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Avatar m tn after trying unsuccessfully to 50 mgs. of fentanyl, and 6 oxcodone a day, my pain dr. wants me on a pain pump. can I use oxcodone in the pump?
1394601 tn?1328032308 I do have a little more strength in my legs after xtimes steroid infusion but still almost feel drunk when I sit.
1196338 tn?1265163728 Hello, I am new to this community, I suppose I should tell you a littlebit about myself first.. Well, I am a CP patient who was in a MVA accident a couple of years ago, and have been taking opiates for my pain. I am a little shy to ask this because I don't want to be judged as being an addict or something, but I always thought that you could tell that a narcotic was working based on that warm fuzzy feeling you get..
925522 tn?1243968666 I have phenitone infusion every 5 weeks how does this work i feel ill for a couple of ays after is this normal
1157044 tn?1318300124 30 that evening and had my last morphine sulfate dose that a.m. My multiple sclerosis could not handle any further extended abuse of morphine tapers. I was admitted to the hospital in order to do this. I was admitted Tuesday afternoon and discharged that Thursday afternoon. I was seen by a rehabilitation doctor and he, although shocked to hear I wanted to get of the remaining morphine cold turkey, respected and understood my reasons for needing to do so.
Avatar n tn s Field Trainers testing the new infusion sets were telling Medtronic that the new infusion sets were of a defective design. The infusion sets would jam inside Insertion Devices, inducer needles would get stuck inside the cannulas, the infusion set adhesives would dry up and allow the Quick-Set Plus to come off the patient, and the infusion sets themselves would interrupt the delivery of insulin.
Avatar m tn I do not believe fentanyl was an option at that time. Fentanyl also comes in IV form if you are with hospice or in the hospital. Fentanyl is close to 100 times stronger at pain relief than morphine. It works well with few side effects. The worst side effect personally is the constipation. I take 2 docusate sodium tabs 100MG two times a day and it seems to counteract the side effect. I hope that helps and God bless all of the women and men that are enduring this awful disease.
Avatar m tn Mother is in the hospital, the nurse to mother infusion, mother infusion right arm is swollen, nurses decided to use mother left arm infusion, let me help pass the infusion tube, I was taken finger once by infusion tube needles, four weeks later , I catch a cold, have a fever, played a few urticaria, urticaria up immediately after disappear, after eleven days I have a sore throat, then 12 days after again a few urticaria up, until now has more than forty days, appeared the chest, neck, thigh pai
1221035 tn?1301000508 I had my second infusion on Wednesday of last week. During my infusion, I was freezing/chilling. I asked for a blanket and a little later, when I was still so cold, they adjusted the A/C. Nothing was said to me that chills could be a reaction. As soon as I left, I felt nausea, dizziness, off balance, jello legs, I fell against the wall outside of the building on my way out.....and I had this internal tremor/vibration shaking feeling inside.
Avatar n tn Hi Belle - Are you asking if you can travel with the actual infusion set up or are you asking if you can travel while receiving monthly Tysabri infusions? If it's the first one, I've never heard of home based, self-administered Tysabri. I would imagine that if you needed to be away from home during your infusion window you could get referred to an infusion center near where you'll be. If it;s the second one, yes you can travel in between infusions.
1532707 tn?1312155924 was it much more than doing it at the infusion center? I have BCBS. I think I want to do a round of IVSM....but don't want to have to drive an hour and a half to get it three-five days in a row. There's an urgent care/wellness clinic close by and it says they have an infusion suite. I called them to ask if they could do it I haven't heard anything back.
Avatar n tn alarms so frequently, even after changing sites to places I had never used before (such as sites on my thighs and arms), changing infusion sets (I always use Quick Set with the inserter, never place it manually) and reservoirs. I called Minimed and after a few frustrating days of troubleshooting - the pump would work for a day or half a day and then the no delivery alarm would come on again when priming or when setting a bolus - I finally got a replacement pump.
2063887 tn?1337829746 Had my first Tysabri infusion this morning! I wasn't sure it was ever going to happen, but it finally did! The nurse had me take Tylenol and Benadryl. Is that something you have to continue to do every time? I don't mind, just wondering. So far I'm not having any issues, but it might be because I took the meds.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies i m bit stressed. Went to doc yesterday n he asked me to go for iron infusion becoz my iron studies r too low. I m 29 weeks now and not sure if that is safe.
Avatar n tn My doctor now is talking about iron infusions. Do they really help with energy? I'm also a diabetic. thanks for any help you can give me.
Avatar n tn About 7 years ago, I had my first iron infusion. I was told gastirc by-pass patients often do not absorb iron. I also am B-12 deficient. I had 2 additional infusions within the next few years. In March 2008 my doctor said I was anemic and I went back to the same hematologist. He said I was not anemic and could not help me. In March 2009, I was told my hemoglobin was 10 (not too low), but my ferritin level was 4.
660872 tn?1238641245 Hi, does anyone know why iron sucrose can't be given as a total dose infusion? Everything I can find on the net says that it has to be given in 100mg doses to a maximum of 3 doses a week. The largest dose I could find is 200mgs at time. I need 1,000 to 1500mgs and would rather have it all at once. I can't have iron dextran due to severe reactions. Has anyone here had larger doses? Any problems?
Avatar f tn I was changed to Tysabri and had my first infusion yesterday and everything went great, no reactions or side effects. However, I could swear I have more energy today. I have not been shopping for months and today I was able to go shopping. Is this my imagination? Just a rare good day? Or could the med already be having an effect on my fatigue? FYI, all other symptoms are pretty much the same.
773755 tn?1328119777 my ferritin has dropped to 44 [15-290]; dr says iron infusion. i'm probably not absorbing iron along the gut. i'm recovering from fatigue and hyperthyroid. have been feeling good the last couple weeks, so wouldn't have suspected low iron, haven't been feeling any worse than last iron level test (which showed low but not this low). this is the drip where i sit for 5 hours and fork out 700 $. apparently i just need the one treatment.
1275919 tn?1279836004 My doc brought up Ketamine infusion as a possible treatment. Has anyone tried or know someone who has tried Ketamine infusion as a treatment for their chronic pain?
Avatar f tn i am a diabetic and using insulin pump infusion sets for years. sometimes i see imperfections on them. i found a browish, red color on the adhesive along with a few black dots on another set. i also found a dark reddish substance smeared on the outside of the package. I am concerned with the risks of being contaminated with HIV. The help center from the distribution center said they want the defective ones back to inspect which make me anxious.
Avatar n tn Tomorrow he is getting a pleurovac. Neph wants to try dobutamine infusion, card. says send him home and keep him comfortable. Very motivated pt. I can't find any info on how long pts. put on dobutamine infusion last? Can anyone help me. He really prefers quality of life vs. longevity.
Avatar f tn Hey Sarah I just been told the same thing week before infusion blood draw then infused the following week.