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2066663 tn?1331993339 on the 5th day i got upto 40 mills of methadone and it all calmed down so thats the stage im at now 40 mills of meth then im coming of the meth and going onto sebetex next but i hope the change this time isnt going to be as bad as the fentanyl change iv come of off just about every drug in my time but that realy was the worst time iv ever had sorry i just got a phone call and lost my train of thought yeah very happy so far .
Avatar f tn Im on suboxone and I take 3 quarters a day of the tablets, im getting all four of my wisdom teeth removed and will be sedated,they are doing a IV and local anesthesia. I do not want to tell the surgeon because they will look at me differently. What should i do taper myself to a quarter a day and then not do any the day before and of the surgery? What should i do and will i be ok if i do that?
2066663 tn?1331993339 hello well iv been weend of the fentanyl i was on 300 milss of fentanyl every day i was stabalised with methadone after two weeks of being stabelised my pain in my back is becoming unreal again every morning the pain is so bad i just lay there in pain the thought of movin is unberable.
2066663 tn?1331993339 Hello gys girls i dont no if anyone is on here still from when i was on that extream amount of fentanyl anyway iv stayed of thge fentanyl and went onto methadone whitch iv come off now and gone onto sebutex it was quite easey changing over from meth to sebys i felt like i had the fue for a week thats all no horrors or anything like you get from drink or outher hard drugs whitch iv done anyway thats not my question my question is i personaly fill like coming off these sebutex is going to a bit ha
Avatar f tn They are givin me fentanyl. Which is a narcotic. But am i back at square one? Im still expieriencin the withdraws.
Avatar m tn I am into day 4 of no fentanyl {was using 200 mcg} for years. Trying my best to not go insane. Anyone want to chat?
Avatar n tn monday i had a hard w/d but sedate my self with xanax valium and carmabazepine i got on prescription. yesterday i felt better but i made in fentanyl iv with 10% of an old patch i used only 12 hours and today same. my question is:WILL WIThDRAWAL COME BACK AFTER THIS 2 SHOTS?
Avatar n tn I can tell you they usually use medications named Versed (which is an amnesic and makes you sleepy and not remember the procedure) and Fentanyl (an IV pain medication). These two drugs together produce the sedation for the procedure and you will be comfortable. Most people don't remember the procedure at all.
Avatar m tn IV Versed (Midazolam, a benzodiazepine) presurgery. In the OR suite, more IV Versed, INhaled oxygen, IV Fentanyl (A potent opiate), followed by IV Propofol (This actually is what knocks you out), and the IV Pancuronium Bromide (For muscle relaxation, so the machines can breathe for you) It is common at times to administer reversal drugs depending on how much was given and your response when you come out of anesthesia.
Avatar m tn I stopped taking my Suboxone strips for 24hrs. Went into immediate surgery. They gave me Fentanyl, several hydromorphone doses, and a benzo. Got out of the hospital waited 12hrs took my Suboxone. Been taking it for a week. Still feeling surgery effects and I have these weird withdrawl like symptoms. One minute the hairs on my neck stand up, the next im sweating only minor, then I get nausea, then I feel shaky. Its been 8 days since surgery.
2066663 tn?1331993339 im an adict i was clean for 5 years i had a freak act of nature hapend and my kidneys and liver gave up on me the hospital put me on fentanyl and oxycodone iv been on a high dose sins june last year i fill like poo im not myself and the fact i was clean for 5 years im realy unhappy i fill worse of now than any outher drug iv taken before perscribed drugs are a hole noughther ball game and i dont no wear to start any ideas coz i cant live like this much longer
Avatar f tn Hi. Everyone. First time ever posting anything, so please bear with me. I have been on the fentenyl. Patch. 50 mcg every 48 for really bad pain from fibromyalgia and lupus for about 2 years and still having breakthrough pain. I have taken so many medications I got so depressed I quit the fent last.f week was he'll and I am so scared that it won't end. I go to the Er and all tdo is iv lost liquids. I can't.keep anything down and all they say is to see my pain md.
Avatar n tn Each stay I would get 2-3 mg IV for about 24 hrs than would start by mouth day b4 discharge. Gave tapering instructions on discharge. I have 50mcg fentanyl patch. Have appt with pain doc nearby but not till next Wednesday. I am tired all the time, no interest to do anything, restless sleep at night. I am 3 days off. What more can I expect?
