was abruptly taken off of this medicine (cold turkey). My only saving grace was some 200 mg Nucynta tablets that I had used for break through pain ( Friday through Tuesday) I used these tablets until the doctor could see me last Tuesday @ 2:45PM. I have been given 60 MG morphine sulfate and 8 MG hydromorphone.
Avatar f tn Im on 150mcg fentanyl patches every 3 days with 120mg dihydrocodeine every day and have been for nearly 10 years because of a lower spine bodge operation. I don't know if this is high dose cause I don't understand all technical junk about fentanyl patches but I do know my body is well addicted and I get withdrawal about every 48hr because the patches don't last the 3 days there supposed to which is why I have dihydrocodeine to.
Avatar n tn I've only been on the fentanyl patch 25 mcg for a little over a month. I have 5 patches left and then would like to drop to the 12 for a few weeks - Do you think I'll still have withdrawl??