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Avatar f tn Several years ago there was a study done on the effects of long term opiate therapy. Forest Tennant, MD, who undertook a first-of-its-kind research study evaluating chronic pain patients who had been receiving opioid therapy for 10 to 35 years. I found the results of his study extremely encouraging as should have other patients in need of long-term opioid therapy as well as their doctors, some of whom may have been hesitant about it. Dr.
Avatar f tn HI and welcome...I can't answer your question on long term use as I too just began oxycodone in March..it took me a few weeks to build up to full strength after that the side effects of drowsiness and brain fog began to wear off, now I feel pretty normal..and yes I too am now able to do some small gardening tasks and many things I hadn't been able to for a few years...I only hope I do not have to keep upping the dosage in order to continue at this level of control(?
Avatar f tn t feel like crap for a few days after you come off Sub from the residual effects of Fentanyl withdrawals and from just having been on Sub, you're liable to feel the effects from being on any drug for any length of time as it leaves your system, but it would be a lot less than if you just went CT or if you stayed on Sub long term. What are you going to do for pain after you come off the patches? Whatever you decide, good luck.
614471 tn?1221179194 and the equivilant doses is around Pethadine 75mg per hour fentanyl in form of durogesic patch is pathetic, plus the pharma companys do not have any data in long term effects. in UK i one of only few patients with experience with this, as such been advising the producers on side effects fentanyl roughly is at worse 500% stronger than average uk street heroin. so 100 mcgh is like a gram or 3 of heroin a day.
Avatar m tn What are the long term side effects of taking prescribed pain-killing medications (opioids) when the patient is using for chronic pain correctly. Specifically Hydrocodone and Morphine Sulfate as a chronic pain patient who is considered a narcotic dependent patient by virtue of time used, in excess of five years continuously.
Avatar n tn Please heed the cautions and side-effects and the long-term effects this drug will have on your health, your personality and your life. Avoid it at all costs if you are able! I would advocate stricter prescribing protocols for this drug, terminal cancer notwithstanding.
7163794 tn?1457366813 myself to get up? Is this in my head, or is it possible there are long term effects to pain meds and suboxone use? Could it just be me? Has anyone else felt this?
Avatar f tn i promise it is definately addicting. i really dont know the long term effects the drugs have on our bodies, but i do know it cant be good. i am so glad you have decided to quit. wow, only taking 2 a day is huge taper, but a great start. you willl be free of this habit soon if you stick with it. you can do this, and we will be here to help you. keep us poted on your progress.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know the long term effects of abusing pain killers? I found out today that a friend of my husbands actually had seizures because of how long she was on vicodin. Just curious.
Avatar n tn What are the long term effects? Now that the issue is resolved. what can we do to head off any long term problems from this?
Avatar m tn s dopamine structure and that i will never be happy again or feel as good as before i began the drug use. can anybody tell me what some of the long-term effects maybe and weather i will be able to fully recover. Did i permantely damage my brain's structure? Please, i need some medical information on this. I have been looking on the internet but not much exists.
Avatar n tn i dont know if these are possible long term effects of the drugs or something else. everyone keeps saying im having anxiety attacks but these feelings come when i am calm and seem very serious. if anyone has any advice on whats going on ,whether drug related or not,, or any advice on good doctors to go to PLEASE let me know immediatly.
Avatar f tn BUT, I have to take it or I am in pain. So try not to worry so much about the long term effects when you are trying to survive today. If you are worried about this I would talk to my doctor and let them know what you are experiencing and there may be something they can do differently. Just dont stop any seizure med without a doctors help. Hope you feel better..
Avatar m tn I have no symptoms and feel great; I am 54 and wondering if HEP C would kill me or if the treatment could cause long term effects that could ruin my health. The longest living male in my family was my father 86 and had slow progressive dementia the last 10 years.
Avatar m tn dont be too scared as said above few people experience sides but one thing is for sure long term use for decades is not healthy and only cirrhosis or severe damaged liver can justify such use so i'd definitely combo with other therapies so that nucs can be used short term from latest easl conference we have now tests for sustained immune control of hbv cccdna equal or less than 5 copies/cell we now need an hbsag level equal to 5copies/cell, mybe hbsag 500iu/ml
Avatar m tn If you have an injury or health problem that requires very long term or life-long pain medication...maybe look into suboxone...I only decided to try it because I will always have the injury/pain, and it has no way of healing or being fixed. I hope that I gave you something to consider...chronic pain can be so debilitating, and some of the strong meds just keep you from living life in a way, and I am already able to do so much more now that I switched.
Avatar m tn s help (he told us both last year that he doubts that she will ever get off the medication because of her condition) even though she often cries in pain the side effects from the fentanyl have been so bad as during the last few years she has lost over 2 stone in weight, has no appetite suffers with anxiety and depression and having a conversation that she can remember days later is becoming a big problem, she begged me to help her get off the patches a couple of months ago as she says she wakes
Avatar f tn ( I just noticed something and am wondering about it. Since I started the Fentanyl patch last week, whenever I take my BT meds (oxycodone), I end up with a headache and sort of long-lasting hot flash. I never felt like this before. Initially I chalked the hot flash up to the humidity here (though I've always been a cold person and never minded the heat. Now I find myself putting the air conditioning on, which I NEVER do.) The headache goes away pretty much if I take 800 mg. ibuprofen.
Avatar n tn The fact is if you take opiates long term you will become physically dependent, you will withdraw the same as someone who scored their drugs off the street or someone with a legit script - opiates do not discriminate. Over time your body will get used to the dosage and you'll either live with pain along with a physical dependence to the pills or you will up your dosage which potentially gets you into deeper trouble.
909257 tn?1242668182 You really should not be on hydrocodone long term, assuming it is the usual lor-cet, tab or norco type with acetaminophen. It is against medical standards, actually, though I have seen doctors do it, because they are too woried about catching heat for prescribing much safer (pure) opiods, I.e. oxycontin. As far as the "bipolar" diagnoses, I have yet to see one person who complains of mood ups and downs not be diagnosed bipolar.
Avatar f tn What are some possible long term effects of crushing up and snorting adderall mixed with norco?