Avatar f tn I've been on fentanyl patches for about three years now, due to a chronic vascular disease. I started out on a 25 mcg patch every three days, and at some point increased to a 50 mcg patch every three days. For a while now Ive been noticing that on the third day, they day that I'm supposed to change the patch, I start getting terrible withdrawl symptoms. It's worse than any pain I've ever felt. My body gets incredibly restless and I can't stop writhing around.
Avatar f tn hello im charlie iv just come of fentanyl 350 mills every 24 houres i got it up to in the end my life was over i thought there was no help i was also on diazepam zopyclone lyrica and oxycodone as well all on top i had compleate muscle break down my liver and kidneys gave up on me to much creatine in my blood anyway from this i was in so much pain thay put me on a mixture of drugs as you can see to try and make me comfortable well it was ok for a month then after a month i thought to myself this
1931709 tn?1335833095 I'm just curious if I choose not to have an epidural during delivery, will they still be willing to give me pain meds with an iv? I don't want an epidural, but I would be willing to take something to take the edge off! Any thoughts or stories of natural child birth?
623131 tn?1223057475 day (today) how long do I leave on the old patch after I have put on new on.Its been years since iv been on patch.I feel like keeping old one on for a hour or two, till new one kicks in a hair.Although im sure a MD. would say take it off ASAP,so I dont forget.
Avatar n tn How lon were yiu on it? Did you taper at all? It can take a while. It is one of the more difficult drugs to come off. If you read some of the posts on the substance abusenforum, you will find anlot of tips on helping make the withdrawal symptoms more tolerable.
19164880 tn?1473283520 I have just come of Actiq and Fentanyl patch and understand your situation. I have decided not to opt for opiates except iv morphine if required for severe pain in hospital only for life threatening situation e.g. complete obstruction of the bowel. I have looked to alternative ways of pain management. It will not take the pain away only manage it. I found fentanyl did not alleviate all pain hence the actiq and that just gave a feel good factor (prescribed for cancer).
Avatar f tn state during the procedure, I am scared beyond belief of getting an IV(because my veins suck, it took more than half an hour to get an IV in when I got an cervical epidural) and of being somewhat awake during the procedure. I was wondering if anybody had a cervical discogram and how did it go? I have read some horror stories online with people calling the procedure "medieval torture" and I am terrified now! I have the procedure this wed.
710547 tn?1295446030 The first one was horribly painful. I had IV fentanyl which they kept increasing - but nothing helped. It still hadn't completely healed when I went for the 2nd one. I asked him to forget the fentanyl and just try to increase the local. Much better!! It's very painful still, but I am very hopeful that it will give me some real relief! I recently reduced my morphine Sulphate from 120mg to 60, and stopped all oxycodone.
Avatar f tn i have ben on the fentanyl patch quite awhile 100mg and have gone down to 50 mg, my health ended and my last patch ends in 4 days and im scared.
Avatar f tn I'm currently on 75mcg of fentanyl...I change my patch every 3 days along with Percocet for breakthrough pain. I'd like to get off the Percocet as well as fentanyl. I'll be going down to 50mcg of fentanyl next month. My question is, will I have withdrawls if I stop taking the Percocet and just stay on the fentanyl as we continue to lower that? Thanks so much for your help.
Avatar n tn Fentanyl is stronger than perks. Fentanyl is the strongest opiate known to man, I'm sure it'll replace perks, but then what? Some doctors like to give people weaker opiates, like hydrocodone, to taper down. The thing is, the brain won't heal until all opiates are gone for some time. Have you tried to take less and less? Have you tried to CT and ride out the sick? Lots off folks will support you here and answer any questions. Keep us posted.
Avatar f tn They put me on a patient controlled pump that allowed me to inject iv 2 mg every ten minutes. They also put me on a Fentanyl patch for 100mc per hour. Together the patch and the dilaudid pump provided complete control of pain and I finally got some much needed rest/ I was on vital signs monitoring so they could tell if my respiration was impaired. I also got some Lorazepam to help with the mild colic I sometimes got from the arsenic.
Avatar m tn The flare was so bad they had to remove my colon. I was given Diluadid IV. I have been taking Diluadid IV for 4 months now, about 50mg a day. I decided it was time to stop so this week I started to ween myself off. I am on Day 2 of no Diluadid and feel terrible. What can I do to help with the withdrawals? How long till I feel normal again?
Avatar m tn I recently had a transjugular biopsy. They gave me iv versed and fentanyl. I was conscious but very very very relaxed. The doc said It was common to sleep during the procedure. I was not asked to hold my breath. The Transjugular biopsy is safer than a percutaneous biopsy and a lot less painful.