Fentanyl in labor and delivery

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1931709 tn?1335833095 i had fentanyl before my epideral as i was a mess! and prior to going to labor and delivery they gave me some injection that didnt last AT ALL and i cant remember what it was?? (baby brain) anyway i never was looped ever! so it also depends on the amount and the person... anyway congrats and good luck!! I just want to say that if you can get into a bath tub for part of your laboring i highly reccomend it!!!
Avatar f tn 30am she was born with no meds OUCH! back labor!!! With this pregnancy I am considering some form of meds just cause I've done the none medicated and glad I did but its actually kind of making me really nervous and I almost dread the day it comes. I just don't know what meds would work best for me because my labor and delivery is VERY fast I wold need something that works almost instantly and doesn't last too long. No epidural!
Avatar n tn So I gave my doctor a call telling him how I've had a fever all day today, felt very dizzy & I also have a cough and a bad cold . now I'm in labor & delivery hooked up to an IV & i feel so weak.
Avatar f tn My due date 22 of June but I was so uncomfy that I start researching wsys to induce labor and I am not sure if this did the trick but it worked for me ,Tue I pumped my breast for 10 min and then did a dance from a you tube video for pregnant women ,then yesterday I took a lenghty walk,so atound 3am this morning my water broke and I am now in Labor and Delivery ,I will update once the baby is here .
Avatar f tn If your already in labor and delivery they can measure the cramping and see if theyre normal or full on contractions.
Avatar f tn My water broke,this morning around 2:30 am. And i am now in the hospital walking trying to get contraction started!! yayyy!!!
7182802 tn?1401930603 They went from mild 10-20 min apart now they hurt 5 min apart I called labor n delivery to go in but they told me to wait till they are 2 min apart ... So ready to get this done and over with.
Avatar f tn So at hospital right now and in labor so ready for this to be over with and can hold him in my arms
Avatar f tn How exciting.hang in there!!!! Wishing u a safe delivery!!!
8987249 tn?1404774097 Water broke last night! Been in labor about 13 hours - I'm only 36 weeks 4 days but she is already about 8 1/2 pounds!! Finish line is in sight!
Avatar f tn Guess what ladies?! I'm in labor and delivery. Thursday I was 6cm dialated and today I am 7cm dialated so far. Ugh, I want to go natural but am afraid of the pain. Still debating whether I should get the epi. Hopefully I have this baby before noon.
Avatar f tn I went in early this morning and they admitted me and broke my water! I'll see my little girl soon!
Avatar f tn s a sister drug of morphine and they mix it with benedryl or Phenergan and it works as a pain medicine along with nausea and the antihistamine in it will help keep you relaxed and sleepy.
9138366 tn?1410253633 I went n labor n delivery the pain was every 4 mins. I was 4cm dialated! I gotta epidural.
Avatar n tn Has anybody thought about a water birth or just labor in water and then have the baby in a hospital bed?
Avatar f tn t help so they broke my water and induced me and i started to feel contractions right away and immediately got the Epidural. My contractions now are getting closer and super intense and so far i feel fine and pain free!!! I'm 6 centimeters open but baby boy is moving slow so if no progress in the next couple hours i will be induced. Any ladies had a smooth or pain free delivery after getting the epidural?
Avatar f tn Good luck and stay strong!! Wishing you an easy delivery and a healthy baby!!
Avatar f tn It hurts I'm not gonna lie the contractions are hella painful but its worth it